Title: Collective Mind

Author: Nir Ayal

Translator: Elham Qudusi Jafari

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Distraction (Psychology) / Accuracy

Another title: Collected Minds; How to control your life

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 216

Language: Farsi

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The book “Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life” with the main title “indistractable: how to control your attention and choose your life” was first published in 2019. Nir Eyal wrote the book with the help of Julie Lee.

Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
“Success and happiness belong to those who can concentrate. “Nayyar’s mission is to distract you, and his extraordinary book is full of workable ideas.” These are the words of Adam Grant, author and professor at the famous American University, about the book Mindfulness. Nir Eyal, the author of the best-selling book “Hook”, is still writing, and this time they are talking about success.

‌About the book Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life work of Nir Ayal
We all face a crisis of distraction and lack of concentration. There are always things that are never done, plans that get in the way, and appointments that are forgotten.

but why? Why are we humans so distracted and even rebellious against our own plans? In the book “The Mind of the Senses”, Nayral shows how the course of your life will go if you gather your attention. In this book, he has defined exercises with the help of which you can make a pact with your brain how to always stay on the right path. This book is a guide to making decisions and sticking to them.

Nir Ayal has written the book of the mind of the collective senses in seven different sections and thirty-five chapters, and in each chapter you will learn a new point for organizing things. The book “Mindfulness Mind” helps you to be empowered and optimistic and decide for your time yourself. Along with this book, Nirial has prepared a series of supplementary resources that you should have before reading the book.
These resources include a workbook, a schedule schedule, a collective distraction card, and a distraction tracking table. You can read the summary of the book of the mind of the collective senses in the important points section of each chapter of this book, and you have the brain of Nayal’s words.

The book “Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life” has been translated into many different languages ​​and has been welcomed by many people around the world.

About the power of the author of the book Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
Nir Eyal is an American writer, speaker, educator, and investor born in Hadra. His family immigrated to Florida when he was only three years old, and he grew up in that state. Nairial received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University and graduated in 2001. After graduating, Ial worked for the Boston Advisory Group for a time and then moved to Stanford to pursue a Master of Business Administration.

In 2008, after graduating with a master’s degree, Nirial and a number of his classmates started an advertising company working on the Facebook platform. This experience made him interested in the behaviors of social media users and he tried to learn more about it.
He is currently doing behavioral engineering. This means that he advises software designers so that they can produce products that create user-friendly behaviors.

He has given numerous lectures on the subject and written extensively on the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The book “Hook” is the most famous work of this author, which was published in 2014. In this book, Nirial introduces one of the most successful business models that tells business owners how to build loyalty in their customers.

Translation of the book of Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life into Persian
The book The Mind of the Senses is one of the most successful books in the field of success around the world. This book has been very popular in Iran as well as in other parts of the world and has been translated into Persian many times.

The first translation of this book, which has been published under the title “Collected Minds”, belongs to Sahar Emami, which has been offered by Milkan Publications in the Iranian book market.
Other translations published from this book include Adeleh Mirzaei’s translation entitled “Indestructible: A Superpower Called Concentration” and Gholam Hossein Ali Mazandarani’s translation entitled “Gather Your Attention”. “The Mind of the Senses: How to Control Your Life” is the title of a translation of this book by Fatemeh Ali Portangsiri, published by a learned publication.

Why read the book Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life?
The Mind of the Senses is an important book. This book talks about three different and important areas of life: yourself, relationships and work. This book provides many solutions for mind control, concentration, proper planning and in a word, being on the path to the goal, and by reading this book, you will have a lot of solutions that if you decide to implement them, many changes. You will see. The book The Mind of the Senses is a practical solution to a better life.

‌ In a part of the book, we read the Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
Jonathan Franzen, who was named “the great American novelist” by Time magazine, is as distracted as you and me. Of course, the difference between Franzen and most people is that he takes serious steps to keep himself focused. Time Magazine in 2010 writes:

It uses a heavy heart and scrap laptop and has completely erased the default games on the operating system. Because Franzen believes that you can not write important stories on a computer that is connected to the Internet, not only did he discard his laptop’s wireless network card, but he also closed the network cable outlet forever. “You have to glue the network cable in place and then cut the wire,” he says.

Franzen’s method may seem extreme, but every situation requires its own appropriate actions, and of course Franzen is not the only one who uses this method. The famous director Quentin Tarantino, who never uses a computer to write his screenplays, prefers to write in a notebook. Pulitzer Prize-winning author and author Jompa Lahiri automatically writes his books on paper and then types them on an Internet-based computer.
These creative professionals know that focus requires not only keeping distractions but also the presence of their own minds. Once we have learned to control our inner stimuli, make time for the collective senses, and control the external stimuli, the last step in concentrating is to not let our feet slip into the distraction. To do this, we must learn a powerful method called “pre-commitment,” which means eliminating the option of overcoming lust in the future.

