Scattered letters


Title: Scattered Letters

Author: Hassan Karimpour

Publisher: Scientific

Subject: Persian short story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 500 pages

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Scattered letters is the work of Hassan Karimpour.

Hassan Karimpour was born in 1322 in one of the settlements near Shiraz called Saadat Abad, which has now been renamed Pasargad city to the center of Saadat Shahr. He lost his father in infancy. He finished the sixth grade in the same village and after many ups and downs, he migrated to Tehran and combined work and study and continued his studies in mathematics and surveying engineering. From the beginning, he had a great interest in writing, which has an audible story of its own.

The result of what he has written so far is:

Helpless Love
Marshall Garden
A dream in a commotion
A role on another image
Garden of Dreams
Hidden feeling
Religion of the lost
No way in the sun
Beyond the reeds
Ointment on old wounds
An excuse to stay
House facing
Grandmother’s house temptations
Dream of love
From one country to another
And these scattered letters that are in the social hearts of a woman to her ex-husband, a young man from the corner of prison, and a father to her grandson, plus a story related to a foreign letter in her home.

In addition, from resentment to love and Boyer’s daughter are also being published and the leaders of history are being researched and written.

Some of the scattered bibliographies:
We said what we had to say to each other. Leila, as always, looked at her watch and whispered, “I mean, I will come to your house one day as a stranger, Jamshid.”

He should have returned to their unit as soon as possible. Meanwhile, when I told him that I had come this morning before leaving, the second floor behind their room might come out, he blamed himself for not thinking. Anyway, we ordered each other to sit in the restaurant at night so that we would not be on top of each other, he believed that we should keep the respect of the elders.

It was more difficult for us to separate and say goodbye to each other than the previous days and nights, we left everything to God. Wow wow !! I had heard this verse from this and that many times, but I did not care:

The power of love to look at an arrow
Sweet souls sell two aliens to each other
This poem had found meaning for me that morning. Leila and I were really strangers, we didn’t even go home, but as the saying goes, our lives were falling apart. We climbed the stairs together, it was surprising that after the two families met, we had some courage. At the same time, we distanced ourselves from each other so that one of his relatives would not see us together by chance. He went to the second floor and I went to the third floor.

We were both seventeen or eighteen years old like Joanna, and we shook hands as much as we could see each other. Unaware that a young couple is watching us, but Leila and I did not come to ourselves, as if we had just passed high school. Finally, we returned to our unit against our will.

Scattered Bibliography Chapters:
A woman’s letter to her ex-husband
A prisoner’s letter to his sister
A letter from a young man across the water to his friend
Grandfather’s letter to his grandson who will be born in a few months
A stranger in your own home

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