Paving every street of gold


Title: Paving every street of gold

Author: Kim Woo Chong

Translator: Maryam Barati

Publisher: Zarrin Kalk

Subject: Business, Industrial Management

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 208

Language: Farsi

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The cobblestones of every street describe the golden experiences of Kim Woo-chung, the man who stunned the world with his hard work and perseverance.

Everywhere I go I see that all the attention of the people is only on money. That’s why in this book, my intention in choosing the title is a kind of satire, and I mean gold is money.

We all know that not every paved road is made of money or gold. Because it is not easy to get them in any shape and any way. It has been proven to human beings that it takes effort and enduring many hardships to grab money.

However, by winning the word gold, I am attracting more audiences for the very high value of money.
In the book before you, Kim and Wechong show that his mental goals are very effective and can be used in any situation. He has made some very interesting suggestions for people who have lofty and sublime aspirations.

The best thing to do after reading each of them is to find an exact example of them in our lives and think about them well.

Kim’s interpretation of money in life is to find places that other people have never set foot in and to do things that others have never thought of.

Those who know Kim and Chong know that he and his proposals are like hills that can bring different people to the pinnacle of success with different circumstances.
Everyone knows that he travels to different parts of the world every year and seeks many opportunities and successes. Most of the sentences in this book are addressed to young people. Young people who may belong to different parts of the globe.

The Pavement of Every Street is a gold digger by Kim Woo-chung, CEO and founder of Daewoo. This book is a collection of Kim Woo Chong’s addresses to his country, which has been compiled into a book.

The book became the best-selling book in Korea and has been named one of the most successful books in the world due to its global message.
After the Korean War, Kim Jong Un founded one of the largest companies in the world empty-handed. His company ships cars to Czechoslovakia, produces video in Ireland, and manages computer microchip design in Silicon Valley, California.

Other products of his company, such as Pontiac Luhmann, cut the truck tracks of Cutter Pilar and various parts of Boeing aircraft, as well as computer parts of Leading Edge.

On the back cover of the book, the cobblestones of every street are made of gold:
You should get to know Kim Jong Un, not only because he was a poor boy who, with indescribable effort, founded the Daewoo Industrial Group with more than $ 25 billion in annual sales, or also because of world leaders, his legendary genius. Praised in work and commerce;

You should get to know him, because his story is a collection of creative and practical tips on the way to success in work and life.
This book is a collection of Kim Jong Chong’s notes to the people of his country. The book’s preface states: “In this book, Kim speaks with great emotion of his achievements: ‘I have never worked like a madman for a meager income’;

“He enjoys doing things that others find impossible.”

The book consists of 4 parts and 52 chapters. Each chapter briefly examines a topic. The 4 main parts of this book are:
For example, the chapters of the first part of the book, which consists of 8 items, include the following:
History belongs to dreamers /

My philosophy in life: Why I was optimistic from birth /

How to have constructive dreams /

My hobby is working /

A big world is waiting for you /

Creative minority /

Who wakes the genius? /

What is true happiness?

Why was the name of the book “Pavement of every street made of gold” chosen?
Wherever I go, I quickly realize how to start a business there. I joked one day that all the streets were covered in gold, so I went to it myself.

Of course, there are many places that are not covered with gold, and it is not easy to trade and make money there, and it requires hard and exhausting work, but I said this only to show my way of thinking.

Paving every street of gold can be considered a motivational-management book that can be an attractive book for many people.
Management strategies are also presented in this book, but the main discussion of Kim Jong Un in this book is to motivate young people.

Kim Jong Un calls on young people in Korea and around the world to believe in themselves and work for the betterment of themselves and their country.

The Pavement of Every Street from Gold begins with an introduction by Luis Carrar, which discusses the work of Kim Jong Un.

In the very first pages of the book Pavement of Every Street of Gold, I admired Kim and thought to myself how great and majestic this man is.
When you read about Kim’s childhood and then read about her amazing accomplishments, you’re proud of her.

What Kim did revived the Korean economy and played an important role in improving Korea.

Kim considers the youth of any country as the spoils of that country and believes that the youth should be great dreamers and work hard.

“As a child, I did not have a single coin in my pocket, but I had big dreams,” he writes in his book. Personally, when I finished the book, I enjoyed and was very happy to learn more about Kim’s character and thoughts, and I recommend everyone, especially young people, to read this book.

It may be necessary to mention one point here. At first glance, this book may be just a successful book with a motivational career.
The truth is that in today’s world, success books and the like have lost their power.

But we must not forget who wrote this book.

Kimuo Chong is the one who says: All the streets are covered with gold, so I went to it myself. He is a man of action and has proven this by founding a global company.

