The Guest List


Title: Guest List

Author: Lucy Foley

Translator: Ghazal Mortazavi

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 360 pages

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


The guest list or guest list is by Lucy Foley. Lucy Foley was born in 1986 in the United Kingdom.

Bride and groom, guest, groom bridesmaid, wedding planner, bridesmaid and a corpse.

On an island off the coast of Ireland, guests gather to celebrate a romantic couple. son in law? He is a handsome and attractive man and one of the emerging TV stars. Bride? An intelligent and ambitious publisher. This wedding celebration can only be seen in magazines. Brand wedding dress, pristine place, luxurious house and whiskey boutique. All the details of the ceremony are carefully planned and the foundation is executed perfectly.

This flawlessness, however, will remain only on schedule, and the guests will not be deprived of human qualities. At the same time as serving champagne and the beginning of the celebration, old grudges and jealousies are mixed. The groom’s bridesmaids resume playing school drinks; The bride’s bridesmaid also accidentally ruins her dress.

In the meantime, finding the head of a corpse can complete the tragedy. Who has not wished happiness for our bride and groom? And most importantly, why?

Guestbook is a crime and mystery novel by Lucy Foley; Which entered the publishing market in 2020. The book won the Goodrides Award for Best Crime and Mystery. The Persian translation of the novel The List of Guests has been translated by Mohadeseh Ahmadi and made available to those interested by Noon Publishing.

The two main features of the novel are the guest list
The first prominent feature of the novel guest list is perhaps the variety of perspectives in the text of the story. The story is told in the language of various characters. However, many may not be fans of this style of storytelling and will not want to constantly remember that the previous character called twice and which of the characters whose background background seemed irrelevant.
The second feature of this novel is the slow pace and slow progress of the story. There are still people who prefer the author to go straight to the point and not be constantly chased.
If you are one of these people, I have to say that the guestbook is an exception. As soon as you start studying, you will enjoy the tension that the fire is getting. You will become a fan of the groom’s infamous friends and their childish behavior, and you will be fascinated by the various, rich and thirsty characters of the story. The interesting part is that the author keeps us in the dark until the end and does not intend to reveal the identity of death and its cause to us!

Read each chapter carefully
Every little detail can be a great clue to solving the main puzzle, and paying attention to these details will help you not to be too shocked in the face of surprising revelations, unexpected events and relationships between characters. However, it must be said that in any case, at the end of the story, your mouth will remain open and your eyes will be rounded, and this one case cannot be prevented. Those around you may think that you have become a statue because it will not be easy to get out of that shock!

Let’s talk a little about the margins!
Jules, the bride of our story, is a successful publisher and a luxurious and extremely ambitious woman. He has difficulty controlling anger, and selfishness, perfectionism, and excessive domination are all other personality traits. She is about to marry an attractive, arrogant, fat-tongued man and one of the rising stars of television.

The wedding is set to take place somewhere in Ireland, almost nowhere, with an awful antenna. Each of us would probably have a nightmare if we were in such a place. Dark forests and empty caves make one feel like someone is chasing him. In a word, this place is more suitable for making horror movies than holding a wedding! But is the ear of this steel armored bride owed ?!

Curious about the other characters in the story?
Helen! The bride’s guest who, of course, is married to Charlie’s oldest and best friend. Suspicious of the deep and planned relationship between the bride and groom. She is a mother and a graphic designer who, of course, is on maternity leave, her family problems do not leave her alone and she has her own secrets. She is also a friend of the bride’s bridesmaids.

Olivia, the bridesmaid, is a nineteen-year-old girl who is said to be the bride’s half-sister and has a big secret that her thoughts and imagination cause her to lose weight. This is the secret he eats. He must talk to someone before he is seriously injured. Can Helen keep her secrets?

Jano, the groom’s bridesmaid, is our next character. He does not know exactly where his life is going to go and he has a secret in common with the groom since high school. This secret takes the dream from his eyes from time to time and makes him feel that the spirits of the past years are following him. Jano is about to learn a vital lesson that will change his life forever and motivate him to do terrible things.

Let’s not forget about the wedding planner. Uffie dies so that nothing is lacking in the ceremony, wants to come out of this difficult and complicated task proud, and monitors everyone. It is as if he is waiting for something to happen at any moment. Why is Uffie so frustrated? What is he worried about?

Big lies, grudges and revelations are not far from his eyes. In the middle of the ceremony, the lights go out, screams are heard, absolute darkness pervades, and as they light up again, a body is found.

About the author of the guest list book
Lucy Foley was born in 1986 in the United Kingdom. He is a graduate of English literature and has been a story editor for many years. Foley entered the field of storytelling in 2015 and achieved many successes. Most of his works have been translated into various languages ​​and are on the list of the best-selling works in the world book market. “Guest List” is his second crime novel. On an island off the windy coast of Ireland, guests gather to celebrate the beginning of their life together – the groom; A handsome and charming man, an emerging TV star. Bride; An intelligent and ambitious woman, publisher of a magazine. The celebration begins and gradually resentments and jealousies are combined with good memories and wishes. And this is the beginning of the adventure … The novel “Guest List” is a crime work that recalls the glory of the classic works of this genre.

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