Money loves speed


Title: Money loves speed; From stress to success

Author: Joe Vitali

Translator: Masoumeh Nasiri

Publisher: Sail

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 144

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book  Money loves speed from stress to success ​​by Joe Vitaly
We all love money and wealth and want to have peace and prosperity on the journey of life. We have come to Ashraf to show our existence to the world, and the more we believe in God, the more he gives us.

During this journey of life, it must have occurred to you that you want to read books or attend classes that teach you how to achieve wealth, and a very important question is why, despite all this education, which is very popular in this decade. Have we not achieved the amount of money and wealth we want?

The book Money Loves Wealth by Joe Vitali answers these questions under the title Unveiling the Eight Laws of Quick Money Raising.
“Are you worried about your job?” Says Vitali. Worried about your home, family or future? In many ways, I do not blame you. If you look at the world right now, it looks relatively bleak. It looks relatively cluttered.

What happens to the world? What is happening to the economy? What is happening for your future and for me?

I was homeless about thirty years ago. Very poor. I know what hunger is like. I know what it’s like to struggle. It’s not interesting at all. I’m here to help you get out of this predicament.

I’m here to reach out and get you out of this swamp.
If you listen to me and become a businessman, you will start the process of saving your economy. You will find a solution to your financial and economic worries. All you have to do is execute it. All you have to do is get involved. Remember, money loves speed.

Money loves speed is an important principle, because people who act the fastest often make the most money. When an idea comes to your mind, you have to put everything aside and do your best to implement it and complete and market it. You can always reconsider your idea; But in general, the first person to expose it to the public is the first to benefit.

Part of the book Money Loves Speed:
If you want to make more money, you have to reconcile with money internally. Almost everyone believes that money is the root of all evil.

If this belief persists, you will run into trouble with money. After all, who wants something evil in their life? But when you question this belief and realize that it comes from a longer phrase in the Bible that says, “Love of money is the root of all evil.” Then you can understand that if you do not fall in love with money, you can get it. Now you have new knowledge about money.

Arthur Patent clarifies this in his short book, Money. “The sole purpose of money is to express gratitude,” says the quote, which is repeated throughout the book.
Let the phrase “the only purpose of money is to express gratitude” come to mind. Understanding this is so important that it is worth repeating; But think seriously about this option.

When you draw a check to pay for your car, be thankful for the blessings of transportation. Money is not just love. Money is about gratitude. If you think of money with gratitude, you will not fall in love with it, but you will appreciate it.

In addition to changing your mindset, another way to raise more money is to give it away. It seems illogical. But giving zakat and the concepts of forgiveness have been around for centuries. The idea of ​​donating ten percent of your income to wherever you are spiritually nourished has a long history and goes beyond religion and philosophy. It also has psychological dimensions.
When you forgive, you send a signal to your mind that you are rich enough to share your money with others. In addition, you enter the realm of recognizing spiritual wealth.

You show yourself and the world that you have more than enough money and you believe that more money is on the way. If we look at it from another angle, the window you receive from it becomes larger by the window you give it. Give more and receive more.

But forgiveness and belief are not the only factors in this conflict between money and you, knowledge and spirituality. Pursuing your interests is crucial.
When people are looking for profit, they often do it just to make money. There is little to do with their life mission or spiritual purpose. While making money is much more natural and energizing than doing what you love. Interest seems to be the ticket to profitability.

How can you answer this?
If so, what can you do for yourself right now?
35 What are the quick ways to raise money?
What is better than winning the lottery?
Why is money like a hammer or a saw?
• What is your goal from getting rich?
• How can you succeed – without anything? • What can secretly undermine your success?
• What is really effective in attracting more money fast?
The book Money Loves Speed’s amazing answers to these questions, subtitled “Unveiling the Eight Laws of Fast Money”, will shock you.
This book was written by world-renowned author Dr. Joe Vital.
This can be the most effective personal wealth creation book you have ever read.
He combines his strategy with practical, step-by-step tactics to attract instant money and long-term wealth – money really loves speed!

