Murder on the orient express


Title: Murder on the Orient train

Author: Agatha Christie

Translator: Sepideh Habibi

Publisher: Electronic Book Writing Institute

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 44

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie
Murder on the Orient Train by Agatha Christie (1891-1976), a well-known author of English crime fiction. The book is part of a collection of crime and detective stories, the mystery of which is solved by a private workshop in Belgium called “Hercule Poirot”, the protagonist of Agatha Christie’s stories.

After boarding the Taurus train from Aleppo, Syria, to Istanbul, private detective Hercule Poirot arrives at the Tokatlian Hotel, where he receives a telegram urging him to return to London. He instructs the janitor to book him a first-class coupe on the East Express.

Although the train is already full and all the coupes are reserved, Poirot gets a second-class place on the train with the intervention of his Belgian friend and colleague. There are many passengers on the train, one of whom is Rasht, a wealthy American businessman.

Rasht recognizes Poirot and asks him for protection because he has received death threats. Poirot, who does not like Rasht, rejects the case. Then on the first night, Poirot observes strange events.
The next morning, the train stopped moving due to a mass of snow on the track. In the continuation of the story, Poirot is informed that Rasht has been killed and the killer is still on the train. Poirot handles the case and, with the help of a doctor on the train, examines Rasht’s body; He finds twelve stab wounds to his body, along with other evidence that Hercule Poirot must investigate in connection with the “murder on the East Expressway”; This work is one of the most popular puzzle stories written by Agatha Christie.

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