The 10x rule


Title: 10 times rule

Author: Grant Cardon

Translator: Masoumeh Zamiri

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Success and failure

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi



The 10x rule : the only difference between success and failure
e. As the title of this book tells us, if we want to achieve great goals beyond our imagination, we must do our best 10 times more than other people who work in that field. In fact, in order to achieve the goals we have in mind, we must make our efforts as big as those goals.

10 times rule the immortal work of Grant Cardon, which offers a great way to achieve goals and success. When we read this book, we come to the conclusion that there are many people who love victory and success, but the problem is that only a few people are ready and able to realize their dreams and aspirations.
If you really want to achieve your goals and desires, you think you can afford it, read this article; Because in this article, an important rule for success is provided to you.

Meet Grant Cardon, author of The 10x rule
Grant Cardone owns several very successful multimillion-dollar businesses in the United States and now works as a motivational speaker, sales coach and marketing specialist. He has published several successful books so far and the law book is 10 times his third best-selling book. According to reliable sources, he currently has $ 800 million in assets and is known as one of the most successful marketers in the world.

Grant Cardon’s life was flooded with alcohol and drugs until he was 25 years old. He came to a point in his life where he realized that the reason for his dissatisfaction with life was that he was not pursuing any goal. It was here that he tried to change his life and today he reached a position he himself had never imagined.
Grant Cardon, a very successful author of Tenfold Law, believes that if one is to succeed, his three tips can be very helpful. The following are three recommendations:

Avoid anything that is not good for you and can harm you (alcohol and drugs). Change your friends and put aside the bad ones. Lastly, if you can not help yourself, be sure that you can not help anyone else.

Lessons from the law book 10 times
In recent years, bookstores and markets have been filled with books of success and motivation, and each of these books in its place can help us a lot, but the problem is that the law book is ten times clearer and clearer than the rest of the rules and methods of success and Expresses victory.

Grant Cardon, author of The Rule of Law 10 times, believes that if we are looking for success beyond our imagination and want to overtake our competitors in competition, we have to be 10 times more than the rest (average) Strive to achieve our goals and plans.
The 10 times rule means that you spend 10 times more time and energy to increase your results and achievements 10 times. If you have tried many strategies for success but none have worked, rest assured that the law will be 10 times more 100% effective and can fully address your concerns. In the continuation of this part of the article, important lessons from the book of 10 times law are mentioned:

Make your goals 10 times bigger
The first thing we see in this book is that our goals should be 10 times bigger than we think are realistic. When you use the law 10 times, you can be sure that you will achieve goals that are 10 times greater than your realistic goals.

If you want to succeed in your business, you have to work 10 times harder. For example, you are a sales manager and you want to sell a particular product. Your idea is that if you have 10 phone calls a day, I will succeed in selling this product. If you want to achieve real success and sales, you have to redouble your efforts 10 times and make 100 phone calls a day.

Grant Cardon believes that those who seek success should consider their aspirations and consider the more unattainable aspiration as their main goal.
This may sound a little silly, but know that if you set small, achievable dreams as your main goal, you will definitely get in trouble; Because you reach them easily, you feel empty when you reach them, and eventually you become frustrated and think that achieving your goals will cause you frustration. Grant Cardon says 10 times in the law book:

Suppose your dream is to become a writer. Your goal should be to write a novel, not a two-page short story.

The book of 10 times law has five basic principles
Those who want to apply the tenfold rule in their lives and businesses and make the most of it must follow five basic principles. The following are five basic principles:

Principle 1: There is no shortcut or shortcut to success
Know that if you want to succeed and win, you have to go through a difficult and tortuous path. Succeeding does not happen so easily. So you have to do your best and work hard to succeed.

Know that the amount of money in this world is unimaginable. As much as there is poverty and lack of money in this world, wealth can be achieved easily, but achieving wealth requires constant effort, effort and tireless effort. In the law book we read ten times:
Success is always created by people who have no limits on their creativity, ideas, genius, intelligence, originality, perseverance and consistency. Success is creative and unattainable. You are not something like diamonds or gold that you can get and find. The first principle of the 10 times rule is that you have to create success and there is no shortcut to achieve it.

Principle 2: You must take full responsibility for everything
In all books of success and personal growth, we read that we must take control of our lives and destiny, but no one says that if we want to control our lives and destiny, we must take full responsibility for everything in life and 100 Accept a percentage and take responsibility. How do those who consider themselves victims or surrenders to fate want to achieve success for themselves?

The inability of people to control their lives and destiny is not because they do not have a special ability in them. The problem is that in order to be successful, you have to work 10 times harder than usual, and this effort requires commitment and responsibility beyond what you can imagine and do great things.
Know that you will not achieve anything as long as you complain about the situation, time, time or anything and consider yourself a victim. The law book tries ten times to teach us an important point:

Success is not something that happens to you, it is something that you achieve with your efforts.

Principle 3: You have to do great things
When you want to succeed, you have to decide to do great things beyond what you can imagine. In fact, the prerequisite for success is to consider your goals beyond imagination and to achieve these goals, work much harder than imagined.