Prompt action will get you to the finish line on time to enjoy your victories and reap what you sow. “People who want to do the fastest thing earn the most,” Joe says in the introduction. By reading this book and following its instructions, you can be one of the fastest – and richest – people just like Joe!
We all love on the conscious level and want to get rich, but deep down in our subconscious we have a set of beliefs that act as a barrier to achieving our goals and do not allow us to reach them.
My question to you is: What are your thoughts on money? Do you, like many others, think that money is dirty palms? Do you think the rich are thieves? What are your beliefs about money and the rich? What did your parents think about money? What did they tell you about money when you were a kid?

Every human being, from the age of zero to seven, writes plays and drafts of his life about money, health status, family, job, and so on. That’s why you should be careful what you say to your children as a child.
There are two groups of people: a group of people with a victim attitude. They always blame society, family, God, parents, spouse and و and cause their failures. It is safe to say that these people do not get anywhere and no window of wealth is opened for them. Achieving wealth requires an empty, clear and light mind.

But the second group are responsible and heroic people. This group of me is good, they are good, they look at themselves and the people around them and the world.

They are in full acceptance of life and know that nothing, nothing happens. Nothing in this universe is in vain. The responsible person knows that all life is a grace and a game, and this game has its own rules. Sometimes we win and sometimes we play, and our loss does not mean our condemnation…
The wealth and abundance of God, just like this rain, is always and everywhere raining fast. Rain does not matter what race you are, what neighborhood you live in or how old you are, when it rains, it irrigates everyone and everything.

If you want to save rain, the bigger the container, the more water you can store. So enlarge the vessel of existence, put aside your fears, let go of resentment, resentment and conflicts so that you can use the maximum existential capacity to attract divine blessings and wealth.

Money loves speed; This is one of the most important principles in attracting more money. But most people have never heard of it. Because people who act the fastest often make the most money.
When an idea comes to your mind, you have to put everything aside and do your best to implement it and complete and market it. You can always reconsider your idea later, but in general, the first person to make it public is the first to benefit.

Joe Vitali, who starred in the famous film The Secret, is a lover of wealth in the book Money; It tells us that other people may have the same idea as you or similar. If you do not implement your idea, someone else will implement it and benefit from you. Ideas do not always come to mind.

Metaphysically, they come to the minds of several people at once, almost as if the world is working hard and making sure that the idea really manifests itself in reality. Many people do not implement the idea and the winner is the one who will make money in the game by implementing it.
The main purpose of this book is to remind you that there are certain rules about attracting money that have nothing to do with banking or investing or housing.

These principles are more subjective. They are the principles of existence. There are rules about how to raise more money faster than ever. This book is designed to help you, regardless of whether you are bankrupt or under pressure, and think about how you are going to pay your electricity bill;

Or be an entrepreneur and have a relatively good performance in advance. You are going to reach a successful and calm level from the initial and stressful level. Change your beliefs that have limited you to enter the realm of abundance.
In addition to the main section, this book includes two gift sections for you that can be independent books themselves, but are included in this book to add to your wealth experience; The first gift is a money saving book that teaches you the exact ways and tips of saving; And the second gift of the interactive book Live Live Event Now; This is a special excerpt from a live program called Money Making.

Excerpts from the book
I was aimless. I often heard about the practice of gratitude and said, “Yes, give me something I can be grateful for, and then I will be grateful.” But this does not work.

I picked up a yellow pencil from my desk, the same pencil most of us used to write with as children. I started looking at it. I was very careless and hesitant. I said to myself, “Yes, I am grateful for this pencil.” Then I started making sentences like, “Yes, I can write a suicide note with this pencil.” “I can write a ransom request with this pencil.”

Then, I thought to myself, well, I can write a love song or poem. I can write a great American screenplay or novel. I can write a shopping list or to-do list.
Just doing so immediately changed my feelings, and when I looked at all the reasons to be grateful for the pencil, I was really thankful that it showed that I am back in the present…

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