In fact, pre-commitment is an old approach, and researchers are still studying the cause of its high effectiveness. Perhaps the most mythical pre-commitment of history in the ancient story of the Odyssey.

Distractions are like rebellious horses that take our lives with them wherever they want. But do these distractions come from within us or from our surroundings? How can we prioritize our time for different tasks and focus more? The tips in this book will help you to restrain and tame these rebellious horses.

Table of Contents:
In praise of the book “Mind of Consciousness” 6
Introduction: From “hook” to “collective mind” 13
Chapter 1: What Is Your Extraordinary Force? ۱۶
Chapter 2: Consciousness 22
Part One: Restrain Internal Stimuli 29
Chapter 3: What Really Motivates Us? 30
Chapter 4: Time Management is Suffering Management 38
Chapter 5: Dealing with distraction from within 44
Chapter 6: A Different Look at Internal Stimuli 48
Chapter 7: A Different Look at Task 52
Chapter 8: A Different Look at the People 56
Part 2: Make time for the collective senses 63
Chapter 9: Turn Your Values ​​Into Time 64
Chapter 10: Control Inputs, Not Outputs 72
Chapter 11: Have a Schedule for Important Relationships 76
Chapter 12: Be Coordinated with Your Business Partner 83
Part 3: Hold the reins of external stimuli 90
Chapter 13: Ask That Vital Question 91
Chapter 14: Get Rid of Occupational Harassment
Chapter 15: Grasp the Email 104
Chapter 16: Take Control of Group Dialogues 113
Chapter 17: Hold the Harness of Meetings 117
Chapter 18: Hold the reins of your smartphone121
Chapter 19: Hold the Control Panel of Your Computer Home 129
Chapter 20: Take the Harness of Online Articles134
Chapter 21: Get Rid of News Feeds 140
Section 4: Stop Distractions With Agreements 145
Chapter 22: The Force of Commitment 146
Chapter 23: Stop Distractions With Agreements That Require Effort 150
Chapter 24: Avoid distractions by making financially rewarding agreements155
Chapter 25: Prevent Distraction with Identity Agreements 161
Section 5: How to Mind Your Workplace 169
Chapter 26: Distraction is one of the signs of inefficiency 170
Chapter 27: Elimination of distraction is a test for organizational culture 176
Chapter 28: Workplace Consciousness 183
Part 6: How to Raise Children of the Mind (and Why We All Need Spiritual Food) 189
Chapter 29: Avoid Righteous Excuses 190
Chapter 30: Understanding the Inner Stimuli of Children 197
Chapter 31: Spend time together for collective attention 206
Chapter 32: Helping Children Deal With External Stimuli 213
Chapter 33: Teach Them to Make Their Own Agreements 218
Section 7: How to have sensory relationships? 222
Chapter 34: Spread the social antidote among your friends 223
Chapter 35: Be the Beloved of the Mind 229
Highlights of each chapter 235
Guide to the discussion in the fan club of the book “Mind of Consciousness” 272
Introducing the book of the mind of the gathered senses
The mind book of the senses is a collection of writings written by Nayyar and translated by Fatemeh Farahani. This book is a summary of the book The Mind of the Senses, which has been published as a summary.

About the mind book
The book The Mindfulness Mind is written for the distracted and those who want to focus. Most people, especially those who work in crowded environments, have difficulty concentrating.

Some of these distractions are personal and some are related to digital technologies. This book is a practical guide and helps you to use technology and the virtual world in a principled way to stay focused and make the most of these technologies.

Who do we recommend reading the book of Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life?
We recommend this book to all those who are interested in a calm and happy life.

About Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal is a 41-year-old top writer, educator and entrepreneur. He writes about psychology, technology and business sharing on his site. He also has special expertise in advising and teaching others. His writings and books are among the most popular and many readers follow him every day and he has written two books to date.

Part of the book Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
One day I was playing with my daughter. The game was designed to improve father-daughter relationships. In this game, we must first name each other’s favorite things. Then we had to build a paper airplane, and the third part was asking a question that we both had to answer. The question was, “If you could have a superior force, what would you like it to be?”

My daughter asked me this question. At that moment, I did not understand what my daughter was saying at all because I was distracted by my mobile phone and I said to her, “Baby, let me check this.” I was so engrossed in the phone that when I raised my head my daughter was gone and I was left alone in the room. Of course, if this happened once, there would be no problem. I must admit that I have witnessed such a scene many times.

