The Greatest secret


Title: The Biggest Secret

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Mina Amiri

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: New thinking

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The Greatest secret by Randa Byrne
The biggest secret written by Randa Berne is translated by Amir Hossein Mohammadzadeh Moghadam and Mohammad Mohammadzadeh Moghaddam. The book is the biggest secret that helps you have a happy life

About the book The Greatest secret
This book was written fourteen years after The Secret. An important and influential book that changes your mood.

With every step you take with this book, you become happier and your life becomes more painless, and this joy and simplicity becomes more and more and has no end. No fears or doubts about the future will bother you. All worries and anxieties about everyday life and world events are gone. You are free from all kinds of suffering that you may be experiencing right now. All this will really happen.

The Secret Book teaches you how to achieve everything you want, become who you want to be, and have everything you want. nothing has changed; The rules and regulations of that book are as consistent as ever. This book reveals the greatest discovery that man can make, shows you the way to get rid of negativity, problems and all the things you do not want, and guides you to a life full of happiness and bliss.

If you know how the book The Secret has affected the world, do not miss this book. This book will change your life.
Have you ever felt defeated? Were you worried? Are you stressed? Have you been nervous? Do you feel insulted or hurt? Feeling upset, bored, or discouraged? If you have ever had any of these feelings, according to Anthony Demlou, your life is chaotic!

You may think that it is natural for negative emotions to invade you during the day. But life should not be like this. You can live your life completely free from unhappiness, worry, injury and fear, and be constantly happy.

Who do we recommend reading the book is The Greatest secrett

We recommend this book to all those who are interested in a happy and successful life.

About Randa Byrne, author of The Greatest secret
Famous writer and producer Randa Byrne was born on August 26, 1945 in Melbourne. He is known in the world for writing the book The Secret and the books he published after that and in the continuation of the Secret. In 2007, Time magazine named Randa Byrne the most influential person in the world.

In addition, her fame multiplied when Oprah Winfrey invited her to come to her famous show. Randa Byrne’s other works include Secret, Daily Teachings, Secret of Thanksgiving, Law of Attraction, Hero, Calendar of Miracles 1393, Secret of Existence, Power, Miracle and Miracle of Thanksgiving.

Part of the book The Greatest Secret
It is impossible for us to find lasting happiness in material things. All material things come into being one day and disappear one day. So if you leave your happiness to material things, it will disappear with the destruction of that material thing. There is no problem with material things (they are amazing and you deserve everything you want in life), but when you realize that you will never find lasting happiness in them, you make great progress.

If material things made us happy, whenever we got what we really wanted, happiness would never leave us. But it is not. Instead, we experience fleeting happiness and return to the same state after a very short time; It means wanting more things to experience happiness again.

There is only one way to find lasting happiness, and that is to understand who we really are. Because our real truth is happiness.
“The world is not happy at all because it does not know the truth. The human truth is happiness. Happiness is our true essence. “Man’s search for happiness is the same as his subconscious search for his truth … When man finds it, he has found a kind of infinite happiness.”

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