Maximize your potential through the power of your subconscious mind for


Title: The Power of Mind; The magical role of your hidden mind in positive and negative thoughts

Author: Joseph Murphy

Translator: Maryam Kazemi Tabar

Publisher: Andia Gostar

Subject: New thinking

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 166

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Maximize your potential through the power of your subconscious mind for health and vitality by Joseph Murphy

Any skill that is useful to you can be considered a life skill. Tying shoes, swimming, driving a car, using a computer are all useful life skills.

In addition, there are other skills that form the basis of life, and we need them to maintain physical and mental health. By learning these skills, we become more aware human beings in understanding the world around us. Perhaps it is not bad to include the learning of such skills in our life plan and strive to improve and improve the quality of our lives.

Summary of the book The Power of the Mind by Joseph Murphy

Wizard and Doctor:
The tribal sorcerer and the village doctor of the blacks succeed in their curse when the natives believe in his destructive power and submit to the burden of his indoctrination.

Today is God’s day. I choose happiness, success, happiness and peace of mind. The shadow of God is upon me today and everything I do will be accompanied by goodness and blessings. Every time my thoughts are disturbed, I focus my attention again on the grace and mercy of my Lord and I know that His grace will include me. Was.

I am a magnet and a spiritual magnet, and I attract to myself everything that is good and heavenly.

When talking to your inner conscience, you should speak to him with certainty, and at the end, thank him for this, and while sleeping, repeat the word that you consider important and related to the subject.

The inner conscience of a person identifies and determines ideas, answers, and definitions through esoteric revelation, and this is done based on his focus, attention, and attention on the subject of his interest.
Dr. Kimby, an American psychologist, stated that man is able to use his spiritual talents to appear in other places and wherever he wants. In his view, the fourth dimension or ethereal body of man is as real as his body.

Dr. Kimby had firmly stated in 1847 that I was able to concentrate my body and appear wherever I wished. He really did this many times by using the fourth dimension of his existence, claiming that we could use this talent if we wished and go on spiritual journeys far and near because we are beings who are constrained by time and space. And we are free space.

*** Find our answers in our dreams ***
What is a dream? Dreams are the manifestation of the inner conscience and for this reason it is completely personal and individual.

And even animals sleep. About a third of our lives are spent in sleep, and during sleep the dream life becomes relatively active.

(My infinite intelligence and wisdom will reveal to me my true place in life, and in that position I will be able to show my best and reach the highest levels and earn an honorable income. I am receiving my answer right now. And I go to sleep peacefully)

There is no obstacle to opening the dream of your heart unless you have asked for it and you have hesitated and despair and despair in your heart. No factor can oppose and stand against the amazing power within and the power of your intellect and thought.

After calming our body and soul during sleep, we ask our inner conscience to send our intellect and wisdom to help us and solve the problem.

The best time to harness your inner strength is to respond to ideas and receive inspiration just before bed.
Express your words in a calm and calm tone, but with such faith that you are sure that your conscience will give the necessary answer.

(I know that my conscience is aware of everything and wants my happiness, peace and comfort and will reveal the answer I want about that issue to me.) Then go to sleep with one word and only with this word (answer) And do not think of anything else.

You can apply this technique in the same way during the day and when you are awake. Prepare your body and soul and go to a secluded place and be alone with yourself and close your eyes and believe that He knows everything and has infinite consciousness and has an amazing power that sees everything and any subject. Be aware that you are not thinking about anything but the one that is preoccupying you.

Dr. Murphy’s experience
Dr. Murphy’s experience with a woman who lost her husband. I said to my inner conscience: (My infinite intelligence knows where she is…… And finally, to his surprise, Dr. Murphy fell asleep and rushed to her, while the doctor had never seen her.

The inner conscience is inducible
The inner conscience is indoctrinated and based on the indoctrination that is reacted to it, whether it is right or wrong, for example, before going to sleep, you can indoctrinate yourself that I will have a nightmare tonight and visualize it before your eyes. Surely that night you will somehow see the sea in a dream and your inner conscience will depict a pleasant view for you.

Communication with the power of the soul
The word of prayer: sincere request and wish from the heart of faith and spiritual unity with the Almighty God. . . . . Scientists and thinkers of our time consider God as a mind and infinite wisdom hidden in the inner conscience and consider the existence of every human being as full of the power of God. God, who is a soul and does not know form, image, time and place, is eternal and the same soul is present in the body of every servant.

So know that the Creator is alive and present in our thoughts, thoughts, feelings and imaginations and forms the invisible part of our being. And it is the principle of life and existence and it is infinite love, absolute moderation and infinite intelligence.
The Lord says: I will answer them before they call on me, and I will listen to them when they speak.

How could the Creator, who created the universe, the universe, humans, and animals, and created millions of stars and galaxies, deprive his creatures and thoughtful human beings of their infinite intelligence? Our inner conscience knows the answer to every problem and subject because for this amazing and unique talent (inner conscience) there has never been a complex and difficult puzzle.

