Mind maps for business


Title: Mind Maps For Business

Author: Tony Bazan

Translator: Zohreh Masti

Publisher: Bo Kitab

Subject: Intelligence / Brain

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 368

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Mind maps for business : revolutionise your business thinking and practice by Tony Bazan
Mindfulness business plans help you to set and achieve all your goals and aspirations in the workplace, so that you have more time.

Special Mind Maps Workplace Book
With mind maps, your talent for impressing co-workers is limitless. Mind maps are a tool to develop your intelligence and help you deal with any challenge that comes your way as an opportunity to show your intelligence and ability.

Mind maps enable you to not only survive in your work, but to thrive in a positive way and, above all, see the transient details and look at the bright perspective of where you and your work are headed. With this goal in mind, you can slowly plan for your goal and reach your goal with confidence in your ability.

About the book Mind maps for business : revolutionise your business thinking and practice
As the global economic downturn continues, all economic organizations and institutions have felt an urgent need for thinking and creativity. “Mind Maps for Business” by Tony Buzan is a work that the author tries to say during the book that if you want to improve and improve your work and management methods, we must first use our wisdom to process information and how to effectively use the brain. And to use our memory and think creatively, this is where the mind map comes into play.
Index of the book
A few words with the readers
Chapter One: Unleash Your Endless Creativity
Chapter Two: New Problem Solving (Problem)
Chapter 3: Complete Planning for Unlimited Progress
Chapter 4: Controlling the powers of evolution
Chapter 5: Guide Your Group to Success
Chapter 6: Defeat People Who Harass
Chapter 7: The Power of Speech
Give a full speech
Chapter 8: Ways to Balance Work and Life

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