101questions you need to ask in your twenties


Title: 101 questions to ask yourself in your 20s

Author: Paul Angon

Translator: Venus without harm

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Life / Success / Youth – Life Skills Guide

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 144

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book 101questions you need to ask in your twenties by Paul Angon
The 101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Twenties by Paul Angon shows you how to change your mindset to achieve success and avoid failure.

Book 101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Twenties by Paul Angon

If you are afraid of failure, frustration, or both, or are eager to seek advice to help you get through the trouble, here are 101 questions you should ask yourself in your twenties. Read in your twenties and shine in the most defining decade of your life.

Before reaching the age of twenty, man has many great goals and dreams that he is sure he will achieve. Throughout his life, he nurtures, nurtures, and loves them. But after graduating and leaving college, he enters adulthood, and all his goals, like being crushed under a bicycle by a group of cyclists, disappear overnight, and the last time he thinks of them, he goes back to Franklin and Kentucky.

As you grow older, you spend most of your life climbing from one stage to the next. Middle school, high school, getting into a good university, choosing the best major, getting great grades, and so on. Faster! higher! Do not look behind you! Do not ask questions! Just keep going up!
Paul Angone recommends that you read this book without a long pause and do not pause too long to answer his questions. Before immersing yourself in the book and trying to answer its questions, you must first understand the relevance of the book, its questions, its stories, and its insights. It may be best to make a note of a few points, but keep reading at the same time. If you have a hard time answering a question, do not dwell on it and do not neglect to continue the book.

There is only one answer to the times when you are not sure what happened, the times when you are trying to find a reason for something unreasonable, the times when you are trying to clear up ambiguities and find your way, and that is to ask yourself the right questions and Others.

So wherever you are now – whether at the top of the stairs and on the verge of opening up to your dreams, whether you are at the bottom of the stairs, and like when I was confused and picking up pieces of grass and leaves from my head – with yourself Why do you think I got here? Ask ourselves the right questions.

101questions you need to ask in your twenties

In a section of the book 101 questions you should ask yourself in your twenties, we read:
Once, as a student recruiter on campus, I had to sit at a desk for months trying my best to reach out to high school students and talk to them about my college. You do not know how much I thank those students who, even if they were not very interested in my university, but came forward, shook hands, looked me in the eye and talked to me.

Some of the students who later entered the university were not among those who received excellent grades through which to enter the university, but nevertheless I referred their case to the admissions officer and asked him if there were as many as he could. Accept; Just because they came to me and talked to me, they impressed me. They were more than a piece of paper to me, they were the people I wanted to see succeed.
So I encourage everyone to go to conferences and do what I call “weird wandering.” Without any special talk, without any planning, just walk around and meet different people.

I can say that many of my career successes at conferences have happened because I did the “Strange Wanderer” project myself. Thank God I’m not talking about being weird.

