Trump: Think Like a Billionaire


Title: How to think like a billionaire

Author: Donald Trump

Translator: Elham Sharif

Publisher: New Generation

Topic: Success in business

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 183 p

Language: Farsi

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Trump: Think Like a Billionaire by Donald J. Trump “was published in 2004. This book teaches the principles of getting rich and succeeding in business by one of the world’s great economists. Trump believes that in order to become a billionaire, one must think like them, they turn obstacles into opportunities for progress and move towards their financial goals by working around the clock. In this work, which includes the three main sections “Real Estate Transactions”, “Money” and “Life Business”, he talks about various methods of investing, buying real estate and apartments, and getting loans, and offers profitable solutions.

About the book How to Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump
The book “How to Think Like a Billionaire” The important question is how to be a good investor? answers. This book is based on Trump’s years of experience in investing and big, profitable deals.

He believes that in any job position, you are an investor and a businessman. If you are a teacher, worker, salesman, etc., you have a personal business and you should be able to account for and control it. He believes that every person in his path should not waste opportunities and should be able to think and act independently. He says billionaires love their job and put most of their energy into it.

About Donald Trump
Donald John Trump, one of the world’s most famous economists and the forty-fifth president of the United States, was born on June 14, 1946. He completed his education in economics and has been involved in real estate since then.

He had an unparalleled talent for high-profit construction projects and moved to Manhattan in 1971 to expand his business. Over the decades, he became one of America’s billionaire businessmen, establishing himself as a brand of many products. In addition to his political activities, he now owns many hotels, restaurants and skyscrapers around the world.

Translation of the book How to Think Like a Billionaire in Persian
“How to Think Like a Billionaire” by Donald J. “Trump” has been published by New Generation Publications with a translation by “Elham Sharif” in 2011. “Elham Sharif” is the translator of this work, born in 1976, who translates works in the field of psychology and success into Persian.

In part of the book How to Think Like a Billionaire, we read:
Good investors are good students. Yes, it’s just enough to be a good student. I read hours of economics every day, from Wall Street to Forbes Magazine, Business Week, Frouchon, The New York Times, and The Financial Times. I do not go through other magazines and books and read as much as I can. We never know where our next pristine mind will come from. You need to be up to date with the latest industry news and even local, national and international news. Being unaware of the news and events in the world around you can greatly damage your credit and bank account.

People ask me what TV shows I like. I only look at programs that boost my IQ. Of course, when it comes to television, one of my most enjoyable pastimes is watching sports programs. Of course, I also look at news and economic perspectives, my internship show, and news reports. In addition to all the programs you watch, you should read every day. Reading is essential for staying alert.
If you are young, do not assume that you do not have enough experience for good investing ideas. Some of my best designs date back to my twenties. Not only are you not very perfectionist and perfectionist when you are young, but you may also be thinking about renting. The stock market is complex and insidious, and different stocks are strongly influenced by each other. You need to know how a change in one part of the market can affect the whole set, otherwise you will be crushed under the pressure of unforeseen changes.

If you are in a situation where you have capital (even a small balance of about ten million tomans), it is better to consult with an expert or financial manager to invest it. Investing is not an easy task, and although experts do not work miracles, they can certainly invest in you better than you do. They follow the market every day, so you can trust them. Put aside other weird claimants and money-making sites. I know many naive people who thought they could become millionaires this way, but on the contrary, they lost everything they had.

I consider myself a smart investor and have proven my skills in this field with billions of assets, but even I do not dare to manage all my assets alone.
“In a world of more than six billion people, there are only five hundred and eighty-seven billionaires. This is a very private club. “Would you like to join us?”
This is the first sentence you will see in this book. Perhaps Trump’s first invitation to you. He is a billionaire and in this book he teaches you the simple principles of being a billionaire. Even if you are never a part of this club, you can learn a lot about how to deal with money and real estate in this book.

