Hold me tight


Title: Hold me tight

Author: Sue Johnson

Translator: Samaneh Parhizkari

Publisher: Milkan

Subject: Love / Intimacy / Relationships / Marriage / Relationships

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 248

Language: Farsi



Embrace Me Strongly: Hold me tight : seven conversations for a lifetime of love by Su Johnson is for all who seek eternal love. Women and men, and in general, any person in any situation and culture whose relationship needs to be reformed, can use this book.

Dr. Sue Johnson is a family counselor. He tries to end the war between individuals and families by advising them. He has divided the book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love into three sections.

The first part answers the old questions about love, as well as writes about research in private and deep relationships, this part offers a new understanding of love to lovers.
The second part is about the effective and practical version of emotion therapy and teaches you how to have a strong and lasting connection in your life. The third part deals with the infinite power of love and helps you heal the destructive wounds created in life.

Read from Su Johnson:
I started advising couples in the early eighties. I’m amazed that still, twenty-five years later, when I sit in a room to work with a couple, I still feel excited.

I still rejoice when couples suddenly understand each other’s heartfelt messages and take risks by trying to rely on each other. Their struggles and determination give me hope and inspiration every day to keep my precious relationship with others alive.
We all live in the excitement of communication and non-communication. Now we can do it with the understanding we have. I hope this book helps you turn your relationship into a glorious adventure. The path described in this book has been the same for me.

Hold the selected sentences of the book firmly in my arms:
Love is everything and it is really worth fighting for, giving him courage and risking everything … and if you did not risk something for him, you have taken the greatest risk. (Erica Jung)
What matters is correcting mistakes, even if only to the extent of wanting to try again. (Deborah Bloom)
Breaking attachments is dangerous, and breaking relationships, like a scratched cornea, is painful. (Thomas Lewis)
When a person loves someone, he is more vulnerable than ever. (Sigmund Freud)
– A heart that does not respond to another heart goes to death. (Perl Buck)
Argument is better than loneliness. (Irish proverb)
In a part of the text of the book, hold me tightly, we read:
The subject of the dispute between the two is not important at all. The important thing is that when two people reach this level of difference, they generally feel resentment, caution and a desire to stay away from each other, and then they look at any difference or theoretical difference with a negative view and every irrelevant word that comes from They also consider hearing to be a threat from the other party, and any vague move has the worst meaning for them.

They have unfounded fears and doubts and must always be ready to defend themselves and repel the attack of the other side. In this situation, even if they want to get closer to each other, they can not.

In this situation, we can only repeat the English song that says: When we talk all day, how can we kiss each other at night!
Sometimes couples find that they are engaging in upsetting activities. For example, one of them says that before his partner says anything, he knows exactly what is in his heart and knows that he is going to be criticized.

For this reason, before each word begins, he builds a wall around himself so that the fire of the fight does not spread. These processes have become so automated and repetitive that they cannot be avoided or prevented. Most couples do not realize what is happening in their relationship.
Angry and helpless, they try to find a way to solve their problem and always come to the conclusion that the other party is hard-hearted and inflexible, or, conversely, they turn the problem to themselves and say, like Carol: “Maybe I’m really in trouble.

“My mother always said, ‘Woe to the one who falls in love with you!’ Then they conclude that love is nothing more than a lie and no one can be trusted.

Index of the book Hold me tight : seven conversations for a lifetime of love
Part One: A New Window on Love
Where did our love go?
Emotional responsiveness is the key to a life of love
Part II: Seven transformative words and phrases
Dialogue 1: Recognize transformative dialogues
Dialogue 2: Finding sensitive points
Dialogue 3: Reviewing a difficult and crucial moment
Word 4: Hold me tight
Dialogue 5: Forgiveness of Injuries
Dialogue 6: Emotional bonding through relationship and touch
Dialogue 7: Keep your love alive
Part 3: The Power of “Hug Me Tightly”
The final connection, love as the last frontier

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