Never Split The Difference


Title: Never compromise; Negotiate as if your life depends on it

Author: Christopher Wass

Translator: Ghazaleh Sabzian

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Negotiation / Business Negotiations

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 296

Language: Farsi



Never Split The Difference

The valuable experience of someone who has been a successful negotiator for years. Chris Wass has faced hostage-takers many times and has performed well.

Book Introduction Never compromise

– The best negotiation book on Amazon – The New York Times bestseller – One of the best business books of 2016 – You may have been wondering how the police negotiate to get the most violent and worst people hostage.

You may be wondering how it’s worth it to know about negotiating with hostages. Always remember that life is a negotiation. Most of the interactions we have at work and at home are conversations that are summed up in a simple wish: “I want to!” Negotiation has two distinct and vital roles in life and business: gathering information and influencing behavior, which includes any interaction in which one party wants something from the other.

Work, finances, fame, love life, even the fate of your children; Sometimes it all depends on your ability to negotiate. In Chris Wass, “Never Compromise,” one of the best business books of 2016, you will learn that negotiation is nothing more than a connection to results. Your desires are all about getting what you want from others. In all relationships, conflict between the two parties is inevitable; So it is helpful and even vital to know how to get into this conflict without getting hurt, to get what you want.

“Any no, it brings me closer to yes.” This is a short sentence from Chris Wass, a successful American negotiator. If you also want to get a positive response to your requests, make reading the book Never Compromise a priority for books that you should read. This book is one of the best-selling books in the field of negotiation. After reading this book, you can get all the “I want” in your life and improve your life with effective conversations.

Never compromise on the author of the book

Chris Voss is a successful physician and one of the leading negotiation instructors in the world. He has worked for the FBI for 24 years. Chris’s ability to negotiate goes back to his experience during his service in the FBI. He is the founder and director of Black Swan. This group works extensively in the field of negotiation and consulting training.

Chris has taught as a professor of negotiation principles at many prestigious universities, including Harvard University, the University of Southern California School of Business, and Georgetown University.

Never compromise on a book

The book Never Compromise is a valuable experience for someone who has been a successful negotiator for years. Chris Wass has faced hostage-takers many times and has performed well. His talent and ability in this field was such that the FBI introduced Chris for the most difficult cases. All of this experience and knowledge was eventually published in a book called Never Compromise. This book teaches you negotiation techniques from the ground up and takes you to the stage of acting like a professional negotiator.

Never compromise the structure of the book

In the following, we review the table of contents of this book:

Chapter 1: New Rules
  • -The smartest dumb person in the room;
    -Old-style negotiation;
    -Heart versus mind;
    -The FBI becomes sensitive;
    -Life is a negotiation;
    -this book.

    Chapter 2: Be a Mirror
  • -September 30, 1993;
    -Definitive assumptions prevent seeing the truth, probable assumptions guide;
    -Calming a person with schizophrenia;
    -Do not hurry;
    -Mirroring (mirroring technique);
    -How to deal with and do your job without confrontation;
    -Key lessons.

    Chapter 3: Do not just feel the pain, but label it
  • -Tactical empathy;
    -Neutralize the negatives, reinforce the positives;
    -Pave the way before thinking about the destination;
    -Audit the charge;
    -Gaining a seat – in the upper flight class – on a flight where all seats are reserved;
    -Key lessons.

    Chapter 4: Beware of saying “yes”, become a master in saying “no”
  • -“No” is the beginning of negotiations;
    -Convince them in the world;
    -“No” is protection;
    -The magic of email: How to never be ignored;
    -Key lessons.

    Chapter 5: Create the conditions for the two words that transform the negotiations
  • -Create an intangible epiphany;
    -Have him say, “That’s right!” And then summarize;
    -“True” is great, but “you’s right” makes no difference;
    -Use “right” to sell;
    -Using “right” for career success;
    -Key lessons.

    Chapter 6: Manipulate Their Reality

    -Do not compromise;
    -Deadline: Unite time with yourself;
    -Such a thing is not fair;
    -Why is the word “fair” so powerful, when should it be used, and how;
    -How to discover the emotional stimuli underlying the other party’s values;
    -Manipulate their reality;
    -Anchoring their emotions;
    -Most of the time… let the other party start earlier;
    -Create a price range;
    -Change of position to non-monetary conditions;
    -Use individual numbers when talking about numbers;
    -Surprise with a gift;
    -How to negotiate for more wages;
    -Key lessons.

    Chapter 7: Create the illusion of control

    Do not try to negotiate in the middle of a conflict;
    There is always a team on the opposite side;
    Avoid opposition and confrontation;
    Suspend disbelief;
    Calibrate your questions;
    What makes you unable to get your money?
    Key lessons.

    Chapter 8: Ensure the implementation of the agreement
  • “Yes” has no value without “how”;
    Influence people behind the scenes;
    Identify liars, confront idiots and attract others;
    Law 7-38-55%;
    Rule three;
    Pinocchio effect;
    Notice what pronouns they use;
    Chris Discounts;
    What to do if the other party makes a proposal against himself;
    Key lessons.

    Chapter 9: Bargain
  • which one is you?
    the Pretender;
    Punch as an opponent;
    Reciprocating: Be aggressive without being abused;
    Real anger, threat without anger and strategic resentment;
    “Why” questions;
    No need: having a mindset that is ready to leave the deal;
    Ackerman Bargaining;
    Negotiating to reduce the rent after receiving the request to increase it;
    Key lessons.

    Chapter 10: Find the Strong Black

    Finding leverage in unpredictable predictable topics;
    Discover the unknown;
    Three types of levers;
    Normative lever;
    Know their religion;
    Principle of similarity;
    The power of hopes and dreams;
    Religion as reason;
    They are not crazy, they are clues;
    Mistake # 1: They have incomplete information;
    Mistake # 2: They are limited;
    Mistake # 3: They have other interests;
    Have a face-to-face meeting;
    Pay attention to the moments you are not aware of;
    When conditions do not seem logical, there is an opportunity to make a profit;
    Overcoming fear and learning to get what you want out of life;
    Key lessons.
    Attachment: Prepare a “one-page” negotiation schedule
    Part One: Purpose;
    Part 2: Summary;
    Part 3: Label / Charge Audit;
    Part 5: Calibrated Questions;
    About the author.

    Is this book for you?
  • The book “Never Compromise” is generally recommended for those who want to manage their relationship through dialogue. Studying it will also be useful for those who work in conversational professions. Of course, this book can also be very useful for students in the fields related to negotiation and dialogue.

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