Aesops fables


Title: Instructive stories from the famous Greek author Aesop (Aesop)

Collector: Jack Zebes

Translator: Sakineh Kharabi

Publisher: Bagh-e Fekr

Subject: Myths of Aesop

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi



The book Aesops fables by Jack Zebs.

Many of Aesop’s fables have been recreated in Persian literature. The following anecdotes are translated from the English text of Aesop’s fables.

Liar Shepherd
It is the story of a young shepherd who sometimes falsely shouts “Wolf!” To have fun. the wolf!” سر می‌دهد. Ironically, one day the wolf complains to him and people think he is still lying and therefore no one comes to his aid.


The astronomer was accustomed to such that every evening, as the disk of the sun descends to the wells of the west. He seeks knowledge from his house to his desert, and in the darkness of night, the light of knowledge shines. At the foot of the plain he watched the sky and sunk in the sea of ​​astronomy.

One night, according to the usual habit, he went to the desert and resumed his work in private. As he walked, his eyes were fixed on the blue of the sky and he walked in the realm of the kingdom. The melancholy of his black roof was so intoxicating that he was oblivious to what was passing under the high, endless roof of the plain sky.
Ironically, Annan lost and fell into a deep well, so badly wounded that he cried out from the ground to the sky. A passerby heard his voice, recognized him, and approached. When he saw it in his well and reflected on it in ruin, he said: “Because it is you who are from the heights of the heavens and you do not know what is on the bottom of the earth?”

 Aesops fables

The crow and the fox
A raven with a piece of meat on its beak sat on a tree branch. A fox passing by saw the raven and coveted his prey. So he resorted to deception to get the meat and went to the raven.

He sang to him and said, “The raven is really a beautiful, mottled and beautiful bird. The good fit and fit of the pillow is such that Simorgh also looks ugly in front of his beauty. “I wish her voice was so melodious that if that happened, she would rightly be called the ‘Queen of Birds.’ When the raven heard this, he wanted to growl and reveal his voice when the bait fell out of his mouth. The fox, who was waiting for this moment, jumped up and grabbed the meat naked. Then he turned to the raven and said, “Oh! My simple and poor magpie! There is nothing wrong with your voice. “There is a flaw in your consciousness that does not recognize the glorification of hypocrisy.”

The farmer and his children

A farmer died at the end of his life, when he realized that the candle of his life was on the verge of extinction and his life was cut short. Think of a way to reassure the children of their trust and to ensure that they maintain the sanctity of the father’s inheritance as he does himself. So he called the boys to his bed and took them aside and said, “My children, know that there is a great treasure in this field.

“So it is up to you to try to find it.” The father passed away, and the sons, in the hope of finding the treasure, made an effort and eased the hardships, tore down the slaughterhouse and ruined it, and suffered a lot, and planted the land in such a way that they reaped a great harvest from it. Yes, the boys did not find the treasure, but what caused them suffering was much more palatable than the treasure.

Fox and Grapes

The fox, whose fire had been extinguished and whose veil of patience had been torn apart, was tired and helpless, and a vine with black and ripe grapes hung from its branches, and impatience fell on the fox. He wanted to pick clusters and eat. Do whatever tricks, the worker did not fall. The tree was very tall and extremely short. Eventually he became desperate. So he went on his way, and in desperation he said to the relief of his poor man: “The grapes, as I thought, were not sweet.”

How many children?

One day, the people of the forest were in a quarrel, and each of them was standing on his own two feet, believing which animal was of such a value that he might give birth to one child more than the other animals. When they did not find an answer for themselves, they hurried to the Lioness unless she helped them in this dispute and saved them from confusion.

When they came to the milkmaid, they asked her:

“How many children will you have each time you give birth?”

When the lion heard this, she laughed and said: “Do not talk to me about numbers, and do not be superior to each other in numbers. I am not more than a child at the time of birth, but my child is a milky breed whose every roar sows the seeds of fear in the hearts. “The wise think in terms of originality and toughness, and do not count that power is better for the wise than abundance.”

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