?Are you the one fore me


Title: Are you that lost half of me?

Author: Barbara de Angeles

Translator: Ahmad Taha Mamdouh

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Spouse selection, relationships between people

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 364 p

Language Farsi



?Are you the one fore me gives you the tact and insight you need to understand the realities of your emotional life.

Book Introduction Are you lost in it? The work of Barbara de Angelis
Barbara DeAngelis, one of the most influential teachers in the field of relationships and personality development, in the audio book Are You Lost ?, shares all her experiences in choosing the right person for marriage.

You sit next to your fiancé and think about the future of your life as you look at his face. You are going to get married. You love him and life without him has no meaning for you. But you are hesitant. How do you make sure he’s really half-lost to you?

Falling in love is a powerful and magical experience. At first, every conversation and every moment seems perfectly logical and correct. But soon, charm and mania become normal relationships and the problems of living together appear. Weeks and months pass until one day we ask ourselves, is he my lost half?

We want to be happy in our emotional lives and we also want our marriage to end well. So it is clear that none of us deliberately chooses people who are not suitable for us. We truly believe that when we choose someone, we make the right choice, but the bitter truth is that many times these choices turn into bitter and painful mistakes. Many of us choose the wrong person and then think about why our marriage fails …

If you are single, with this book you can get the necessary tools and instructions to make a healthy and successful choice, and if you fall in love, you can be 100% sure of the correctness of your relationship and its success in the future. Also, if you are married, with the help of this book, you can understand your differences and balance them so that you can live happier together.

Barbara De Angelis is a psychologist, relationship consultant, speaker and author on personal development. He received his master’s degree in psychology from the University of Sierra and his doctorate in psychology from Columbia University Pacific.

Barbara’s best-selling book on psychology has sold more than 8 million copies and has been published in more than twenty languages ​​worldwide.

In a part of the book, are you missing me? We hear:

“Sit in front of your future spouse. You read from her eyes that she is worried about how you will respond to her, and as you stare at her facial features, you think about the future of this relationship. You know he wants to marry you. You love him and you can not imagine life without him. But the thought of marrying him scares you to death. What will happen if you promise to marry her and later find out that there is someone else with whom you have more understanding? “How can you be sure that he is the person you want?”

Who was Barbara de Angelis?
Barbara DeAngelis is an American writer, marriage consultant, speaker, and popular television personality. Barbara de Angelis is known in Iran for her best-selling books Secrets About Men That Every Woman Should Know and Secrets About Women That Every Man Should Know. Barbara has been able to achieve a remarkable reputation not only in Iran but all over the world with the good and useful solutions she gives to her readers about marriage.

Personal life of Barbara de Angeles
Barbara De Angelis American writer and psychologist Born March 4, 1951 in Philadelphia, USA. He gained a lot of experiences in his childhood and youth, and the hardships he endured during this period caused him to become a spiritual human being. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Sierra University in Los Angeles and later went on to earn a doctorate from Columbia University in the Pacific.

When he was only eleven years old, his parents divorced and he was badly injured. Being a child of divorce caused Barbara to face many difficulties and challenges as a child, but these challenges not only did not cause her to fail, but also made her a stronger person.

Although marriage is Barbara’s specialty in England, she herself has had a failed marriage. Barbara married for the first time at the age of 20, but separated from her husband less than six months later. His second and third marriages happened in the same way and it did not take long for this relationship to break up. Her last marriage, however, was to a man named Jeffrey James, who has been living together in California for more than ten years. Barbara de Angelis believes that she has no regrets about her past and if she goes back to that time, she will live the same path again.

Dr. Barbara de Angeles is the founder of the Los Angeles Institute for Development and Treatment and has been managing the center for more than twelve years. She now lives in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California, and annually treats the marriage of many young couples with her books, lectures, and workshops.

Barbara DeAngelis’s success in producing movies and TV shows
Many Americans are interested in programs related to emotional relationships and marriage. They are in favor of training programs in this regard. One of the most famous programs in this field belongs to Barbara de Angeles. Barbara de Angelis has been making television shows about marriage and romance since 1994. His program soon became one of the most watched television programs. And many people watched his program every year. Barbara DeAngelis ran her daily program on CBC and for two years on CNN. In addition to the shows he has hosted, he has been a guest on shows such as Opera and E-Entertainment.

List of books by Barbara de Angeles
Barbara de Angeles has written books in three best-selling areas. The author’s work has sold over eight million copies worldwide, rescuing many marriages from the brink of collapse and restoring excitement. His most famous works are:

Secrets About Men That Every Woman Should Know: A Book About Love and Sex

Secrets About Women Every Man Should Know: A Comprehensive Book on Knowing Women

Chicken soup to strengthen the spirits of spouses: Ideal stories for living with love

Self Confidence
Successful Marriage Guide
Exercise book, quizzes and personal guide
Ten secrets of life that every woman should know
Secrets of lovemaking
How did I get into this situation?
Knowing true love
Inspirations about love
Are you the one I lost?
The secret of women’s success in society
Self-confidence (find it and live with it)
Beautiful words and sentences of Barbara de Angeles
In the beginning it was just love. Even your life and birth on this planet is based on love. It has been love that has instantly attracted a man and a woman in such a way that from the romantic union of their bodies, your seed will be born.

Ask your love and physical attraction: Why do you want to have him by your side? Why do you want to have sex with him? Then listen to the language of your heart to find the answer. You will see that a small voice in the depths of your heart will respond: to be one with him and to return to the oneness and unity of my original existence.

Love begins where you connect with your lover and extends to the rhythmic movement and harmony of your souls. When your souls become one, then you will love with all your being. There is nothing between you that is not of love, this is the sacred bond. This is the real joy and happiness.

When you do only what you know you will do, you will never achieve true self-confidence.
When you continue to stare at the past, you will not be able to see the future that awaits you.

Never let fear lead you to “indifference”. This is the worst kind of life that anyone can choose for themselves.

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