The question book


Title: Question Book; What is your answer?

Author: Michael Krugros

Translator: Sara Sadat Alavi

Publisher: Yoshita

Subject: Self-knowledge / personality questionnaires

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi

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Introduction to The question book : what makes you tick
Question book; What is your answer? It is a work by Michael Krugros and Roman Shapler, translated by Sarah Sadat Alavi. This work will help you in a creative way to find your true self and take a step towards positive personality changes.

About the book Question
This book is full of questions. But questions that seem to have easy answers are going to change your life.

In fact, by answering the questions posed in this book in various contexts, you will find out where you are currently standing in your life and where you would like to go. The questions in this book are raised in various fields such as religious mirrors, relationships, jobs, mind and body, home and life, wealth, principles and values, beliefs, etc., and help you gain a holistic view of the issues around you.

Who do we recommend the question book to?
We recommend the question book to all those who like to walk in the path of progress every day.

Part of the question book
Last year

Think about the last twelve months of your life and answer the following questions:

Best book you read:

The best song you listened to:

A good movie you saw in the last twelve months:

The best clothes you bought last year:

The best relationship you had:

The most important person in your life:

The most annoying person in your life:

The person you apologized to:

Someone you just met:

Someone you have lost or left:

Someone you ignored:

Someone who ignored you:

An unfortunate argument:

Which of your friends have you seen the most over the past year?

Who inspired you?

Who inspired you?

Something that changed your life:

The best gift you received:

Expensive purchases you made:

The best vacation you spent:

Sense of progress (in the field of work):

Your biggest frustration and disappointment:

Has your income increased or decreased compared to the last twelve months?

Increase □ decrease □ constant □

The program you implemented:

How many times have you been sick in the last year?

The most important question of the year:

One thing you learned:

Book Introduction The question book : what makes you tick Book
The Book of Questions by Michael Krugros and Roman Shapler raises all the questions you would like to ask others but have never asked yourself.

About the Book of Questions
The Book of Questions confronts you with a series of fundamental questions that you may not have thought difficult to answer before, simple but difficult questions. The book of questions makes you think and makes you know yourself and others better.

This book contains informative and controversial questions about topics that everyone can relate to in their lives, from work issues to personal issues. A question like who is the most important person in your life? Do you consider yourself a successful person? How do your friends describe you or what is the best decision you have ever made?

You can use the question book as a diary for your spouse, co-worker or friend. Just know that none of the books have the right answer. They only have honest answers.

Who do we recommend reading the book of questions?
Reading this book is fascinating for everyone and makes us think a little about our lives and circumstances.

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