The analogy of those who are unaware of the amazing and endless power of their inner conscience is like a primitive man who, if you bring him to your house and stay alone at home for a week, will lose his life due to his ignorance in using modern means.

(If you want your decision to work, believe it stubbornly and believe in it.) Emerson
“Luck is not involved in any accident, and everything happens in a certain order, that is, if our prayers are answered, it is because of the laws of our minds and souls, whether we are aware of it or not,” said American scientist Emerson. Or we were not.

All the attributes, virtues, powers, and attributes that are attributed to God exist in the depths of the human conscience, and at any moment, one can summon and summon this intellect, innate intelligence, the universal spirit, the principle of existence, and the superior thought. And asked for help.

It does not matter what you are looking for now, it is important that whatever you want is inside you and waiting for you to call it out and summon it and achieve its knowledge.

Peace, tranquility, happiness, love, wealth, blessing, healing, and health are now available to you, and the solution to any problem you have is now under the sun and a light is shining on it so that you can find and recognize it.

Creative ideas flow with endless waves in your mind and conscience like a boiling spring. And in the meantime, all you have to do is ask for it and summon it and feel and believe that you have the right answer and there is always a solution and you will find it if you want.
When you beg and groan and ask God for something, you have accepted that you still do not know what you want, and as a result, feeling and lacking brings more trouble, limitation, despair and misery. .

God, to whom you turn in supplication and with weeping and wailing, has already given you everything, and that is (the infinite power of the inner conscience). Give thanks to God and feel that you are aware of this. Rejoice and rejoice so that your inner conscience can come to the answer of the riddle and problem in this peace and bring it into your mind.

Divine blessings have been given to you from eternity so that you can enjoy its goodness and blessings and ask from within.
(I know and accept that the infinite healing power of my being that created me can heal me again and I seek my freshness and life from now on. My infinite intelligence and wisdom beats in my heart and It reminds me that the answer and the solution is in myself. My soul and mind embrace and embrace infinite intellect and knowledge. I thank God for the solution that comes to my mind and I see it clearly. .

It can be claimed that we have a steely and attractive personality when we have benefited from the law of thought and spirit.
God will be unique and intimate with you when you regularly and continuously fill your soul with His love, love, joy and peace. And display and manifest these attributes outside.

He is the Lord of love, and the best thing you can do is to stop begging and begging Him because He has already given you everything you wanted and you must ask for it with certainty.

(O God, let my soul take refuge under your wings away from the noise of worldly thoughts, and let my heart rest in this restless sea of ​​waves in you).

If you have placed your God in the heavens and the heavens and out of your reach, you will surely have to travel a long and winding way to reach Him, while God is always present and in your being and existence.

What is faith?
What is faith? A kind of spiritual connection and way of thinking and way of thinking. Faith is an inward talent that records whatever it considers real on the inward conscience. And whatever can be recorded in the depths of the conscience, whether it is an idea or the same purpose, is manifested and revealed on the outside.

In fact, faith is the method of thinking and the way of believing and accepting and accepting spiritually and intellectually. A chemist believes in the laws of chemistry and a farmer believes in the laws of agriculture. . . And man must also learn to believe in the laws of the soul and thought, and learn this from the function of his inner conscience and clear conscience, and to understand and recognize the connection and application of these two stages.

To believe means to accept that as the truth, and to believe is to keep that thought alive in the mind.

In order to achieve your desires and aspirations, you must always keep the spiritual connection with your inner conscience active so that the dawn of your fortune blows and the black shadows of your life are scattered.
(I know that my subconscious mind has different ways to fulfill my desires. Ways that my mind and intelligence are not aware of. I find this transcendent intellect in myself and rely on the healing power of my being. I will regain my health)

(O Creator of the universe, I see that everything around me changes and disappears except you, who remain steadfast. So stay with me)

The source and center of the power of the soul
When you start praying, you deal with your fears, anxieties, and worries. It is better to create a state of concentration for yourself in which no negative thoughts can enter.

Pay full attention to the solution to your problem and know that the answer to the riddle and the problem shows itself in a way that you had not thought of until then. Be positive when you are afraid and anxious. God forbid.
Dedicate yourself to your Creator to wash the passage of His goodness, blessings and blessings, and to have perfection, knowledge, beauty, love, peace and good behavior. If you get used to this way of thinking, all the doors will open for you. Take your foot off the hose with which you water the flowers to make the clear and life-giving water of your life fresh and fruitful.

The fourth dimension of life
The fourth dimension of life: it is a place where we travel every night after falling asleep in that land.

Release of internal forces
(The calm stream of the kingdom is flowing in me and the love of my Lord encompasses my soul and spirit. My soul is full of peace, tranquility, stillness and balance. The Lord is my guide everywhere and I am constantly waiting for the best. I see the peak of my existence and life and I know that God has not given us the spirit of fear, worry and anxiety and what He has given us is love, power and calm spirit).