I told myself that it was time for a change and I had to control myself not to go to my email, Instagram or my smartphone every minute. At first I bought a non-smart clamshell, but it put a lot of pressure on me. I had a map app on my smartphone that could make it easier for me to find directions. I also missed listening to audiobooks and following important news.
I bought a print subscription to several newspapers to avoid online news. But after a while, a lot of unread newspapers piled up and I was constantly watching TV. Despite the removal of technology, I found that I was still distracted. With the removal of online technology, I looked for other distraction factors and found that my condition had not changed.

In this micro-book, we address the issue that in order to have a collective mind, we should not exclude technology from our lives in general, we should understand that we should not do anything against our own interests and distract ourselves.

Introducing the book of Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
Collective Mind is a powerful book written by someone who has both completed academic research and tested his knowledge with his theories, observations, and advice in his personal life.

If you are interested in acquiring, strengthening, or directing the ability to concentrate, if you want to live up to your promise and have a focused mind, the book of mindfulness is well worth reading.

The State Book is concise but useful. He sets out practical tactics at the end of each chapter. The list of tactics is presented to readers at the end of each chapter of the book and covers a wide range of topics.
The techniques presented are divided according to specific situations, technologies, and proposals.

Eyal goes beyond the usual discussions about electronic devices or the inconvenience of receiving too many emails, and enters the fields of human relations, child rearing, and the establishment of lasting family and friendship relationships.

He wants to look at the underlying psychology of distraction (and collective distraction) so that these principles can be applied throughout one’s life.

In fact, the book Minds the Senses means trying to do what you want to do. For years we have been conditioned to receive immediate pleasure. The antidote to this is foresight and planning.

Using the techniques in this book, you will learn how to control your senses and choose your life from now on. And follow your plans.

Five ideas presented in the book Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
The mind is focused on learning how to control your dissatisfaction and lead it to make things better.
To master internal stimuli, learn how to cope with discomfort. Observe the stimuli اجازه and allow them to resolve. And reconsider your dissatisfaction or duty.
Take time to create a focused mind. Turn your values ​​into time. Make time for yourself and your important relationships and keep your calendar in sync with those around you.
Defend your focus against external stimuli. Send less email. Sign in and out of group chats at set times, and turn off your PC and mobile notifications.
Avoid distractions by making a pact with yourself. Plan when you want to be distracted. Make unwanted behaviors more difficult and make your mind “focused”.
Book Summary of Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life
A good life requires not only doing the right things but also not doing the things we know we will regret. According to Eyal, the book The Mind of the Senses is actually about understanding the real reasons why we do things against our interests.

All motivations are, in fact, a desire to escape unhappiness. If a behavior has already been effective in creating calm, we will probably still use it as a means of escaping unhappiness.

However, you can not call anything “distracting” unless you know what has distracted you. Instead of blaming direct causes, the book seeks to find the root causes of distraction.
Humans have evolved to feel dissatisfied easily to ensure their survival. Because without dissatisfaction, we will not seek further benefits or progress.

The four psychological factors that cause dissatisfaction are:
Fatigue and boredom
Negative bias
Mental rumination and
Pleasant compatibility.
Mindfulness does not mean escaping discomfort through distraction. Rather, it is about learning to manage dissatisfaction to make things better.

By learning and adopting the four main strategies introduced in this book, we can have a collective mind. We will examine these strategies below.

1. Master the internal stimuli
Stimuli can lead to collective distraction (moving towards goals) or distraction (moving away from goals). You need to make sure that your internal stimuli guide you forward and do not push you back.

By thinking differently about your stimulus, your job, and your mood, you can manage your inner distractions. In addition, you can disarm an unpleasant internal stimulus by reviewing it.

For example, if you want to clean your house, instead of running away from it or setting yourself a reward for doing it. Look at this activity in a different way to discover new challenges that you have not seen before (for example, try to do it in the shortest time).
In order to be able to review your mood, the state recommends:

Avoid believing that your willpower is limited.
Label yourself as someone who has self-control.
Practice being kind to yourself.
. Take time to concentrate

Collective senses are good, which is what most people are looking for. The collective senses lead you to what you want in life.

The best way to create more collective senses is to plan your day as a time box or time frame for work, relationships and yourself.

Have a calendar that reflects your values ​​and make sure you set a weekly time to review and improve what you do.

The state recommends that you review your schedule regularly, but commit to it when it is set up.

When setting a schedule for yourself, coordinate your schedule with those around you to make sure they do not distract you with extra work.

3. Take the reins of external stimuli

To be mindful, you must eliminate all external stimuli that try to gain unauthorized access to your time and resources.

The key to doing this is simple. Each time you are exposed to any external stimuli, pause and ask yourself, “Does this stimulus serve me or am I serving it?”

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