Blessed in the Darkness


Title: Blessing at the Heart of Problems; Everything is for your good

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Kargar Asal

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Suffering – Religious Aspects – Christianity / Providence and Lordship of God

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 192

Language: Farsi



Blessed in the Darkness

Joel Osteen in Blessed in the Dark: How All Things Are Working for Your Good will help you learn how to draw closer to and trust God through practical exercises and divine insights. Focus on him at times when life is incomprehensible. He also helps you discover the divine plan during difficult times by asking thought-provoking questions and motivating activities.
More or less all people face difficult and dark days such as: having trouble finding a friend, separation in a relationship, unfair situation at work, financial loss, unexpected illness, divorce or loss of loved ones, etc. Which are incomprehensible to them. In these times of discouragement, it is easiest to get away from the dreams they had in mind and think about the end.

God’s book In the Darkness of Life is about learning to change the attitude of hard and dark days that we have all either experienced or are experiencing. In this work, Joel Austin tells hundreds of true stories from the lives of people, all of which lead to a very amazing truth and mystery.
Have you ever wondered why life is hard for some people and easy for others? Why does one person get cured but the other does not? Why is one in a bad financial situation and the other not? Why does one have a very successful love affair and the other does not?

Through this guiding book, Joel Austin helps you come to the realization that there are seeds of potential and glorious talent in you that are buried deep within you and will only emerge in the dark.

According to the author, human beings also decide to resort to the good of God and deep life rather than sin. He tries to teach biblical principles in a simple way by emphasizing the power of love and a positive attitude.

In a part of the book Blessed in the Darkness, we read:
I know a young lady who volunteers in our prayer group at Likewood Church. She and her husband have been trying for years to have children. During our spiritual ministry, she prays for those who are striving to have children. Time and time again, the people he prayed for came to our church very happy and satisfied with the babies in their arms. He sees that their prayers have been answered, but his prayers have not been answered. This young lady seems to have everything. She is beautiful and successful and has a wonderful husband, but what you can not see is hidden frustration, the only thing she can not understand.

Life is full of apparent contradictions, like trying to keep us in the dark. You help others get better, but you do not feel good about yourself. Your co-workers continue to get promoted, and even though you work the same, you get the same return, but no one pays attention to you.
We all have hidden frustrations; The things we know God can change. We know that God can open the door, or He can remove temptation, or He can give us the child we desire, but that does not happen. In such situations, it is easy to get caught up in questions that begin with “why.”

We must understand that our God is a sublime and powerful God. We are not going to understand why things happened or did not happen. There are things that God does not remove. There are situations in which God waits a long time to change them. You need to trust that he knows what is best for you.

If you maintain the right attitude, all these frustrating situations that do not change and the calamities that he does not eliminate will not work against you, but will work in your favor instead. Do not let the contradictions of life cause you to become frustrated and angry and give up on your dreams.

Another part of the book:
All human beings face bitter and sweet days such as finding problems in the family, separation in a relationship, injustice at work, unexpected illness, financial problems, divorce or the loss of loved ones, and so on. Problems that are incomprehensible to them. In these times of despair, it is easiest to give up on the dreams you had in your head and think about the end.

Some things that God has in store for you in the future, if He gives them to you now, you will not be able to manage them. He loves you too much to let this happen. He develops your personality, he magnifies you.

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