Title: Poetry

Collector: Hossein Sotoudeh

Publisher: Elham

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 351

Language: Farsi

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In this book, those interested in poetry are about 1400 verses from famous Iranian poets such as Maulana, Hafez, Saadi Khaghani, Attar, Saeb, Rahi Moayeri, Iraqi military, Sheikh Baha’i, Sanai, Farrokhi Yazdi, Anvari, Khayyam, Biddle, Orfi, Bahar, Shahriar, Abu Saeed Abi Al-Khair, Ferdowsi, Khajeh Abdullah, Salman Herati, Tayeb Asaf

Han, Helali Jaghtaei, Roudaki, Hazin Lahiji, Foroughi Bastami, Jami, Khajoo Kermani, Vesal Shirazi, Shaukat Bukharaei, Aref Qazvini, and many famous poets of this ancient land have been prepared in alphabetical order.

Poetry is one of the most nutritious supplements for strengthening the brain, which in addition to strengthening the power of the brain, also has other extremely attractive fruits on you. And what are the benefits and fruits of poetry for us.

1. To do a poem, you need to memorize a number of poems, and we have all heard over and over again that the brain is like a muscle that gets more and more trained.

۲. One of the subsets of poetry is the alphabet.
In the alphabet, poems are separated by the first letter, and this increases the processing power of the brain, or in other words, the alphabetical poetry increases the power of your mind.

3. Another type is conditional. In conditional poetry, each person is given a word and the person must recite a poem in which the requested word is mentioned.

Conditioning, like the alphabet, helps speed up your brain.
4. When you memorize meaningful and beautiful poems, it increases your vocabulary and thus memorizing the poem helps you to write more beautifully.

Poems and types of poetry also help your eloquence and lead others to enjoy talking to you, and this kind of poetry and play poetry makes you a more popular person among people.

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