Still me


Title: Still Again

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Sanaz Behboodi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: American stories – 20th century

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 423

Language: Farsi



Still me,  a romance novel by Jojo Moyes, first published in 2018.

This book is the third title in the “Still me” trilogy.

Louisa Clark arrives in New York to start a new life and is confident that in addition to enjoying this new adventure, she can keep her relationship with Sam alive a few thousand miles away.
He enters the world of millionaires and works for Leonard Gapnik and his much younger second wife, Agnes. Lou is determined to make the most of this experience and completely immerses himself in his new work and life in New York.

After a while, he meets Joshua Ryan; A man with a whisper from Lou’s past.

Lou’s life soon takes a new direction and he is forced to ask himself: Who is Louisa Clark? And how can one find the courage to follow one’s heart?

About the book Still me
Louisa is a girl who, after the ups and downs we saw in the previous two volumes, her personality gradually changes, the frameworks in which she was always trapped and thought that life is just that, she breaks and to start life New comes to New York City.

He starts working at the home of Leonard Gopnik and his young wife Agnes. Wealthy families who are changing his world more and more;

But the culmination of the story is the strange truth that Louisa sees under the skin of a city full of contradictions, miles away from her home.

In the meantime, she meets a young man and reminisces about the past, while he is keenly on a long-distance relationship. Life still gives him, like everyone else, an amazing gift.

If you are a reader, you must have heard or read the name of the book “I am before you”.
“Me Again” is the latest work by the successful English author Jojo Moyes, in which he continues the adventures of “Louisa Clark” after the events that took place in the books “I Before You” and “After You”.
Now Louisa Clark has arrived in New York to start a new life.

Starting with the home of Leonard Gopnik and his young wife Gens, he steps into the rich world of New York. A world that is new to him and brings him new life and experiences, and miles away from “Sam”, he meets a person named “Josh” during his travels with the families of New York nobles.

“Josh” is someone who has all the memories of his failed love, “Will”, and … reading this book is recommended to all fans of Jojo Moyes’ works.
Once upon a time, a little girl lived in this world. He was very happy, or at least he told himself that he was very happy.

She was like many other girls, she liked to try to look different, like someone who was not herself;

But like many other girls, life changed her course and instead of doing something to create a world of her own, she got used to hiding herself, getting used to hiding the part of her soul and being that made her different, unique and unique. Slowly Fought the world for a while;

But the world beat him so badly that he concluded that if it were not for him, the world would be a safer place to live.
Each of us has many ways to make a copy of ourselves.
At one time my life was limited to taking very simple steps, what I thought fate had destined for me; But I learned from a man who had not accepted his destiny that we could accept what was destined for us.

Then I met an old lady who, contrary to what everyone believed she should be, was able to make a new self and decide her own destiny as she wished.

I could have chosen Louisa Clark of New York or Louisa Clark of Stortfold, or there may have been Louisa Clark I have not met yet.

The important thing is to know that you should make someone with you who wants to be with you, not install you like a beautiful butterfly on the wall of his room.

The important thing is to know that you can always find some way to rebuild yourself.

The book Again Me, the latest work by Jojo Moyes, a successful British author, was published in June 2018. Again, I’ll continue Louise Clark’s adventures after what happened in the books I Am Before You and After You.
Louisa arrives in New York to start a new life. He enters the world of the rich by starting his own business at the home of Leonard Gopnik and his young wife Agnes.

A world that brings him new life and experiences, and miles away from “Sam”, he meets a person named “Josh” during his travels with the families of New York nobles. “Josh” is the person to whom all the past memories of his failed love evoke “Will” and …

Jojo Moyes has been a journalist for many years. But since 2002, with the publication of his first novel, Sheltering from the Rain; Writing became his permanent occupation, and he only occasionally wrote articles for the Daily Telegraph. One of the well-known works of Moyes is my book before you.

Excerpt from Still Me
“I love you.” Moments I do not like to ruin our relationship. But that’s all I have to say to tell you how I react to someone who expresses interest. But how do you behave? “It seems you do not want to understand the essence of the matter.”

“Not. You called me at this time of night to tell me that if I read the book my colleague gave me, I had done something wrong and I was betraying you. “But if you go as a guest and go out late with your friends, it is a good thing and you are loyal to me.”

“Sam, I was not feeling well. I thought you were betraying me.”
“You are not well because you are still involved in the love that is not in this world. Now New York because he wanted you to be there. “I do not understand why you are so jealous of Katya, now you do not have any problems that I spend a lot of time with Dona.

Love stories are enjoyable for a wide range of readers.

Stories full of sadness, laughter, joy, sacrifice and loyalty, and incidentally unfaithfulness, all of which have one thing in common, and that is the adventurous and full of ups and downs to the friend. Usually it’s about “you can not love others unless you love yourself.”

Jojo Moyes, the creator of the best-selling romantic novels in the book I Still Has a Love Story but a different one for his audience, which is not just about love, the story goes beyond love and, like the previous two volumes, changes you to align with the flow of life. It invites and welcomes any new experience, and always emphasizes that you only live once, so live this once!

About the Author of the Book Again Me: Jojo Moyes; A prolific and popular writer

Romantic novelist Jojo Moyes was born in 1969 in the United Kingdom.

Moyes began writing almost as a writer after experimenting with a variety of careers, and his stories may have been inspired by his own adventurous spirit. It goes without saying that he studied journalism at the University of London and was a journalist for about 12 years.

2002 is an important year in his career as Moyes began writing novels in earnest this year with the publication of Rain Shelter. He has published more than a dozen romance novels and has often been on the bestseller list.
Jojo Moyes novels have been translated into many languages ​​around the world and are popular among lovers of modern romance.

The novel that made Moyes the most famous and successful in the world was the romance novel “I am before you” which was published in 2012, this novel quickly topped the New York Times bestsellers and formed an enthusiastic wave among young people to read. Other works became raisins.

After 2012 and the good sales of “I Am Before You”, the market for raisin books became hot, and since then he has published a new story almost every year.
The book “One Plus One” is the twelfth novel of Moyes, which was published in 2014, and with its good reception and sales, it became one of the happy works of Moyes. This book has the same style and story of his previous love and sad stories, but with the difference that this time most of the story takes place on a road trip.
“Rain Shelter”, “I Before You”, “After You”, “Foreign Fruit”, “Dancing Horse”, “The Girl You Left Behind”, “One Plus One” and “Night Music” by Jojo Moyes are.

“The Last Letter of the Beloved”, “Honeymoon in Paris”, “Silver Bay”, “Young Russian Ship”, “Honeymoon in Paris” and “Leave in the Wind” are among other translated works by Jojo Moyes in Iran that have been welcomed. They have also faced good.

Two awards for a writer

Jojo Moyes is one of the few writers to have twice won the Best Romantic Novelist of the Year award. He first won the award in 2004 for Foreign Fruit and in 2011 for The Last Beloved Letter. In addition, Moyes had previously been nominated for a UK Galaxy Book Award for “I Am Before You.”

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