Donald Trump goes on to say:
“Of course your chances of success are one in a billion; But if you think like a billionaire, this small chance should not disappoint you.
Billionaires do not care about opportunities or obstacles. We do not think about being reasonable, about what people think, what is normal or what is expected. We follow our intuition and do not care if others think it is stupid or stupid. “This is what this book wants to teach you: How to think like a billionaire?”

Trump believes that to become a billionaire, you have to keep track of all the details, and without God by your side, you can not achieve this ability. I could not do even one of my tasks in any other way. When I talk to a contractor, or go to a workshop, or plan to make a business prosperous, nothing is too small or too small to ignore. I even try to sign all my checks myself.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than “computer signature” or “signature on behalf of”. “When you sign a check yourself, and the recipient of the check, when he sees your signature on the check, he realizes that you are taking care of him and, God forbid, he can put a hat on your head because he knows that you are aware of all the details.”
In this book, Trump talks about how to rent, buy or sell a house. About habits that can help people save or raise money at any financial level.

One of Trump’s enduring words in this book when he talks about the building habits of billionaires is:
“Think of yourself as a one-man army; You are both a commander and a soldier. “You have to plan and execute on your own.”
“People usually liken business to war or sports; Because the first analogy or resemblance that comes to mind is not really hard or exhausting business.

No, it is not. In business you have to be smarter than strong. I know very bad businessmen who are strict and violent, but not smart and shrewd. They try to play like Vinci Lombadi, but they do not know how to win. Lombadi hits his opponents, even in the face, he knocks down a 300 kg opponent. He could do it because in the end, the win was with him. “So you can do it when you know the win is with you.”

In part, Trump addresses one of the most pressing questions of many: “How do we become good investors?”
Trump answers one of the key secrets to this question:
“Good investors are good students. Yes, it’s just enough to be a good student. I read economic articles for hours every day. We never know where our pristine thoughts come from. You need to be up to date with the latest industry news and even local, national and international news. “Ignorance of news and events in the world around you can greatly damage your credit and bank account.”
In another part of this book, Trump discusses fraud and its detection, and introduces an interesting and basic law in this regard. If this is a great offer that’s unbelievable to you, it’s definitely a scam. In the continuation of this section, Trump explains this issue well.
The techniques Trump mentions in this book can be useful for starting a profitable business. Because he has generously shared his thoughts and strategies with the people in this book.

Index of the book
Part One: Real Estate Transactions
How to choose a place?
How to rent an apartment?
How to interpret real estate ads?
How to buy a house?
How to visit and evaluate a building?
How to sell a house?
How to find a good office?
How to get a lawyer?
How to get the best loan?
How to choose a loan broker?
How to choose the interest rate and loan advance?
When and how to renovate the property?
How to landscaping?
How to do interior decoration of the building?
How to deal with contractors?
What can we do to improve the value of our property?
Part II: Money
How to be a good investor?
How to follow stock market indicators?
How to divide your capital?
How to buy stocks and securities?
How to detect fraud?
How to raise money bit by bit?
How to decide how much risk you can risk when investing?
How do we get to the top of our financial pyramid?
How to motivate yourself financially?
How to manage your debts?
How to save for university?
How to plan for retirement?
How to plan for our survivors?
Part Three: The Business of Life
How to love our work?
How to encourage ourselves?
How to behave in meetings?
How to organize your office?
How to dress at work?
How to balance work and leisure?
How to balance work and love?
How to influence everyone in transactions?
How to balance money and marriage?
How to get married?
How to make good friends?
How do we know if a person is honest or not?
Accessories and assets
Sights of the world
How to travel luxuriously when you do not have a private jet?
What can we do to be treated like nobles in a hotel?
How to get the best service in a restaurant?
How to find a good entertainment complex?
Social etiquette How to give a reward?
How to attend parties?
How do we start and end a conversation?
How to give a good gift?
How to be clear?
How to criticize someone?
How to say “no”?

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