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Title: Personality Psychology

Author: Seyedeh Zahra Yathribi

Publisher: Kalachai, Tosaku

Subject: Personality – Aspects of Psychology

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 160

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of personality psychology by Seyedeh Zahra Yathribi
While there is no consensus definition of personality, most theories focus on motivation and psychological interaction with the environment. Trait-based personality theories define personality as the characteristics that predict one’s behavior. Behavior-based approaches, on the other hand, define personality through learning and habits. Most theories, however, consider personality to be relatively stable.

Seyedeh Zahra Yathribi Author of Personality Psychology
Seyedeh Zahra Yathribi is one of the leading writers in the field of psychology and success. He knows all the ways to know the characters and has done his best to be able to know both himself and the characters around us. During his life, he engaged in various jobs in order to be aware of the difficulty of the work and to be able to strive to achieve what he wants.

Part of the book Psychology of Personality
Personality is derived from the Latin root Persona, which means “mask” and refers to the mask that ancient Greek and Roman actors wore. This interpretation can be explained as the character in people It is like a mask that distinguishes him from others. Characteristics and characteristics of a person represent his behavior. These characteristics can be considered as thoughts, feelings, views, habits and ways of thinking and habits in a person.

Definitions of personality show that not all meanings of personality can be found in a particular theory. Carl Rogers, for example, saw personality as a permanently organized self that was central to all existential experiences. Or Gordon Allport considers personality as a set of internal factors that direct all individual activities.

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