The Instant Millionaire


Title: Instant Millionaire

Author: Mark Fisher

Translator: Amir Ehsan Rezaei

Publisher: Mehregan Ghalam

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 126

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The Instant Millionaire
The book Instant Millionaire: A Story of Wisdom by Mark Fisher is one of the most famous and best-selling works of success psychology and tells the story of a young man who meets a rich and wise old man.

About the book Millionaire Instant
We are all a kind of storyteller. We tell our stories to each other and we all enjoy beautiful fairy tales whether it is in a movie, in a book, or on a website or in the middle of the night whispering in our ears.

We pass on stories from ourselves to others that have many stories within them. Anecdotes are wonderful things because, as defined in Webster’s dictionary, they “represent a useful truth.”

This little book also tells a powerful story that reveals one of life’s most rewarding realities: financial well-being, and a rewarding and enjoyable life. If we understand and practice the principles of success, we can achieve them.
Anecdote is perhaps one of the best ways to express these facts because anecdotes have a childlike simplicity and can therefore relate to the childlike simplicity of our subconscious mind.

When we send a message to the subconscious mind, we can make a lot of positive changes in our lives. This is a book that should be read, re-read, studied and practiced.

It is a book that creates great thoughts in the mind that these thoughts can bring you comfort and convenience in many ways, many of which, of course, are far more satisfying and more valuable than material wealth.

Introducing the book Instant Millionaire: A Story of Wisdom and Wealth
The book Instant Millionaire: A Story of Wisdom by Mark Fisher is one of the most famous and best-selling works of success psychology and tells the story of a young man who meets a rich and wise old man. This acquaintance leads the young man to wealth and success; Because the old man shares the secrets of his life with him.

In the old days, people thought that the more one tries, the more successful and the more one will earn, but in today’s world, this belief is not true and the success of people goes back to their intelligence and ingenuity. In other words, in the modern world, anyone who is smarter can achieve what they want.
Fortunately, the human brain is such that it can be polished and used more and more efficiently with proper training. So if you want to succeed in today’s society, you have to rely on your intelligence. In the meantime, you can use the works of the psychology of success to improve your level of knowledge, and The Instant Millionaire is one of the best in this field.

The Instant Millionaire Book Summary:
The book was first published in 1990 and quickly became one of the best-selling and most popular works in the world. Mark Fisher explains the way to success in simple and friendly language. This author believes that in order to achieve success and wealth, you must know your dreams and then use that opportunity to achieve that goal.

The book Instant Millionaire is about a 32-year-old man who works in an advertising company and is disgusted with his job and wants to find a way to increase his income and progress.
In such a situation, at the request of his rich uncle, he goes to meet an old man who is known as a self-made millionaire. Throughout the story, this rich old man teaches the young man tips that can lead each person to great success and achievement.

The present book has fascinating stories that try to teach you how to achieve your desires with simple and intimate language and literature. Instant Millionaire’s book has a significant place not only in the field of success but also among fiction.

Who is the book Instant Millionaire recommended for?
This book is very small and is a brief guide for all those who are tired of their current situation and are looking for wealth and success. However, if you want to make progress in life, do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of the instant millionaire book tips.

Learn more about Mark Fisher:
Mark Fisher (born 1968) is a philosopher, writer, and cultural theorist. As a young man, Fisher attended Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania, where he earned a BMA.

He was also very interested in philosophy, so he went to university again and received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Hall University, where he taught for some time. He later turned to writing and became famous for his diverse and compelling comments. Among his other works, we can mention the way of drawing millionaires and the temple of millionaires, which he actually wrote in the continuation of Immediate Millionaire.

Excerpts from the book Instant Millionaire:
Whatever you choose is the most important thing you will do in life.
– Practical learning is a better teacher than theory lessons, practical learning means living.
– So the truth of happiness is that you spend every day as if it were the last day of your life and you lived it by doing your favorite things.
– Red rose is an allegory of life. Rose thorns are experiences from the trials and tribulations that each of us who seek to discover its true beauty must endure.

In part of the book Instant Millionaire we read:
An hour later, the maid followed the young man, who was so busy thinking about his strange exam that he did not feel like it was an hour at all.

The maid said that the millionaire was waiting for him in the garden and walked beside him without saying another word. The landlord was sitting on a wooden chair, immersed in watching the rose he had just picked. He raised his head when he heard their footsteps. He had a really happy and energetic face.

He asked: Were you able to succeed in training?
– Yes, that’s why I’m at your service right now.

The millionaire asked the young man to sit next to him. The young man said to him: “What bothers me is that if I write down these words of madness and think about it, how can I become a millionaire in six years?” How can I convince myself that I will become a millionaire? I do not even know what my job is and I think it is too early to become a millionaire.

There is nothing wrong with being young, many people were much younger than you and became millionaires. The problem is not knowing the secrets or knowing and not doing them.

– I’m willing to do them, but the only drawback is that I can not convince myself that I can become a millionaire.

– You can achieve this only in one way. The same way you convince yourself that you will not be able to become a millionaire.

In the next few days or weeks, you will develop an interest in becoming a millionaire. It’s normal to take away something you’ve developed over the years.

Index of the book
Chapter One: The Story of a Young Man Consulting a Rich Family
Chapter Two: The Story of a Young Man Meeting an Old Gardener
Chapter 3: The Story of Teaching Young People to Appreciate Opportunity and Risk
Chapter 4: The story of a young man imprisoned
Chapter Five: The Story of Teaching Faith
Chapter 6: The Story of Learning to Focus on Wanting
Chapter 7: The Story of the Price of Self-Imagination
Chapter 8: The story of discovering the effect of letters
Chapter 9: The story of the first meeting with the red heart
Chapter 10: The story of mastering the subconscious mind
Chapter Eleven: A Conversation Story About Numbers and Rules
Chapter Twelve: The Story of Learning Happiness and Life
Chapter 13: The Story of Learning to Say Demands in Life
Chapter Fourteen: The Story of Understanding the Secrets of Golestan Gol Sorkh
Chapter 15: The story of the tail that everyone goes their own way

Book Summary The Instant Millionaire
In The Instant Millionaire, we learn about the efforts of a successful millionaire. Have successful people worked harder than those who only dreamed of success? Were these people smarter and luckier and less afraid in this way? And can financial success bring happiness? It’s time to answer these kinds of questions that we have always faced.

In “Instant Millionaire,” Mark Fisher, the author of the book, answers such questions in the form of a wise and wealthy old man. The rich man is known in the book as “Instant Millionaire” because it took him only one night to find a way to get rich.
On the other hand, there is a young man in the story whose dreams are in vain and he is depressed. In a unique anecdote, “The Instant Millionaire” shows the young man and all the readers of the book the practical ways to get acquainted with the thinking of millionaires.

About The Instant Millionaire
The Instant Millionaire may sound like a book like How to Get Rich Quickly, but Mark Fisher, with his rational advice, helps people not only on the job but also on the ethics of life.

In fact, the book is based on Mark’s true story of meeting a millionaire his uncle introduced to him. Instant Millionaire’s book with a fluent and comprehensive but short text, answers many questions about financial success and happiness along with it. The Instant Millionaire was published in 2010 and has been translated into 25 living languages ​​and sold more than 2 million copies.

Mark Fisher, About the Author of The Instant Millionaire
Mark Fisher is a Canadian real estate investor who has become one of Canada’s most famous authors due to the high sales of his book “Instant Millionaire”. Mark Fisher’s other works on financial success include The Millionaire’s Secrets and The Golfer and The Millionaire.

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