The Speed Reading Book


Title: Speed ​​reading skills

Author: Tony Bazan

Translator: Zohreh Masti

Publisher: Bo Kitab

Subject: Advanced Speed ​​Reading / Speed ​​Reading

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 256

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of The Speed Reading Book by weightlifters
The Speed ​​Reading Skills book by Tony Bouzan is a collection of practical lessons and exercises that will help you increase your concentration, speed reading and comprehension, and you will be able to achieve an important and amazing ability in a short period of time.

Speed ​​reading skills
Double or even quadruple your book reading speed. At this very moment, a vast amount of information is being produced and transmitted around the world.

The amount of information this year is millions of times greater than the amount of information in any book that has ever been published.

To succeed in this age of information explosion, we need skills that we can use to absorb large amounts of information quickly. This book will change the way you read forever.
Tony Bozan’s 50 years of practice and research in the field of speed reading provides you with the basic techniques of reading a book. Techniques that have created some of the fastest sprints in the world, including the current world sprint champion.

By using these techniques, not only will your reading speed increase dramatically, but you will also think faster and more creatively, and your memory will be stronger.

About The Speed Reading Book:
In order to move with others in such a fast-paced and changing world, we must be faster in everything. In fact, having lots of work and little time to do it, our leisure time is a precious commodity. So, if we have a simple way to save time, you probably want to know more about this method; This simple way is nothing but speed reading.

Think about how much time you would save if you could read 1,000 words a minute. Of course, speed reading does not mean simple reading, but understanding and preserving information is also essential.

The Speed ​​Reading Book teaches you how to get started reading at an amazing speed.

Speed ​​reading is a simple and easy task that you can easily achieve by doing the exercises mentioned in the book. You also increase your concentration and comprehension, and you can shine in your work and learning environments.
Tony Bozan, a well-known author in this field, has written a book on speed reading skills for teachers, students and even corporate executives so that they can read and understand everything quickly and with high quality.

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it comes to reading. Regardless of the time and place, you can read your half-finished novel in one intensive session, get acquainted with the contents of newspapers and magazines in a matter of minutes, and show everyone around you that you have the ability to read fast, concentrate and have a strong memory.

Who is the Speed ​​Reading Skills book recommended for?
If you are one of those people who are constantly distracted while reading a book or spend a lot of time reading a story, this popular book teaches you speed reading skills and eliminates this problem forever.

Get to know Tony Buzan better:
He is a popular author in the field of psychology and an educational consultant who writes on important topics such as genius, spiritual intelligence, memory, creativity, speed reading, and issues related to brain processes.

Tony Buzan is one of the founders and proponents of mind mapping techniques.

He claims to have worked with Olympic athletes, academics, children of all ages and celebrities to teach them how to increase their use of mental power.
Mr. Bozan has published more than 100 different books, some of which he has collaborated with other authors. His works have been translated into thirty living languages ​​of the world, among which can be mentioned: “IQ ratio, social intelligence capabilities, spiritual intelligence, memory, creativity and speed reading.”

In a part of the book of speed reading skills, we read:
Measure your horizontal and vertical field of view: (This is a two-part exercise)

One: First look straight ahead and focus on a point on the horizon and as far away as possible. Place the tips of your two index fingers horizontally in front of your face, approximately 7.5 cm from the tip of your nose, and glue them together.

Two: With your eyes fixed on the distal points, slowly begin to shake your fingertips and separate them from each other along a straight, horizontal line.
Three: When you can no longer see the movement of your fingertips out of the corner of your eye, hold your hand and measure your horizontal viewing distance.

Index of the book

The text on the back cover

Introduction: Part 1 – Reading exercises for the brain is like aerobic exercise for the body

Introduction: Part Two – Your Speed ​​Reading Potential

Chapter 1: Discover and speed up your speed reading skills

Chapter 2: Control your eye movements

Chapter 3: Suitable conditions for speed reading

Chapter Four: Guiding the Eyes

Chapter 5: Expand your eyesight

Part 2: Focus on Basic Speed ​​Reading Techniques / Chapter 6: Review and Scan

Chapter 7: Empowering Your Paragraphs

Chapter 8: Nine guided reading methods

Chapter 9: Accelerate your reading rhythm

Section 3: Overcoming Your Study Obstacles / Chapter 10: Discovering and Solving Common Reading Problems

Chapter 11: Improve your concentration and comprehension

Part 4: Design Your Reading Skills / Chapter Twelve: The Art of Foresight

Chapter 13: Design Your Vocabulary Set

Chapter Fourteen: Reading literary texts and poetry rapidly and sequentially

Chapter 15: Absorbing Print Information and Computer Information

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