Title: Outside

Author: Mohammad Dolatabadi

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 143

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book “Outside” by Mahmoud Dolatabadi
Outside is a breathtaking novel by Mahmoud Dolatabadi that was recently published at the 98th Book Fair. The first edition of this novel was published in the spring of 1998 with a circulation of 20,000 copies.

Dolatabadi was born in 1319 in the village of Dolatabad in Sabzevar. His most famous work is the ten-volume long novel “Keyder”, which he spent more than ten years writing and has been translated into several different languages, which has made him world famous. Other famous works of this author include the book Jai Khali Salouch.

On the back cover of the novel is:

This is the morning. The morning came, and a light shone on the courtyard wall, a slant from its old metal door tilted – still tilted and half-open – as if it had remained half-open as if it had dropped a heavy sash and half of its lower edge was stuck in the ground, and so on. He wanted to force you to pull it off the ground and try to fasten it.

Among the works of Mahmoud Dolatabadi:

Book of vacancies
Write a book
The book of Adam
Book of conduct
Book out the door
The narrator of the book is outside in a woman named Afaq, who is left alone at home at the beginning of the book. Afaq tries to understand his situation, how he got here and why he left the man he met a while ago alone. The book begins with a description of this strange acquaintance. Afagh meets a man with whom she has not had any contact before and they do not even know each other’s names, but they subconsciously trust each other.

We did not even ask each other names. Neither he nor I asked him; And two people who knew nothing about each other were walking on the sidewalk, which they were probably the first to cross – we were crossing. (Book Outside – Page 10)

Her horizons and mental struggles at the very beginning of the book to find herself and the situation in which she finds herself fascinate you, and you, as someone who has just learned about this acquaintance, would like to know the story. We are gradually realizing that Afaq is a political activist who has spent some time in prison and is now involved in an adventure in the days before the revolution.

In addition to searching the horizons to find this mysterious man, the narrator gradually enters our own lives. The life in which Afagh’s husband was killed and he now lives with his mother. We see the shortcomings and limitations of his life and, most importantly, his daring efforts to discover the truth.

The novel Outside the Door is, in my opinion, a difficult novel to read. A novel that takes your breath away and does not allow you to rest. There is rarely a place in the book to stand and put the book aside because the book is narrated in one piece. One after the other without stopping the story. The book does not even have chapters.

I suggest that if you have never read a book by Mahmoud Dolatabadi, start with a book like Jai Khali Salouch and do not go to this book first. In this book, you are suddenly thrown into the middle of an accident and you have to put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand the whole story, and this may be difficult and boring for a novice reader.

Book out the door

Sentences from the book out in
Looking back at him in the dark that his name could not wait! (Book Outside – Page 7)

He did not look at the cup at all. So at what point did he realize my aimless existence that until I was unaware of looking at him, I suddenly saw him standing in front of the table where I was sitting and asking, “Let me count the table?” I do not know what happened – I fell silent as if enchanted and probably looked down and remained silent. (Book Outside – Page 9)

A sensation in the eyes and face – or a reaction from aging, as if made from the trunk of an aging pear tree, which you will understand well if you have lived in the path of a pear seedling from youth to old age. In the years of old age, its branches are nothing more than drought and extinction – impossible – it has given its king fruit year after year, and now it stands tall with a knot instead of a knot in a trunk that has never been fat and is not strong enough to hold you. To caress, that if you do so will hurt you and drive you away from your surroundings, and you’re just waiting for an ax. (Book Outside – Page 25)

It is always a secret to mothers when they chase away their child and it is not possible to say what is going on inside them, especially if the child has spent years in prison and is still pursuing the phrase “We have been hoping for such days, Mom!” Yes; And it was found that the captives had ended up in their former forms; But what about the mother’s concern? (Book Outside – Page 27)

The story between a new woman and a middle-aged man, even in middle age, can not go unnoticed. (Book Outside – Page 42)

Vocabulary in describing the silence of people, how few and how poor they are. (Book Outside – Page 47)

Humans are sensitive to some people. Especially when those people have become someone with two ears and two stubborn eyes that look completely at the bottom of a person’s life – regardless of his wounds and sarcasm. If there is an unequivocal one-sided interest in each other, see what honey-melons are intertwined and what hatred they instill in you. (Book Outside – Page 53)

At that hour, the alley felt lonely at night. It was as if Afaq was walking fast to turn the alley breaker, who was going straight to the side of Ilad’s apartment, and saw two men entering the alley from the end of the alley, where he reached the street, and at the same time as the woman came back to the apartment, they The man also arrived. (Book Outside – Page 97)

“We became the mother of kings again. Open ourselves in pairs. You and me. All alone. “We will not open the door to any human being!” In such a situation, Moluk was so overwhelmed by his daughter’s motherly emotions and inner turmoil that he could not open his mouth and express the problem that was clinging to his brain, like pieces of a threat. (Book Outside – Page 143)

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