Preference for hunger


Title: Preference for hunger

Author: Zh. Loclcio

Translator: Mahasti Bahraini

Publisher: Niloofar

Subject: French story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 223 p

Language: Farsi

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Hunger is preferred by Jean-Marie Gustave Lucelio

“I’m hungry, Ann, Ann

Run away riding a mare

If I have the desire, it is not

Except for soil and except for rock

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! come

Now the weather is getting better

Stone, coal and iron

In the meadow of sounds!

Pull yourself a nice poison

Desert Ivy »

The story of the preference for hunger begins with this poem. This poem, in fact, expresses the path and plot of the story. The poem you read was by Arthur Rambo and is called The Feast of Hunger. ‌

About the book The Preference of Hunger by Jean-Marie Gustave Lucelio
Mahsti Bahraini, the book’s translator, writes about the book: “The story begins with a poem by Arthur Rambo’s ‘Celebration of Hunger’ and ends with the memory of the first performance of Raul by French composer Ravel.”

Throughout the book, the rhythm of hunger, as well as anger, resonates and is repeated as a preference. The story goes back to the years between the two world wars and, as the author himself says, he wrote the book in memory of his mother and inspired by the events of her life.

However, again, according to him, in order for his book not to be considered as a biography book, he has mixed imagination and reality and has delayed the story ten years so that he can change the atmosphere of the story, the characters and their relationships with each other.

These changes include the characters’ letters, which do not match their original names, and the fact that the protagonist’s father, who is supposed to be the author’s grandfather in the real world, is Jewish. “Also, the structure of the story, which while being realistic has the characteristics of postmodernist stories such as uncertainty and to some extent incoherence, makes it impossible for us to include it in the number of biographies.”

Summary of the hunger preference story
The story of the book is about a girl named Ethel during World War II. He spends his childhood in affluent families but has a troubled childhood. His father wastes all their property and takes a mistress, which causes a constant quarrel between his parents. As a result, he spends his youth in war and hunger. ‌‌

In a part of the book, we read about the preference of hunger
I know hunger. I felt it. As a child, at the end of the war, I was one of those people who ran alongside trucks on the road, reaching out to catch chewing gum, chocolate, or a packet of bread thrown by American soldiers. As a child, I was so thirsty for fat that I drank canned sardine oil and licked with pleasure the spoonful of fish oil that my grandmother gave me to boost; And I needed to eat so much salt that I filled my fists with the crystalline gray salt that had been poured into wide-open glass in the kitchen.

As a kid, I used to taste white bread for the first time, not the bread crumbs – the bread, which was a mixture of rotten flour and flour and turned more gray than brown. It was a rectangle, a mold of hard wheat flour, a light, fragrant bread with a dough in the middle of it, as white as the paper on which I write.
And now, as I write, my mouth dries up, as if time has not passed, and I still have a direct connection to the early years of my childhood. I swallowed that piece of steamed crispy bread in my mouth and had not swallowed it yet, I wanted another piece, and another piece, and if my grandmother had not put the bread on the shelf and locked the door, I could have done it all at once, even at the cost of getting sick. To. Maybe nothing like this bread has satisfied me. Since then, nothing has been able to quench my hunger so much, to satisfy me so much. ‌

About Jean-Marie Gustave Lucelio, author of The Hunger Preference
Jean-Marie Gustave Lucelio, a contemporary French writer, was born on April 13, 1940. The author published his first novel, Interrogation, in 1963 and received prestigious awards. He has written about 40 books so far; Of course, these forty books are not all novels, and some of them are short stories and essays. JMG Locolzio won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2008 and gained worldwide fame.

What is remarkable about this author is his family roots. After emigrating to France, Lucelzio’s grandparents settled in Paris, where the Burtons of Mauritius used to gather, and they are the same small group of Mauritius living in Paris that is described in the book Preference for Hunger.

Translation of the book Preferring Hunger to Persian
Niloufar Publications has published a book on the preference of hunger translated by Mahsti Bahraini and made available to those who are interested. Mahasti Bahraini is an Iranian poet and translator born in 1317 in Amol. He holds a PhD in Persian language and literature from the University of Tehran. This translator traveled to France in 1350 and during his trip to France he learned French and is now one of the most famous French translators. Most of Mahsti Bahraini books have been published by Niloufar Publications.

Niloufar Publishing is one of the oldest and most prolific contemporary publishers. These publications have had an undeniable contribution in introducing domestic and foreign writers to Iranian readers. This renowned publisher has been working with the best authors and translators for many years, and the name of this publication is a credit to the translation and writing of the book. With the commitment to its core values, these publications have always kept the quality of their books high and desirable.

Who is this book suitable for?
This book with its fascinating and readable narration is suitable for those who are interested in reading compelling stories. This book is a good choice for those who want to be one of the authors who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature; Read books. This book can be a good gift for students of literature, especially French literature, who, by reading this book, show with a double arrow that they have both read a first-rate book and become acquainted with the author Jean-Marie Gustave Lucelzio. The Preference for Hunger is in the category of French fiction books.

The Hunger Preference Book is suitable for the adult age group. The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 223 pages, which with 20 minutes of daily study, you can read this book in 11 days. The Preference for Hunger is one of the longest-running books on French fiction. This book is a good choice for people who have more time to read and want to spend more time reading French stories.

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