Table of Contents 101 questions to ask yourself in your 20s
Introduction: Becoming unconscious
The story of our twenty-thirtieth year
The power and importance of the right questions
Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder
How to read this book
How did I anesthetize myself?
1. What is the best way to mess with myself?
2. Do I knock on any door that is not visible and keep my face red with a slap?
3. What kind of friends do I have …
4. If I am going to pursue a big dream, am I ready to ride in a 1993 Honda Civic Hashback …
5. Are there dark days ahead of us?
6. Does my love come from feelings of insecurity or feelings of power?
7. Do I see it on the photos that people post on their Instagram? …
8. How can I deliberately lose my way to a goal with a previous plan? …
9. Are there any real benefits to getting lost?
10. Do I really have to post this photo?
11. All the information you have about marriage smokes and goes up in the air during marriage …
12. One of the best ways to forget problems is to help others forget their problems …
13. Where am I going to tell the rest of me?
14. How can I decide when I do not know what to choose?
15. What does fear prevent me from doing? Is it worth it?
16. What would my life be like if I had no problem with who I am?
17. What is my main reason?
18. Where is the central point of my story?
19. What are three to five of my biggest accomplishments?
20. When did others see me as lively as possible?
21. When I go back and look at my greatest achievements, what did I do that made my work meaningful? …
22. What are three to five problems I have overcome?
23. What do my difficulties and problems tell me about my goal?
24. Apart from my failures and successes, what are the other needs I would like to address?
25. Instead of trying to solve the biggest problems of my life at the end of the night, which engulf me like a huge moon, isn’t it better to do something more useful, such as sleep?
26. How can I continue to do inspiring and hopeful work even when I feel frustrated?
27. Do I eat the death of a mouse to kill a mouse in my house?
28. Social networks, depending on how we use them, can be like attending a nonsense party …
29. Can I laugh at myself?
30. Marriage is like driving …
31. Do you work hard but it is easy to work with you?
32. Am I brave enough to look different and unusual?
33. How can I browse the Internet and connect with real people?
34. How can I communicate better with others?
35. How do I deal with stress and anxiety?
36. What do my anxieties and worries remind me of?
37. Marriage is like a pastry …
38. Have I come to understand that attractiveness is much deeper and more than appearance?
39. What is love?
40. Do I have to ask the question, “Is life fair?”
41. What is my future career and what does a successful job look like?
42. Do I have big dreams but in practice I do not have the slightest hope?
43. How can I keep my wicks on and not let the gasoline spill on them …
44. Do I have anyone on my “dream team”?
45. Do I have critical, pessimistic, negative, or realistic people around me who do their best to keep me away from my goal?
46. ​​How do I prevent the amount of information and entertainment that flows in every five seconds and causes my lunch money to be wasted?
47. Are the actions you take in line with your goals? Is your behavior the same as what you say?
48. Comfort and challenge do not go together. Am I looking for a challenging job or an easy one?
49. Success in doing something for the first time is much easier than maintaining the same success …
50. Am I drowning in the shower of despair like a cat sleeping in its toilet?
51. Am I someone who creates something or just grumbles?
52. How can I listen to my fear and twist and threaten it?
53 Do I move my day forward consciously or thoughtfully or without thinking?
54. How can I practice the author’s mental model today?
55. How can I practice the researcher’s mental model today?
56. How can I practice the entrepreneurial mind model today?
57. How can I practice the monk’s mental model today?
58. Am I slowly recognizing the non-accidental encounters in my life?
59. Do I put myself in situations where I can meet new people and start new relationships?
60. What will I regret not doing?
61. If I give up, who do I lose the opportunity to help?
62. How can I be 77% sure and keep going?
63. What are my five core values?
64. Do I have a value that I do not currently apply in my life? Why? What should I do to solve this problem?
65. Who inspires me the most?
66. Have my core values ​​set aside my other values ​​and forced them to retreat?
67. Am I myself when I am with my friend?
68. Does my friend or partner lead me to better and more authentic versions of myself?
69. Over the years, we have all been subjected to extensive communication training, which is called childhood …
70. Have I got rid of the demons in my relationship?
71. Have we talked about the future we want to have in our appointments? …
72. If I want to be really honest with myself and my friendship, I have to ask myself, do I trust my partner completely?
73. What is the history and story of my family?
74. Everyone leaves a legacy. What will be my heritage? …
75. What are 2 to 3 legacies that I want to destroy and not leave?
76. If we want more well-behaved and educated children, we must have well-behaved and more educated parents …
77. Do not I build my adult sand castle very close to the ocean?
78. Do I see my life as miraculous as it is?
79. Have I taken my dreams hostage to pay a ransom?
80. What is my percentage of fear, tolerance and love in a typical working day?
81. If I do this now, how will I feel doing it later?
82. What are my favorite three to five stories (books, movies, theater, historical events)?
83. Can I find similarities in these stories with my own life story?
84. Creating a new work is courage against the normal routine of life. What can I create?
85. Wasting leisure time becomes very expensive …
86. What is my next right step?
87. Do I get guidance and advice from anyone? …
88. How can I reach the person I want to meet?
89. The person I wanted to contact answered my email, what should I do now and what is the next step?
90. Will my career path shape the life I want? …
91. Are stereotypes made about you at work because of your healthy age?
92. What are three essentials in my life and career?
93. Is the reason I have not yet been able to find my dream job that I have not yet been able to create it?
94. Success in the twenties depends on resilience, humility and many other qualities that are not at all related to physical attractiveness …
95. Sometimes I feel frustrated; How can I keep myself hopeful?
96. Do I have to ask myself the question, “Where and what am I going to do in five years?” …
97. What should I do while waiting to do what I was born to do?
98. What is the worst thing that could happen?
99. What is the best thing that could happen?
100. If I could write advice and suggestions for my children that they could read in their twenties, what would they be?
101. If not now, then when?

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