Tales of a Thousand and One Nights


Title: Tales of a Thousand and One Nights

Translator: Abdul Latif Tassoji Tabrizi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Arabic stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 1136

Language: Farsi

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The anecdotes of One Thousand and One Nights begin with the story of A. Leila and Leila, who is quoted in the kingdom as a prince and narrated by Shahrzad, the daughter of a minister. Most of its stories take place in Iran and Baghdad.

Introducing the anecdotes of One Thousand and One Nights by Abdul Latif Tassochi:
This work is a collection of Indian, Iranian and Arabic works that have been published in several languages. The hero of these stories in this book is a woman with tact and vigilance. One Thousand and One Nights is actually of Iranian origin, the main story is actually Shahrzad’s own story. And in this story, Shahrzad is aware of the king’s hatred of women, but he marries the king and tells a story to the king every night. Shahrzad’s collection of narrations cures the king.

One Thousand and One Nights has three versions, the Indian version of which is before the Achaemenid period and in Sanskrit.

2: The Iranian version, which is a translation of the Sanskrit version into ancient Persian.
3: Arabic version: which was translated from Pahlavi to Arabic during the time of Harun Al-Rasheed, and it can be said that a number of new stories have been added to them in the translations.
Abdul Latif Tassochi was one of the scholars of the reign of Fath Ali Shah, Mohammad Shah and the early Nasserite era. In this book, he gave great importance to women. He translated this book in 1259. This book had many contents, including: humor, moral teachings, good or bad, customs and traditions of different nations, social problems, travel. And tourism and… ..

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