Watching the city


Title: Watch the city

Author: Collective Authors

Translator: –

Publisher: Around

Subject: Biography, Memoirs

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 5 volumes, bag

Language: Farsi

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Watching the city Examples of travelogues of the Qajar period are presented to the audience in different cities. The travelogue genre is one of the important genres of documentary narrative that has attracted a lot of attention in the past in different cultures. Since the surrounding publication is a specialized publication of narrative, part of his work is related to the introduction of narrative genres, he has prepared and published special travelogues on his agenda.

In this collection, by adhering to the authentic texts of reference travelogues, the use of academic and research frameworks to present the contents of the book in favor of the narration of the texts has been avoided so that the reader who has not come to the books for research purposes can enjoy these sweet writings. Experience the events that these narrative texts seek to describe and represent.

The “Watching the City” collection has five books with the following titles:

Paris appeared from afar
Istanbul coffee burns well
The sky over London is overcast
St. Petersburg has a musician
Mumbai is a colorful dance
Ali Akbar Shirvani was born in 1981 in Isfahan. He studied social sciences until his bachelor’s degree and continued his master’s degree in art research. In addition to journalism in the literary pages of Shargh, Hamshahri and Iran resumes, Shirvani has also taught writing and storytelling on Radio Iran and libraries. Classic Writers »has taught.


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