Title: Desiree

Author: Marie Selinko

Translator: Marzieh Sadeghizadeh

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: German stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Hard

Number of pages: 816

Language: Farsi

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Desiree is a very interesting and historical novel by Marie Selinco, based on the events of the second half of the eighteenth century and the Napoleonic era. The main hero of this great novel is Bernard Eugene Desiree. Desiree Clary, nicknamed Desidria, Queen of Sweden and Norway, was the daughter of Francis Clary, a silk merchant from Marseilles, who was born on November 8, 1777 in Marseille, France.

The story begins when Napoleon’s brother marries Desiree’s sister when he was just a simple soldier, and then Desiree Clary and Napoleon fall in love and become engaged after a long time, but for two years. Napoleon later broke up with her, and on March 8, 1796, she married Josephine Dubois. When Desiree learned of this, she wrote to Napoleon, “You have led my life into misery, and I am still unable to forget you.”

But Desiree later married General Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte. General Bernadotte was an experienced, experienced director who fought victorious and proud battles and was elected to the throne by the Swedish National Assembly for his reputation, and then officially became king in 1810.
Desiree was crowned in 1829 and became Queen of Sweden. She lost her husband in 1844 and became a widow, and her son Oscar succeeded her father. After the death of her husband, Desiree tried several times to resign from her position to go to her family, who had lived in the US state of Louisiana for many years.

But the Swedish people did not allow him to do so. Finally, a year after the death of his only child, Oscar, who ascended the throne after his father as the first Oscar, he died in 1860 at the age of 83, after visiting the Opera House in Stockholm, and laid his body next to his wife’s grave. He was buried in Lutheran Church.

The story of Anne-Marie Selinco quickly spread to languages ​​and became one of the most popular novels in the world, as it was not long before the book was published, which was soon translated into most of the world’s languages ​​and found millions of eager readers around the world.

Desiree’s historical romance book in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte!
If you are a little interested in history, you must know the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. The great military commander in France who changed the fate of Europe. But who would have thought that this patriotic and powerful commander has left a love story behind? Anmari Selinko is a shrewd writer who has portrayed this romance. A romance that is narrated from the heart of reality and has no predictable end.

About the author of Desiree: Anmari Selinko
Meet the author of the book Desiree
Desiree’s author, Anne-Marie Selinco, was born in Vienna at the height of World War I. He studied history at the University of Vienna and then worked as a writer and reporter for a French magazine.
He left for Geneva on a business mission, where he met Erlin Christensen, a Danish student. After some time of this acquaintance, preparations were made for their marriage, and Anne Marie Selinco left for Denmark to live with her husband. Her first novel, I Was an Ugly Girl, was published at the age of 20 and translated into twelve different languages.
Denmark was occupied by Germany during World War II. Marie and her husband left for Sweden by boat to pursue liberal, political, and threatening activities by Hitler. In Sweden, Anne Marie investigated the Swedish ruling family, which led to her becoming acquainted with Desiree. After hearing Desiree’s memoirs and stories, Anne Marie decided to write the events of her life and began writing, gathering and examining credible historical information, which led to Desiree’s novel being written.
Nowadays, Selenko’s novels have become very popular among the audience, and one of the main characteristics of the popularity of his works is the simple and sincere expression of this novelist. Although Selenko’s novels did not go beyond four, these few works were effective in introducing him. In addition to Desiree’s book, Tomorrow My Husband’s Wedding is Always Better Tomorrow, and I Was an Ugly Girl, is another work by this author.
Anne-Marie Selinco is considered one of the best Austrian writers to have made a name for herself in the period from 1930 to 1950 by writing four novels entitled “I was an ugly girl, tomorrow is always better, tomorrow is my husband and Desiree’s wedding”. Record the history of world literature as one of the best writers of the 19th century.

Anne Mario was a writer-journalist who continued her political and liberation activities in her home country and in Sweden until, incidentally in Sweden, she spoke with one of Desiree’s grandchildren and heard the story of Desiree’s life from her relatives. He was considered a pure subject in writing a romantic-historical book, and this motivation led us to recognize Desireera as one of the top 10 books in world literature today.

The best sentences of Desiree’s book from the text of the book
Moments of history have never been empty of love, and when love enters history, history takes on a new color and smell and evokes another salinity.

And Desiree is a love story. A teenage girl falls in love with an anonymous general who, thanks to the brightness of the times and thanks to the invisible hands of destiny, becomes the most prominent and enduring figure in the history of the world in recent centuries and finds a familiar name. Napoleon Bonaparte!

Bonaparte is a symbol of power-seeking, covenant-breaking and supremacy, and love does not shine these qualities, and when the lover of the whole universe has gambled on love, he fails to surrender himself to death and the powerful hand of another love to him. It saves from sorrow and suffering and calls for a new life that is full of love and attachment! Hands coming out of another general’s sleeve to seal and caress. A French general invited to Sweden and crowned king.
And when Desiree is at the height of her glory as Queen of Sweden with her husband. That young general, broken and broken yesterday in the Alps, is going through days of exile, and this is how he narrates the history of breaking the covenant of love.

Human rights cannot be revoked! However, some may temporarily trample it openly or covertly. But those who do so have undoubtedly committed the greatest and bloodiest crimes, and nowhere and at no time will anyone ask for forgiveness for the plunderers of the freedom and equality of their brothers.

I thought for a moment what a terrible family they are, but I was immediately ashamed and ashamed of this thought, because the guilt of poverty and the large number of family members should not be blamed on each of them, and that they had no living room except the kitchen due to poverty. It was not considered.
Human history is a collection of destinies of individuals, only men who are responsible for signing orders and orders and are aware of the best and most efficient ways to use cannons and know when and how to fire them, do not make the destiny of the world, I think other people are also among the founders of human history;

All men and women who are shot or have their heads cut off from their bodies; All those who live hopefully, love and eventually die are the creators of human history.

About Desiree movie
Many people who are interested in reading think that watching a movie in which they have read the book is not very attractive because it eliminates all the audience’s conjecture with that book, but Desiree’s movie is considered as a movie. By seeing it, you can better understand the story of the book and its historical feeling.

Marie Selinco’s stories have been portrayed by various directors around the world. Desiree was made by American director Henry Custer. In this fascinating film, Marlon Brando played Napoleon and Jane Simmons played Desiree Clary.

Excerpts from the book
Julie and I both got up. Julie smiled at Joseph. I did not understand what happened. Two minutes later, the four of us were in the garden without my mother and brother present, and because the sandy street in the garden is so narrow, we had to move in pairs. Julie and Joseph stepped forward.

Napoleon and I followed them. I was pushing my brain to say something. I really wanted to leave a good memory of myself in his brain. He did not seem to notice anything and was immersed in his own thoughts.

He walked so slowly that Julie and her brother walked away from us. Finally I thought he was moving particularly slowly to keep Julie and Joseph away. Suddenly Napoleon broke the silence and said, “When do you think my brother and sister will get married?”
At first I thought I did not understand what he was saying and I did not understand what he meant. I looked at him in surprise and felt terrified. “So when do they get married?” He repeated. “I hope soon.”
“Yes,” I stammered, “but they have just met. Besides, we do not know.”
“These two people were created for each other, you know,” he replied immediately.

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