The magic of faith (guardian angel or inner wisdom)
Believe in the guardian angel of your being to help you in all stages of life. This angel is the intelligence and wisdom of your inner conscience and believe that the love and affection of the Lord of the universe surrounds you and has covered your body and soul. Protects them.

Never forget that you have not put your age or white hair up for sale. You are selling your talent, ability, competence and experience that you have accumulated over the years.

Age and the age of flight are not years and months: but the dawn of wisdom.
The waters of an ocean will not be able to sink even a small boat unless water seeps into it. Similarly, problems and difficulties and problems and challenges can sink the ship and the boat of human existence when we want it and let it in.

Use this exercise to execute your decisions correctly:
I know that the consciousness and intelligence and perception of my inner conscience is active inside me and it reveals to me everything I want to know.

Infinite intelligence and endless intellect and wisdom make my inner and subconscious decisions and organize them, and the result is righteousness and righteous behavior and right will and intention in my life.

I know reasoning and I follow it. It is impossible for me to get away from the goal.

Be calm and know that I am your God. (From the Bible)
Wonders of the inner conscience

The woman who used the exercises in this book (The Power of the Mind. By Dr. Murphy) was able to cure her eye disease, which was becoming blind, and continued these exercises for five months, sending a letter of thanks to Dr. Murphy. Had done. The prayer that this lady used is as follows:

(The creator spirit that made my body and body is now rebuilding my eyes. The healing power of existence knows how to heal and heal me, and rebuilds my body according to the celestial and divine plan of every cell.
I hear the voices of my doctors and I see them announcing the perfect health of my eyes and I remember this image from now on and I see it clearly and I hear their voices saying happily. : You have recovered and this is a miracle. I know that this constructive role takes place in the depths of my heart so that it grows and expands and flourishes, and I know that the healing power of life and existence, despite the evidence of tissues and It rebuilds the muscles of my eyes and brings them back to life. I feel this. I believe in it and I become one with my goal (perfect health).

What has led this woman to this amazing conclusion: 1- Faith and belief in the healing power within her 2- Perseverance and constant repetition of indoctrination into the mind and conscience

How can inner forces change human life?
Before going to sleep, focus your full attention on the problem you have and be sure that the answer will appear in your dreams or you will receive the answer in some other way.

My body is here and in this place, but my thoughts, soul and feelings are with the Creator: who has a home in the house of my body and being. God is my guide, counselor and protector. The peace and purity of God takes my soul in me and I am in His shelter in my house and from now on I do not give any power to any tormentor and the negative thoughts of others have no effect on me because I have God with me.

Maximize your potential through the power of your subconscious mind for health and vitality

We should not make any person, any situation, event, or event so important and important and powerful that we are intimidated and fascinated by it, but all our eyes should be focused on the Creator who is in us and within us: a living and powerful soul from every The force is greater.

Each end can be another beginning.
No situation is disappointing in itself. When a loved one is lost, it must be understood that every end begins, so with the rebirth of that lost loved one, the burden of grief can be lightened, because he has joined the kingdom and from there entered the fourth dimension of life. He has returned and put on a new garment and found a new body.

So what is needed is the good prayers of the survivors and the desire for peace and happiness of the soul.
The human conscience answers every question. Provided that you ask your question without fear or hesitation and with complete confidence, in which case the appropriate answer will come to your mind with heavenly order and through divine love, and you will pursue your other works and be sure that you will receive the answer when you did not expect it. کرد.

Go to a quiet place several times a day and repeat these miraculous words for a few minutes:
(I am in the circle of love and affection of my Lord and the existential fragrance of my Creator embraces and caresses me and I have a happy and joyful life. Calamity and calamity will be removed from me)

The realm of infinite thought

Whatever we feel, you will attract to yourself, and whatever you imagine, you will be.
Emotion: In other words, it means abundant love and affection for something or someone. When we achieve success and that thing or that person that we desire from the depths of our being and from the bottom of our hearts, and we will surely achieve it someday.

The principle of life and existence is based on health and well-being and life in well-being. And build wealth.

Repeat these words several times a day:
Progress is my right and I deserve it. I do things right and I get rewarded. I try and move forward day and night, and I am spiritually prosperous, strong, capable, and financially and socially successful. I know that whatever I believe and feel in my heart will be the same.

I know and I am sure that these truths, which I accept to be true, will be embedded in my heart and will bear fruit like seeds planted in the ground. I will always water these seeds (ideas and wishes) with my faith and belief, and I will be thankful to God for the fulfillment of my prayers and wishes.

Praying has its own way. Turn to your God and remember the kindness of love, purity, beauty and infinite power in his memory and believe that he loves you and supports and cares for you.
The inner conscience of man is the builder and reviver of his body and limbs, and he has complete control and control over all the involuntary functions of the body’s organs. it is possible .

The language of the inner conscience is symbolic and it is because in our dreams our repressed and repressed desires often appear and this great conscience can be called the great soul and the soul of God and infinite intelligence. read .

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