‎What Women Want Men to Know


Title: What women want men to know

Author: Barbara de Angeles

Translator: Fatemeh Mohammadnia

Publisher: Science Standard

Topic: Relationships between men and women, love, sex

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 384 p

Language Farsi



‎What Women Want Men to Know Barbara de Angeles, one of the most experienced human relations professionals, teaches men what they need to do to improve their relationship so that their husbands’ dreams of an ideal wife come true.

What Women Want Men to Know helps men better understand their husbands. Sometimes women can not tell their husbands what behaviors they like and what behaviors from their husbands hurt them.

If you are a woman, listen to this book to learn why you feel and think this way and then give the book to your husband so that he can hear it too, this way you can get the connection you always wanted.

One of the main needs of women is for men to know their personalities and spirits well and to accept them as they are and to value and respect them. Most women have experienced that their spirits and feelings are well known to another person.

Imagine sitting in front of your friend at lunch and talking about your problem with your spouse from the beginning and what he or she did that upset you. From the first moment of the conversation, your friend seems to understand what you mean very well and shakes his head sympathetically.

Ironically, this is the kind of friendship you have with other women, such as your friends, sisters or colleagues; In this regard, the real meaning of your behavior and profession is understood immediately and without any effort.

After listening to this book, you can express your feelings in a way that can be understood and understood by the other party, and will bring you comfort, peace of mind, inner security, strength and motivation, and save you from loneliness. This book contains everything that women wish for that men wish they knew.

Learn more about Barbara de Angeles:
Barbara De Angelis is a brilliant twentieth-century psychologist, speaker, and writer in the field of personal and spiritual growth who has reached millions of people around the world over the years with her inspiring messages on how to build a truly free life, have healthy relationships, and Full of love as well as personal growth has helped.

His first book is “How to Love?” Won the Infomercial Award for Best Book of 1994. Barbara’s books are one of the best-selling works of psychology, having sold more than 8 million copies and have been published in more than 20 languages ​​worldwide.

In part of the book we hear what women want men to know:

How to put a woman in the worst possible situation:

– Do not talk to him.
– Do not listen to his words and do not pay attention to his needs.
– Be rebellious and rebellious.
– Do not reassure him.
Have fun with other women.
– Be cold and indifferent to him.
– Criticize and blame him.
– Have a strange and complicated behavior.
– Be forgetful and careless.
– Do not pay attention to him.
– Do not talk to him about your thoughts and feelings.

A note for gentlemen by Barbara de Angelis:

Gentlemen, you will notice that I have not exaggerated the appearance of this information and I try to make the information provided as honest and as relevant as possible. I hope that this way you can better and more know the positive and negative effects of your behavior on your spouse and keep in mind that most men are not aware of the amazing and powerful effects of their words and actions and can not really understand the reason for some of their spouse’s reactions.

Therefore, by providing this information, I do not want to mislead the gentlemen, but I want to help you to interact and have a more reasonable relationship with each other.

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