4000 essential visual words in English


Title: 4000 essential visual words in English

Author: Saeed Hossein Torghi, Maryam Ghazi Assadollah Kashani,

Publisher: New Communication

Subject: English language, language teaching

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 560 pages / illustrated

Language: Farsi



4000 Essential Video Words in English Translated by Seyed Saeed Hosseini Torghi and Maryam Ghazi Asadollahi Kashani
The original version of the book of 4,000 essential visual words in English will be published in 2018, and for the first time, its translation will be provided to dear language learners by Kolbeh Zaban Publications. The whole collection consists of 6 volumes of books and each volume contains 30 lessons and each lesson contains 20 words with English meaning and example. The selected words are based on words widely used in spoken conversations and written texts and its purpose is to increase and develop the vocabulary of beginners to advanced learners. The changes made in the second edition are as follows:

Book size
Coloring and design of the front and back of the cover
General and partial change of a number of words and lessons
Use and replace modern and newer words
Changes in vocabulary diversity
A fundamental change in the audio and audio part of the book
Use new and vivid images instead of paintings and animations

The leveling of the 6 volumes of the book of 4,000 essential pictorial words translated by Hosseini Torghi and Kashani, which have been collected and translated in one volume, is as follows:

Book 1: Introduction
Book 2: The Middle Ages
Book 3: Medium
Book 4: Above average
Book 5: Advanced 1
Book 6: Advanced 2
The level of each book is designed to prepare the learner for the next level of the book. In translating this book, the latest bilingual and monolingual printed and digital dictionaries have been used.

Content of the book 4000 essential visual words in English translated by Hosseini Torghi and Kashani
Wide variety of functional vocabulary from basic to advanced level
Use up-to-date texts taken from the press, magazines and articles
Provide an English definition of each word in a simple and understandable language
Increase the level of vocabulary difficulty based on the level of each book
Provide new and understandable images to facilitate learning
Variety in practice to enhance vocabulary learning

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