Sentences from the textbook Pavement of every street of gold
I did not have a single coin in my pocket at that time, but I had big dreams, I still remember my feelings well at that time,

Like the feeling I had in the middle of the night when I left the library or returned home after a hard day, I looked up at the sky and saw it as my own, I could embrace it,

Nothing was impossible for me at that time, the freshness and youthful vivacity rippled through me and filled my heart with great aspirations, nothing could stop me from moving.

In a business you can never add 1 and 1 and the result is 2, you have to convert 1 and 1 to 10 and then convert it to 50, this is the right way to trade.

Trade is not just about making a profit, it is about making a loss
Over the years I have sold countless products to global markets, but one problem has always plagued me: Korean products have always been known for their good design, quality and reasonable price.

But carelessness in the final stages of production in Korea has always been an excuse for buyers to lower the price of products, and such a thing not only means a loss in sales, but also a disgrace to me as a Korean.

Why are doctors always respected?

In my opinion, the only reason for this is that they are experts in something special that others are unaware of. Why is the memory of writers like Dostoevsky, Camus and Kafka still alive?

Because they were able to reach the highest level of literary knowledge and specialize in it, a level that others did not.
So no matter what your field is, try to be the best in your field and if you want to know where to start, I can tell you to immerse yourself in your work, new ideas, understanding and knowledge reach those whose thoughts are only focused on That’s the job.

“Everything we have today was impossible in the past,” said Robert Schuler.
I think it does not matter what is done, it is important that someone who has the talent does it. A person who is talented in sports should become an athlete, a child who is talented in music should not be forced by his parents to study engineering because he will only become a talented engineer in the future.

Large companies have a lot of work to do and they should not take the work of smaller companies from them.

The stronger you become, the more fallen you become.
Review of every street paving book made of gold

The power and impact of success books may have diminished now compared to previous years, but not when the founder of one of the 50 largest companies in the world and South Korea’s second largest company wrote the book and talked about his ways of success.

Kim Woo-chung, director and founder of Daewoo Company, has published the book Paving Every Street of Gold to young people around the world, which has been named one of the most successful success books in the world.

About the author of the book Paving Every Street of Gold: Kim Woochong; From ascent to fall
Kim was born in 1936 in Tago, South Korea. Korea was under Japanese occupation at the time, and Kim was selling newspapers.

After the end of the Japanese occupation, war broke out between the two Koreas, and the few industries that remained in Korea to survive were destroyed during the war.

Kim entered university after high school when he was in very poor financial condition to study economics.

Kim’s graduation coincided with the coup of General Park Chong-hee and the suffocation of Korea. But it was during this period that the foundations for Korea’s progress and economic growth were formed

. After working for a few years at a relative’s company, Kim took out a loan and started his own textile company called Daewoo, meaning “Big World.”

The then-president of Korea had put the policy of Korean factory growth on his agenda, and since Kim was his teacher, he gave Kim a lot of credibility and help in developing Daewoo and its growing development.
Daewoo’s success prompted the Korean president to ask him to revive a bankrupt car company that major companies such as Samsung and Hyundai found impossible to rebuild.

The automobile company became profitable after 37 years of loss, and only two years later Daewoo expanded its business to produce ships as well as home appliances in addition to textiles. During his tenure, Kim revived many bankrupt factories and companies and expanded many globally.

One of Kim’s attractions was ethics in his business, for example, when the Indonesian company D was in danger of bankruptcy, he agreed to reduce his imports and also personally lent to them to prevent them from going bankrupt.
He was always looking for new ideas in his work; One of these original ideas was to establish a “car tire factory” in Sudan as the first Korean company internationally.

Since Daewoo had no track record in rubber manufacturing, many were concerned about the company’s capital and the risk of losing it, but within a short time the company became so profitable that its products were pre-sold a few months ago.

Finally, the Sudanese government presented Kim with a badge of honor for the company’s success. In addition, Kim decided to repair Iran’s railways during the Iran-Iraq War, when Iran was sanctioned by many countries.
In 1970, after Kim’s visit to the United States, Daewoo accounted for 40% of US imports.

Other construction activities in Libya, Daewoo’s activity in heavy industry, the purchase of Belgium’s anti-bankrupt oil refinery at the time of its bankruptcy, the supply of US Sears clothing stores and the reconstruction of Vietnam’s textile factories are among Kim Woo-chong.

In 1984, the King of Sweden presented Kim with an international trade award. In addition, The Economist named him the most respected business man in Korea in 1988.

The governments of Pakistan and Sudan also praised Kim for his great help. In 1989, he was named Man of the Year by UNESCO in Seoul.
But Kim’s days of happiness and success did not last forever. With the Asian recession of the late 1990s, Daewoo was not spared and went bankrupt. In less than two years, Daewoo became the 18th largest company in the world to go bankrupt.

Kim fled Korea illegally and went to Europe.

He finally returned to his country after 5 years and was sent to prison. But he was released from prison a year later for his services to his country.

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