How to help your husband get ahead in his social and business life


Title: Marriage ritual

Authors: Dorty Carnegie, Dale Carnegie

Translator: Mohammad Mohammadi

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Success


number of pages:

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book How to help your husband get ahead in his social and business life by Dorothy Carnegie and Dale Carnegie
The book Marriage Ritual by Dorothy Carnegie and Dale Carnegie provides you with simple and key solutions that will make you fall in love with your spouse more than ever before and experience a life full of peace and happiness with him.

If you want to enjoy being with your spouse like you did in the early days of your relationship, all you need to do is ask Dale Carnegie and Dorothy Carnegie for tips on how to help your husband get ahead in his social life. and business life) and present the big changes in your life.

They will assure you that by following the instructions in this book, you will be able to guide your spouse step by step towards wealth, success and prosperity.
In this book, methods to strengthen the morale of spouses as well as strategies to support them are presented. With the help of this book, you will learn how you can help your spouse make important decisions in your life, increase your level of love and affection, and maintain his or her mental health.

About the book of marriage ritual

Social psychologists and experts in family relations and ethics emphasize the essential role of women in the stability, continuity and longevity of the family.

Artists and writers have also portrayed the important and fundamental role of women in the development of their husbands and children in the form of films, novels and books that many of you readers are familiar with, and have created great and unforgettable works. The present book is one of these works.

The effort of Ms. Dorothy Carnegie, the wife of Dale Carnegie, the famous author, throughout the book you have in hand is to prove and insist on this by using her own personal experiences and those of others she has known.
What you are reading in this book is not fiction, fiction, or philosophical theory, but is the result of the author’s experiences in the text or the result of research he has studied.

It is also a memoir that he has provided over the years and then presented in the form of the present work, and although many years have passed since the publication of this book in the original language, it has not lost its novelty and remains interesting and readable. Read the first few pages of the book; Be sure not to put it on the ground until you finish it.

In fact, each chapter of this book has two parts, which of course are not completely separate from each other.
One section contains the author’s observations, studies, and experiences of successful married lives and the key to the success of many literary, political, and business celebrities, and the other section contains instructions that he rightly claims to follow, what for a life. You want a successful family, you get it.

These instructions are not complicated formulas or difficult solutions. Many of them you have either experienced and concluded yourself, or they are so simple that you may be wondering how it did not occur to you. However, try all these instructions and see the result.

Some of the topics covered in this book:
Why do men run away from home?
– How to make your husband happy.
– How to make the house a pleasant environment.
– Strategies to strengthen your husband’s morale.
– Four ways to support your husband more.
– How to raise your level of love and affection.
Selected sentences of the book Marriage Rite:
Associate with boring, passionate and lively people.
Strengthen your heart every day with energetic words.
– Choose a goal for yourself and determine the ways to achieve it.
– Learn to help others and put collaboration with them at the top of your agenda.
Pretend you are energetic and lively to gradually become truly passionate and excited.
Learn more about Dale Carnegie:
Dale Carnegie was born in November 1888 into a poor family. He is one of the most famous American writers and speakers who spent his childhood in hardship.

Most of Carnegie’s books are published in the field of psychology and provide many tips on self-improvement, lecturing, sales, personal development, etc., which lead to their increasing progress and success.

In a part of the book Marriage Rite, we read:
One of the reasons men do not share their job secrets with women is because they are afraid they will not keep their secrets. Some women, as soon as they hear news from their husbands, recount it in women’s circles and thus quote it.

“You have just heard that Mrs. Elizabeth’s husband wants to be the head of the bank. “Of course, after the current president retires.” This news is spread in hairdressers, tailors, gyms, etc. Why? Because Mrs. Elizabeth is very ambitious and she always wants to be noticed and her friends congratulate her. When the news reaches Mrs. Elizabeth’s husband after many changes, she herself does not understand why and how the secret was revealed.

“I always advise my employees not to talk to their wives at home about the company’s internal affairs,” she told me in an interview with the director general of a large business. “Because women are talkative creatures who can not keep secrets at all.”
Of course, I do not agree with this director general, but I know women who, during an argument with her husband, threaten her by telling her the secrets she has shared with him and ruining his reputation. For example, during the arguments I witnessed, a woman who was very angry with Mr. X said: “… You were not the one who told me that you bought Mr. X’s furniture and furniture for free and put a hat on them. Are you teaching me ethics now and telling me not to deceive someone? sham on you…”

In this way, he ruined his reputation and made the man ashamed. For this reason, the husband kept his job secrets from him from then on.

Index of the book
Part One: The First Steps to Success
Chapter One: Help Your Husband Make Decisions
Chapter 2: After achieving the first goal, prepare yourself for the next goal
Chapter 3: What Every Woman Should Know About Passion
Chapter 4: Six Instructions to Increase Passion
Part II: Basic Methods of Encouragement
Chapter 5: Learn the art of listening
Chapter Six: Madam! You are married to two characters
Chapter 7: Be faithful and steadfast when things do not go well
Part 3: Four Ways to Better Help Your Husband
Chapter 8: Help your husband better understand his job
Chapter 9: How to treat your husband’s secretary
Chapter 10: Encourage your husband to learn more
Chapter 11: Always Be Ready to Deal With Problems
Part 4: Learn flexibility and adaptability
Chapter Twelve: Be Ready to Move
Chapter 13: Male overtime and the problems it causes
Chapter Fourteen: How You Can Cope With Your Husband’s Abnormal Situation
Chapter 15: If your husband works at home, make arrangements for him
Chapter 16: Does Your Job Hinder Your Husband?
Chapter Seventeen: Exhausted Women
Part 5: If your husband’s success is important to you, stop grumbling and being harsh.
Chapter 18: Why do some men run away from home?
Chapter 19: Do not interfere in your husband’s work
Chapter 20: Do not try to change your husband
Chapter 21: Do not be afraid to take risks
Part 6: How to make your husband happy
Chapter Twenty-two: The Husband’s Favorite Wife
Chapter Twenty-Three: Participate in your husband’s fun and entertainment
Chapter Twenty-Four: Respect your own hobbies
Chapter Twenty-Five: Outdoor entertainment is also necessary for a woman
Section 7: How to build warm and intimate homes for our husband
Chapter Twenty-six: Housekeeping, an Important Job
Chapter Twenty-seven: Make the atmosphere of the house calm and pleasant when the husband returns
Chapter Twenty-eight: Avoid wasting your time
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Use Shortcut Methods
Part 8: What can we do to make others love our husband?
Chapter 30: Three Ways to Make Your Husband Popular

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