The Heretic’s Daughter


Title: The daughter of an apostate

Author: Kathleen Kent

Translator: Arash Houshangifar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 348

Language: Farsi



The Heretic’s Daughter is one of the best novels and books that has been welcomed by many people these days and has sold well.

A story of love and romance for people who are interested in reading.

This book is one of the best works of Kathleen Kent. He has published a variety of novels on various topics.

The Daughter of an Apostate is an example of the best novels and stories written by Kathleen Kent.

If you are interested in reading exciting stories and are looking for a different novel, we suggest you read this book.

By reading this novel, you will get acquainted with new events and stories in the life of an apostate girl.

The author has told his stories to the reader in such a way that the audience can communicate well with the book.

Even for a moment, put yourself in the place of the main characters of the story.

The trial of Salem witches in the Massachusetts colony is one of the strangest events in American history.

More than 200 people were charged with black magic-related activities during the trial, and 20 of them were eventually sentenced to death.

But in the end, the local government acknowledged that the trial and the verdicts were a mistake.

Officials later came to the rescue of the victims’ families.

On the other hand, this trial and its consequences have made the region one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Where once was the magic of injustice.

Part of the text of the book of the daughter of an apostate
He was still on his knees, his eyes were close to mine, and the power of his gaze blocked my throat.

“I’m ready to move the whole earth to save your mother,” he said with a sudden excitement. “Sarah ??”

I am ready to break down the walls of his prison and take him to the wild lands of another state, but this is not what he wants.

“He puts himself in front of the judges, because he believes that his innocence is revealed through all the lies and deceptions.”

He turned his face and his gaze crossed the horizon.

Then he said in a gentle tone, as if speaking to the wind, “His power makes me humble.”

Another part
Who determines what is right and wrong?

Who says the appearance of a thing must be right or wrong?

Who can say that something good is absolute and something bad is absolute?

How many people in the dry history of religion and bread have lost their lives at the rate of day-eaters, fanatics and religious businessmen?

Who says no, it must be done with a series of specific methods, otherwise it is a mistake?

How many real theologians, true mystics, true prophets, or those who know science and the universe and everything and think of humanity in the course of history perishing because of a series of petrified nonsense?

This book is the story of someone who wants to kill him because he asks the questions that I asked…

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