To kill a mockingbird


Title: Killing Enamel Chicken

Author: Harper Lee

Translator: Fakhreddin Mir Ramezani

Publisher: Scientific and Cultural Publishing Company

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 367

Language: Farsi

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To kill a mockingbird is a world-famous work by Harper Lee. A novel that, despite its simplicity, has a very important career to tell, and shortly after its publication in 1960, it caused a stir. We suggest that you include this book in your list of must-read books.

After the novel The Killing of the Enamel Chicken, Harper Lee did not publish another book for a long time, and finally in 2015, the second book by this author was published.

But Harper Lee’s first book is so important that, according to statistics, it is read in 75% of American schools and sells one million copies a year.
Harper Lee was born in 1926 in Monroville, Alabama, USA. His father was a well-known lawyer, and he studied law at the University of Alabama. He moved to New York in 1950 and worked for an airline before writing.

On the back cover of the book is:

It was first published in 1960 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. Since its first year of publication, the book has sold millions of copies and has been translated into more than forty other languages. Based on this novel, in 1962, a film directed by Robert Malgin and starring Gregory Pack was made, which is considered a cinematic masterpiece.

Summary of the book Killing Enamel Chicken
The story of the novel is told by a young white girl named Scout Finch. A girl who is growing up and loves to experience everything.

Scout provides a detailed account of the family background and then the city and place of residence at the beginning of the novel. He also talks about the strange neighbors and the atmosphere of the city – Mikumb – and in general, he expresses the atmosphere of the society in the simplest possible way and in a sweet language.

Then they talk about school and the strange things that happen, and show that the state of society is not ideal and that poverty afflicts many people. But the main problem in the city of Micah is not poverty, the problem is the wrong view, there is among them.
The book Killing Enamel Chicken is written in two parts. The first part includes a description of the childhood space and the games of Scout, his brother Jim and their friend Dale. Their main curiosity is discovering a secret about a neighbor – Bo Radley – who has not been out of the house for a long time and the children have never seen him.

Children can not understand that Radley is voluntarily and consciously not entering society. You have to read the book and see what will happen to the children and this mysterious neighbor in the end.

The first part also shows the atmosphere of the society and most importantly in this part we get to know the strong and exceptional character of Atticus – Scout’s father. Atticus is a lawyer and does his best to train Scout and Jim in the best way possible.

Throughout the book, Atticus is faced with difficult choices, but he always does the right thing to continue to be his children’s hero.
The second part of the book, however, is the main and key part of the novel. In the small town of Micomb, people do not have a good view of the Finch family, as Atticus is not only a black woman but also a black man’s lawyer.

Something that the people of the city can not understand why, and the question is constantly asked why a white man is a lawyer for a black man?

The charge against a black man – Tom Robinson – is rape. Atticus clearly knows that this accusation is not true, but at a time when racial discrimination is rampant, it is not easy and you have to fight for the right. Atticus’s efforts and speeches in court are among the most memorable parts of the book The Killing of the Enamel Chicken that should be read and learned from.

About the book To kill a mockingbird
Perhaps if we look closely at the novel and consider its various parts, we will not come across a strong or extraordinary book. But when the book is finished and you put the different parts together, then you realize the greatness of the novel. Harper Lee has truly created a memorable novel whose impact will be with you forever.

Consider that the novel begins by describing the childhood atmosphere and their particular innocence. Kids who know nothing about discrimination, anger, injustice and inequality and just want to be happy and play more together.

These same innocent children suddenly find themselves on trial – in which, of course, they are present out of sight of their father – and are confronted with a vast amount of life violence. The clash of innocence and this harsh atmosphere in the society is the novel of killing enamel chicken, which I seriously suggest you read again.

Atticus’s treatment of Scout and Jim, how he raises big issues with them, how he describes problems, how he treats his children who have done dangerous things out of his sight, and much more, is a strong reason why this book Recommend it to parents and ask them to read this novel carefully.

Scout may be the main character of the book, and his intellectual maturity is very important throughout the book, but he is the powerful and cultured character of Atticus.

A book reader, just and cool, who always defends the right. It does not matter that he may lose his life in this way. The hardships that Atticus endures are enormous, for example his children are in difficult conditions because he has accepted the representation of a black man, they are bullied at school and no one treats them well, but all this is not a reason. That Atticus refuses to do the right thing.

Finally, I have to point out that the book Killing Enamel Chicken with a good and first-class editing could have been a perfect book, but unfortunately there are many mistakes and writing errors in the book.
The translation of the book is good and fluent, but writing errors when you are immersed in the book will make you stop, which feels bad. As a simple example, consider that about 50 pages of the book Scout Name are written in the form of “Scout”. I hope these objections will be resolved in future editions.

Part of the book Killing Enamel Chicken
As soon as my father got his license to practice law, he returned to Mycombe to start working. Mycombe was about twenty miles east of Finch, the capital of Mycombe Province. Atticus’s office furniture did not exceed a hanger, a selfie, a chessboard, and an intact Alabama law book.

His first clients were the last two to be hanged in a prison in Mykomb province. Atticus insisted on accepting the help of officials who allowed them to be identified as second-degree criminals to save their lives, but they were from the Horford family, and in Mickey County the name is synonymous with stubbornness. The Hoverfords killed the city’s best blacksmith in a mare fight.

They claimed that the blacksmith had kept the mares with the intention of stealing them, and that they were so reckless that they committed the murder in the presence of three witnesses.
In order to defend themselves against the crime they had committed, they believed that it was enough to repeat, “This was the father’s right.” To attend their eternal farewell ceremony, and perhaps this is where my father’s deep hatred of representation in criminal defense began.

About the book Killing Enamel Chicken
The story of killing an emerald chicken is told by a girl named Scott Finch. She is the daughter of a white lawyer named Atticus Finch, who lives in a racist and selfish society. Atticus Finch has pleaded guilty to representing a young black man who is in jail on charges of raping a white girl.

In his book Killing Enamel Chicken, Harperley portrays a lawyer as a moral hero. He has also tried to highlight issues such as racial injustice and the killing of innocents, issues of social class, courage, love, and gender maps.

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