The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership


Title: Traits must be a leader
Author: John C. Maxwell
Translator: Amir Ali Fath Elahi
Publisher: Nik Farjam
Subject: Leadership
Age category: Adult
Number of pages: 192

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership : follow them and people will follow you by John C. Maxwell
The book “The Attributes of a Leader” by “John C. Is Maxwell. By discussing and researching the lives of the world’s great leaders, he examines the lives of those who have played a significant role in shaping history.

The book of attributes is a must for a leader
He finally came up with a list of 21 characteristics that exist in all great leaders and compiled them in the same book.

As you read this book, you will find that you can easily read several chapters at a time. This book is very fluent and easy to read. But one thing to keep in mind is that this is not the purpose of reading this book. You should read it carefully and even if necessary, read a chapter several times or have a pen and paper to write down its important points. Maxwell himself recommends that you live with this book for a while. Read a chapter and take the time to think, review, and reread it. If the character you are studying is one of your weaknesses, stop for a moment before moving on to the next chapter. You may even want to repeat this process several times during the year so that you can internalize these features and characteristics.

An Overview of the Chapters in a Manager’s Essentials
Chapter One, Characters:
Moral power is more than just words.
Gifted talent is God-given, but a strong personality is a choice.
Moral power leads to lasting success among others.
Leaders can not go beyond their personality limits.

Chapter Two, The Power of Attracting Others:
Love life.
Give everyone the highest score.
Give hope to others.
Make others your partners.

Chapter Three, Commitment:
Commitment starts from the heart.
Commitment is assessed by action.
Commitment opens the door to success.

Chapter 4, the ability to communicate:
Simplify your message.
See the person.
Show the truth.
Look for reactions.
Chapter Five, Competence:
Be ready every day.
Keep growing and evolving.
Do your job perfectly.
Do more than what you are asked to do.
Motivate others.

Chapter Six, Courage:
Courage begins with an inner battle.
Courage means making things real and internal, not just superficial.
Courage in a leader creates commitment in his followers.
Your life expands according to your courage.

Your life expands according to your courage.

Chapter 7, The Power of Discernment:
Find the root and heart of the issues;
Strengthen your ability to solve problems;
Review your options for maximum impact;
Multiply opportunities.
Chapter 8, Focus:
Focus 75% of your attention on your strengths.
Focus 25% on new tasks.
Focus 5% on your weaknesses.

Chapter 9, Generosity:
Be thankful for everything you have.
Put people first.
Do not let the desire to control your ownership.
Look at money as a resource.
Strengthen your habit of giving.

Chapter 10: The Power of Initiative and Initiative:
Leaders are aware of what they want.
Leaders force themselves to act.
Leaders take more risks.
Leaders make more mistakes.
Chapter Eleven, Listen:
Your followers;
Your customers;
Your competitors;
Your intellectual teachers.

Chapter Twelve, Passion:
Passion is the first step towards success.
Interest and passion strengthen your will.
It changes your passion.
Makes impossible love and passion possible.

Chapter 13, Positive Attitude:
Attitude is a choice.
Your attitude determines your actions.
Your people are the mirror of your attitude.
It is easier to maintain a positive mood than to regain it.
Chapter Fourteen, Problem Solving:
Leaders anticipate problems.
Leaders accept reality.
Leaders see the big picture.
Leaders take turns doing things.
Leaders do not set aside important goals when they are not in a good mood.

Chapter 15, Relationships:
Have a leader in mind and understand people.
Have the heart of a leader, love the people.
Reach out to a leader, help people.
Chapter Sixteen, Responsibility:
Leaders do the work.
They are willing to do more than their job.
They have targeted “perfection”.
They work regardless of success.

Chapter Seventeen, Confidence:
Without self-confidence, leaders do not create security for others.
Leaders without self-confidence take more from them than they give to others.
Leaders without self-confidence constantly limit their best people.
Leaders without self-confidence constantly limit the organization.

Chapter Eighteen, Individual Discipline
Set and follow your priorities.
Aim for a disciplined life.
Challenge your excuses.
Set aside bonuses until the end.
Focus on the results.

Chapter 19, Serving Others:
The serving leader prefers others over his own plan.
A servant leader has the confidence to help others.
The servant leader takes the lead in serving others.
The serving leader does not focus on position.
A servant leader is motivated by love to serve others.

Chapter 20, Learning Ability:
Treat your “reach” disease.
Overcome your success.
Avoid shortcuts.
Put aside pride.
Never pay the price for a mistake again.
Chapter 21, The Ability to Dream:
The dream begins within.
The dream comes from your background.
The dream responds to the needs of others.
The dream helps you gather resources.

In a part of the book, the must-have attributes of a manager, we read:
A father took his little girl to the carnival, and the girl immediately went to a stall and asked for a cotton ball. As the salesman handed the girl a large pile of cotton, her father said to her, “Darling, are you sure you can eat it all?” The girl replied, “Father, do not worry, my inside is much bigger than my outside.”
This means real moral power, greater inside than outside

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