The tenfold law is nothing but this. When you prepare yourself to do great things, you can see opportunities. You never thought about it before, and when you did not have big thoughts in your head, you could never see such things.

The 10x rule

When you see that you have no problems in life, make sure that you do not have big thoughts in your head and do not take actions beyond imagination. Grant Cardon writes 10 times in The Law Book:
Doing great things requires a great mind. A mind that can fly beyond the ordinary and ordinary imagination and as a result, walk on them.

Principle 4: When you are scared, it means you have to move
Fear is one of the emotions that exists instinctively and unconsciously in the existence of living beings, including humans. For example, when a lion in the woods runs after a deer and tries to bring it to its clutches, the deer knows full well that it will be hunted and destroyed by standing up and not running away. So it is this instinctive feeling of fear that saves the deer’s soul.

There is this feeling about humans as well. When we want to do something big or set a big goal and we want to achieve this goal at any cost, our minds are definitely scared and may order us to run away, but we as someone who knows success is not that easy. We must not back down from accepting responsibility and striving 10 times, otherwise we must continue our daily life just like everyone else.

To implement the teachings in the Tenfold Law Book, you must go to sea and be able to manage your fears. You need to try to change your attitude towards fear.
Whenever you feel fear, know that you are going beyond what you are now. Grant Cardon makes ten times more beautiful sentences in The Law that probably happened to many of us:

Controlling the feeling of fear is not an easy task, but it is essential to creating success. Perhaps fear has prevented you from investing your money, calling an important customer, traveling to another city for a good job position, or taking a good relationship to a more serious level.
We all experience fear, but what changes your life completely is how you react to that fear. Fear is a great indicator that rich and successful people see as a signal to go beyond their current goals.

The 10x rule

Principle 5: Change your perspective on criticism
If you want to succeed and you are really thirsty for success in your life, you must read ten times more important and fundamental book besides the book of Law called Attitude That Is Everything. In this book, which is one of the good works of Jeff Claire, we learn how to change your attitude so that our lives will change and change. We suggest that you read the book Attitude, which means everything.

One of the issues we need to change our attitude towards is criticism. When we are on the path to success, many people may criticize our way of thinking, but this criticism is not a sign that our method is bad or wrong, but it indicates that we are moving in the right direction.
Take, for example, an entrepreneur who quits his steady, lucrative job in a prestigious position in a great position to succeed. He decides to start a new and lucrative business. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Someone who is like everyone else and makes no move towards success has no reason for people to criticize him and block his way. So you do not have to shut up and stop criticizing at all. The nature of great work is that it is critical. The more criticism you receive, the more attention you are getting to yourself.
One of the rules of the 10 times law book is that we can measure and evaluate our success based on the amount of criticism we receive. If you really want to succeed, you must not let anything stop you. The most important thing is to know success well and set your own goal. Once the goal is set, you will no longer be discouraged by the criticism of others.

The 10x rule

The best translation of the law book ten times
The effectiveness, efficiency and excellent content of the book of the law ten times has caused various publishers and translators to strive to bring this valuable and attractive book to market. According to many experts, the best translation of this book to date has been “Ten times the law; The only difference between success and failure is called “Translated by Mohammad Hossein Akbarzadeh” and published by Negah Novin Publications.

Apply the 10-fold rule; If you want to succeed
If you want to succeed in your life and business, you have to work 10 times harder than average and as a result you will achieve results ten times bigger. So if you want to succeed, you have to follow the law 10 times. Rest assured that Seth Godin’s book Tribes can help you along the way.

Reading a book by a man who was addicted in 2000 and from the lower classes of society, and in 2020, with more than eight hundred million dollars in wealth and more than two hundred million dollars in charity, is one of the best marketing consultants and authors in the world. . Their attitude and motivation in any society, especially for those people who consider only external conditions as the cause of their life results, can be very useful and inspiring.

The 10x rule

It is obvious that we humans rely more on external conditions and fate to justify our poor results; But God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an, verse thirty of Surah An-Najm, “There is no human being except we try; For man, it is nothing but his effort and effort, and he has repeatedly stated that the way to victory and happiness is patience in the face of hardships and difficulties.
Of course, no one denies the difficulty of patience, perseverance and effort, and in words, it seems easy; But the difference between successful and unsuccessful people can be summed up in these cases. Another nice point that is repeatedly emphasized in this book is careful planning. It is very important to express this beautiful point by “Grant Cardon” that to achieve beautiful events with the right time and place, planning and energy is the most necessary factor. The Commander of the Faithful (pbuh) says,

Elegance and precision in planning are better than facilities (Gharr al-Hakam); This subtlety is overlooked in many programs, and that is why people and organizations do not achieve their vision and goals. I recommend to this dear person this valuable book that can change the attitude of human beings in today’s society (as it was created in me) and I consider it necessary for the efforts of my dear and cultured friend, “Hossein Yaghchi”, who translated and edited the book of efforts. It took a lot, thank you.

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