Think and grow rich


Title: Think and Get Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

Translator: Faezeh Bateni

Publisher: Rivas

Subject: Money, wealth, thought

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 184 p

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Think and grow rich : the landmark bestseller–now revised and updated for the 21st century by Napoleon Hill
Think and Get Rich is a wonderful and influential book that has never been written before.

This book is the result of Napoleon Hill’s years of effort. For 20 years, he has conducted interviews and interviews with 500 rich and successful people of his time, and the result of this book is think and become rich.

This book was suggested by Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest people in the history of the world.

The book consists of fifteen chapters which are as follows:

The idea is wealth

Passion is the starting point of all success

the faith

Self-indoctrination is the way to penetrate the subconscious mind

Professional knowledge

Imagination, the workshop of the mind

Organized planning

Decision making, overcoming doubts and hesitations


Collaborative power

Alchemy of sexual feelings

The subconscious mind

Brain, receiver station and transmitter of Android

Sixth sense, the castle of wisdom

Six Ghosts of Fear

Think about books and get rich
It is safe to say that of all the books in the field of success and motivation, Think and Get Rich has a special place. This book is the result of interviews and conversations with successful people. People who have traveled the path and achieved success. That means you are dealing with a book that states the truth, not just a series of theories to achieve success and purpose.

This book is a masterpiece and every time you read it, you are confronted with new topics as if you have not read it before. In fact, with any mindset you read the book will give you exactly the result you want. If you are looking for wealth and read it with this mindset, it will tell you the ways to achieve wealth. If you are looking for a good relationship, give it a try. It can be said that the book responds to your mind.

Excerpts from the book
Whoever seeks victory must burn the ships and the steps behind him in the fire and close the retreat routes. This is how the mind can be placed in a state of burning desire for victory, and this is a necessary condition for success. Desire does not only lead to wealth, but the pursuit of wealth, with an obsessive mentality and then careful planning and preparation of ways to achieve the goal, and along with all this, perseverance in the face of hardships and problems becomes the cause of wealth.

When planning to get rich, do not let anyone ruin your dream. If what you want to do is right and you believe in it, do not hesitate, take a step forward and make your dream come true. Never pay attention to what this or that says. Do not overlook the fact that you may fail temporarily because others may not know that every failure brings with it seeds of success and victory.

The burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must begin. Dreams do not come from indifference, laziness, or lack of inspiration and desire. We get as much as we want and expect in life. Expecting too much or too little does not make much difference.

Faith is the most important element of the mind, when it is mixed with thought, the subconscious mind immediately perceives its vibration and turns it into infinite frost. Faith is a state of mind that can be created with the help of affirmation or repetitive training for the subconscious mind and with the help of the principle of indoctrination.

It is a well-known truth that a person believes whatever he instills in himself, whether it is false or true. The plan or goal is planted in the mind by repeating the thought, write sentences about your main goal. Identify your main goal and memorize it. Tell it the details word for word and day by day so that the vibration of the sound reaches your subconscious mind. Decide to keep unpleasant environmental factors and conditions out of your mind, order your favorite life for yourself. You may find that your biggest weakness is a lack of self-confidence. To overcome this shortcoming, the principle of indoctrination should be used. All you have to do is write a positive thought on a piece of paper and read it over and over until it becomes part of your mindset.

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