The unburied dead


Title: Undead and Burial

Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

Translator: Peri Saberi

Publisher: drops

Subject: French play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 104

Language: Farsi

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Introduction to the The unburied dead by Jean-Paul Sartre
The Undead and Burial is a challenging play about the fears and sufferings of war. Sartre’s conventional philosophical notions of free will and power of choice can be seen in this book, but the Undead and Burial seem to have more emotion than some of Sartre’s other works.

About the Undead and Burial
Jean-Paul Sartre became closer to the general public as his plays came on stage. Yes, it is easier to communicate.

He believes that in the face of popular plays (psychological tragedies and psychological melodramas), only his theater, The Theater of Situations, is acceptable. The conflict of the human conscience in the situations that have arisen.
The two groups face each other. The torturer and the tortured. Why and to what extent can it be tolerated? What is the reason for these heinous atrocities far removed from the human being? And has justified his inhumane acts.

The tortured also endures pain and hardship to the point of death and insanity every time to prove to himself that he is faithful to his human ideal and honor. In such a dangerous, stupid impasse, there are no more than two ways; Death or life. But human beings should not die for nothing, so it is a choice of life!

Introducing the book The Undead and Burial by Jean-Paul Sartre
The effect of war on the human spirit of the people is the main theme of this play. Towards the end of the war, a group of partisans attacked a village and, after much deliberation, were captured by a unit of the French army.

One of the prisoners escapes and all the men and women in the group are tortured to provide information about him to the army. The situation worsens where one guerrilla kills himself and another guerrilla is killed before he can give information to the army.

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