I without Hat, I with a Hat


Title: I without hat,I with hat

Author: Gholam Hossein Saedi

Publisher: Look

Subject: Persian play

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 96

Language: Farsi

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The book I without Hat, I with a Hat (play) is one of the best living works of Gholam Hossein Saedi about death and life, awareness and ignorance, superstition and reality, drunkenness and consciousness, etc.

Introducing the book I with a hat (play)
This book tells the story of people in a neighborhood who are frightened by the horrific noises coming from an uninhabited house and argue about it and related events.

The i-hat, the i-hat, is actually made up of two scenes. The first screen depicts a man on the terrace of an abandoned house who, because of his familiarity with the morals and habits of the locals, tells them that thieves and looters have been lurking in the house. But at the end of this part of the play, when the old woman Fertoot leaves the house with a doll in her hand, people realize that they have been beheaded and deceived.

In the second scene of the play, thieves and looters invade the same abandoned house, but people indifferently cause the man to be looted on the terrace by thieves. In this scene, Saedi wants to make you understand that if the intellectuals are indifferent and lie to the people, the society will be destroyed.

From this famous book, a play starring Ezatullah Entezami and Ali Nasirian went on stage in 1346, which had a great impact on the people.

Learn more about Gholam Hossein Saedi:
Gholam Hossein Saedi was born in 1314 in the city of Tabriz. He had a doctorate in psychology, and most of the characters in his work were traumatized and psychotic. Saedi often publishes his plays and fiction under the pseudonym Gohar Morad.

His first collection of stories was published in 1329 under the title of Magnificent Night, and after that he created many outstanding works. Saedi said goodbye to Darfani in France in 1985 and was buried next to Sadegh Hedayat.

In a part of the book (play) we read:
New neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. The scene is an area created by the intersection of several alleys. The houses are all new and nice. To the right of the stage is an old, abandoned house with a rough door and brick walls. Most of the windows of this house are made of plank.

At the corner of this house, there is a long and ugly window that illuminates the stairs. Left side of the stage, two houses with two next to each other and several windows. The front house has a balcony and a large window directly on the steps of the abandoned house. Behind the scenes is another house with several windows and a large door.
It is midnight. Several bedside lamps can be seen from behind several windows.

Only, the light of the house with a balcony is on. The moon has come, a soft light covering everywhere. It opens in a house facing each other, first the old man’s head and then the girl’s head are found through the door, both of them are terrified. It is clear that they have just woken up.

The old man is wearing a “Lord of the Rings”. They stare at the abandoned house for a moment in fear, listen, look out the window, and both hesitate.

Index of the book
Characters of the play

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