The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires


Title: 21 secrets to Success for Self-Made Millionaires: How to Achieve Financial Independence You Have Never Thought of

Author: Brian Tracy

Translator: Sima Badragholi Tabrizi

Publisher: Barat Alam

Topic: Success in business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 84

Language: Farsi



The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

The present book is the result of 15 years of research, teaching and personal experience on the subject of self-made millionaires. This article contains key ideas and strategies that I have gained after reading hundreds of books and thousands of articles on wealth accumulation. These ideas and strategies have been tested and proven and presented in a simple and usable way so that you can learn and apply them immediately. These 21 keys to success are the key to success in all areas of life, whether you get rich or not. Another point is that these principles are so powerful that you can use them to get anything you really want. Many of these methods will be familiar to you because they have been used for hundreds of years and rediscovered after being forgotten. I consider myself more of a successful student, a reader, a researcher, an analyst and a teacher of these great ideas than the originator of a new idea and I believe in this ancient saying: “There is nothing new under the sky.”

Brian Tracy has written the 21 Keys to Making Success for Millionaire Millionaires in order to achieve great financial success, but surely the secrets mentioned in this book are so effective and efficient that you can use them in anything.

The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires is the result of Brian Tracy’s 15 years of research, training and personal experience with self-made millionaires. All pages of this book contain important ideas and plans that Tracy has come up with after reading countless books and articles on financial resources. These designs and ideas are all presented in a simple, tested, proven and accessible format so that you can apply them in your life immediately after reading the book.

Tracy has made self-made millionaires the focus of her research in this book, as they exhibited certain characteristics and behaviors of their own that were easily understood and examined. These self-made millionaires started from scratch and were able to increase their wealth to more than one million dollars by doing certain things continuously.

According to Tracy in The 21 Secrets to Success, the most important factor in achieving financial success is not money, but the personality that you must become in order to achieve that financial success. This will definitely be the key to financial success in all periods of your life, whether you make a fortune or not.

By reading this book, new doors will definitely be opened for you and original ideas and ideas will come to your mind. The key to your success is remembering and following these tips, because if you follow any of these tips, your success will be guaranteed. Each of these secrets of success will help you to reach the extraordinary life you are looking for. Enjoy your journey to success after your journey.

Learn more about Brian Tracy:

Brian Tracy, an orator, lecturer and consultant, also heads Brian Tracy, an international consulting and training firm. He is also one of the self-made millionaires in the world.

Excerpts from Book 21 The Key to Success for Self-Made Millionaires:

– Open your arms to a lot of problems and end them with effort and effort.
Fear of failure is more deadly than failure itself.
The formation of your personality over the next five years depends on two factors: 1) the people you meet 2) the books you read.
– Imagination is more important than reality.
– Victory is not a temporary thing, but it is considered a permanent thing.

In part 21 of the book, we read the secrets of the success of self-made millionaires:

One of the hallmarks of self-made millionaires is that they think carefully and make quick decisions. They commit themselves to implement all the decisions they have made. They do things very quickly and get results quickly. If they notice a mistake in their work, they quickly correct their mistake and move on to another work.

The key to success and victory is effort. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. According to the law of probability, if you try many different ways to succeed, the chances of being able to get it right at the right time increase. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, are weak and helpless. They know they have to do some things and refrain from doing others, but they are not able to make decisive decisions because they do not have the stability of character and the will to do so. As a result, they are overwhelmed by the problems of their lives and never taste happiness, bliss and success. They have never achieved wealth or financial independence and will never succeed in life.

If you are assertive and pragmatic and do your work purposefully, your quality of life will generally improve. In that case, you will work harder every day and you will be ahead of the people around you. In fact, you are using a higher level of energy, passion and motivation, and this will make your life happier and happier. Ultimately, this amount of energy will lead you to your goals faster than before.

Index of the book The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
About the author
Translator foreword
1: Think big dreams
2: Specify the path to the target
3: Be your own employer
4: Do what you are interested in
5: Be the best at your job
6: Work longer and harder
7: Dedicate your life to learning for life
8: Pay your dues first
9: Learn all the details and content related to your profession
10: Dedicate yourself to serving others
11: Be completely honest with yourself and others
12: Identify your most important priorities and then focus on them with all your might
13: Be famous for your speed of action and trust
14: Prepare yourself to conquer the peaks of success
15: Practice personal discipline in all your work
16: Develop your innate creativity and talents
17: Sit and stand with the right people
18: Take care of your physical health
19: Be decisive and pragmatic
20: Never allow yourself to choose failure
21: Successfully pass the perseverance test
Brian Tracy, author of the audiobook 21 Secrets to the Success of Self-Made Millionaires, was born in 1944 in Charlottetown, Canada.

He is one of the authors of self-help books that has presented many of his works in the form of audio books.

The subject of his seminars and presentations includes leadership, sales, effective management and business strategy.

At Pantea, there are books by Brian Tracy entitled Talk to Win, The Magic of Life, Crisis Management, The Invincible Rules of Money, Change Your Mind, Swallow Your Frog, and more.

We suggest you download them as well and use them in your life.

Brian Tracy (born 1944 in Charlottetown, Canada) is a self-help book author who has written many of his works in illustrated form.

The subject of his seminars and presentations includes leadership, sales, effective management and business strategy.

Brian Tracy is the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He founded the company in 1984 in Vancouver, Canada.

The company provides consulting services in the areas of leadership, sales, confidence, goal setting, strategy, creativity and the psychology of success.

Prior to founding the company, Brian Tracy worked as chief operating officer for a construction company.

He has also worked in sales and marketing, investment, construction, import, distribution and management consulting.

He has written dozens of books so far. His work is one of the main foundations of network marketing in Iran without permission.

He has traveled to Iran four times and has given lectures at the Radio and Television Conference Center. Various publishers in Iran have translated and marketed his books.

Book summary

Success is not an accident.

Success is doing certain things over and over again until you get the result you want.

When you learn the secrets of success of self-made millionaires and apply them in your life; You will experience results and rewards that go far beyond what you have ever achieved.

One of the main reasons for financial failure is the misconception that; People who are more educated and have more expertise are better than you.

But this is not the case and it is completely wrong.

The fact is that most self-made millionaires are ordinary people with ordinary education and education is not important at all.

If you think like the self-made millionaires and act like them, you will get the same results and rewards as the millionaires.

There are 21 secrets to the success of self-made millionaires, and each of these secrets is essential to achieving your financial independence.

All of these ideas have been tried and tested over and over again, and if you apply them in your life, you will definitely get the answer.

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