Death of a Salesman


Title: Death of a Salesman

Author: Arthur Miller

Translator: Mina Karimi

Publisher: Trying Thought

Subject: American play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 160

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Death of a Salesman is a two-act play with thirteen characters. Willie Lumen, the show’s most pivotal character, is a middle-aged man who returns home after an unsuccessful business trip.

Dealer Book of Death

When American life and the capitalist system were promoted as the only path to happiness in the world in the 1930s and 1940s, no one thought about what problems it would bring to the middle and lower classes in the future. The American Dream soon showed its true nature to the people.

In a society where people are instilled every day that through hard work they can achieve whatever they want and get rich; Nowadays, people no longer strive to enjoy life, but to enter a never-ending path to greater wealth and capital, for which greed had no end.

After a while, other people were dissatisfied with their lives and society became frustrated.
Arthur Miller realized the ins and outs of the future by creating the play Death of a Salesman at a time when everyone was fascinated by the fascinating appearance of the capitalist system. He wrote a play criticizing the capitalist system. Willie is the symbol of all human beings who have strived all their lives to achieve happiness, unaware that happiness was the days when it was lost.

A summary of the story of the salesman’s death
The main character in the story is Willie, a veteran marketer who has been very successful in his work in the past, but now, in his old age, he realizes that he is not able to work as he used to. The last time Willie goes marketing, he returns home very soon without any sales.

His wife Linda wants to comfort him but Willie leaves him like a loser and goes to the kitchen. Willie has also suffered from mental retardation due to the difficult conditions he endures, and he wanders in his memories.

Beef and Happy are his children, who also failed. Beef, his eldest son, is most aware of his father’s problems and is most opposed to him.
The reason for his opposition is that when he loses in school competitions, he goes to his father to console him but finds him alone with a woman. After this incident, the hero that was made by his father in Beef’s mind is suddenly destroyed.

Meanwhile, the only person who still has a close friendship with Willie is Charlie, who sometimes plays and talks with each other like he used to.

But unlike Beef, Charlie’s son has become a successful lawyer who participates in discussions with confidence. Willie goes to his boss’s office to talk to him about his problems and ask him for an easier job, but the boss easily fires him.

He remembers that his brother Ben had offered him to go out together and start a business, but Willie replied that he had a good job and that he could get rich in New York.
He also recalled how easily the 84-year-old traveling salesman could make a living with a phone call from his hotel room. But Ben is now very rich and has offered Willie a new job.

At the same time as Willie fails, Beef, who has been planning a lot for his new job and the idea of ​​getting rich, also fails. Willie realizes that his family has all failed and it is impossible to continue on this path. He makes a strange decision to escape from this difficult situation ….

Arthur Miller; Anti-capitalist author
Arthur Miller is a playwright, author, and prominent figure in twentieth-century American literature. He comes from a Polish immigrant family.

At an early age, he became interested in writing after reading Dostoevsky’s The Karamazov Brothers, and began studying journalism at the University of Michigan. He then worked with a show crew that aired radio programs on NBC and CBS.

“The Man Who Was Lucky” was Miller’s first less successful play, which was soon removed from the stage. But after that, he was able to show his writing power by creating the play “All My Sons” and won the New York Drama Critics Association Awards and the Tony Award for Best Play.

To write the play, Ji Joe spent time in a military camp to gather information about the book’s story.
After that, he started writing novels and wrote his first novel “Kanoon” in the denial of fascism. In 1949, he created his most famous work, The Death of a Salesman, which is considered one of the literary honors of twentieth-century America.

Since the plot of the salesman’s death is anti-capitalist, Arthur Miller was forced to leave his homeland and choose to live in Paris. His other work, which has a political background, is the play “Experimental Plant”. The Experimental Plant is a critique of the McCarthy era, criticizing the suffocating atmosphere of that era and winning the Anthony Perry Prize.

This play has a record number of performances among all the works of Arthur Miller. Miller was interrogated by the Communist Party of America after the “Test Plant” performances, and he admitted that he had attended meetings but did not reveal the names of other members of the group. Arthur Miller, along with Tennessee Williams and Edward Albie, are known as the greatest realist playwrights since World War II.

Criticism of the seller’s death, negation of capitalism
The common denominator in all of Miller’s works is the revelation of a declining society. “Death of a Salesman”, although written in a very short time, had occupied Miller’s mind for 10 years.

“I never foresaw that the salesman’s death would achieve such fame,” Miller said of the play Death of a Salesman. Perhaps the most famous work of this theme is that it describes the distance between the reality of life, the aspirations and the frustrations of people from this distance.

Willie, who always thought that with his hard work he could become rich and happy, at the age of sixty, when he was confronted with the reality of his life, he experienced despair and dementia and took refuge in the past to escape reality.
Miller won the Pulitzer Prize for his play The Death of a Salesman and its theme.

Literary adaptations of the story of the salesman’s death
Due to the fame of the book and its content, many literary adaptations of the text of the play have been made so far. Twelve films, plays and series have been made based on the book The Death of a Salesman, which have been performed in different languages ​​and in different countries.

One of the latest works to be adapted from the salesman’s death is Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman”, which also won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The seller’s screenplay makes many references to Arthur Miller’s play. For example, the beginning of the crisis in both stories took place in the presence of an abusive woman.
The old man who attacks the female character in the salesman’s film is a salesman and wanderer old man like Willie who tells the story of the salesman’s death. In the movie The Salesman, the main characters of the story are performing the play of the salesman’s death, and the two main characters of the story play exactly the roles of Willie and Linda.

We read in parts of the book
The first curtain

The scene is dark and calm. The sound of the flute is heard as if being played from outside the stage. It is a pleasant and short song that reminds one of the distant horizon, trees and green grass.

The curtain rises.
At first, only the ugly ship-like structure on which the blue light of night shines can be seen. It becomes clearer now. The gable edge of the roof and the tall window below can be seen.

On the second floor, there are two beds. This is a house, or rather the skeleton of a house from which the upstairs bedroom and on the first floor of the kitchen and next to it, another bedroom, can be seen.
There is no wall between the rooms, and everything can be seen, just as in the world of memories and dreams, the houses and rooms in which we lived, we see and remember the conversations and shouts that the wall between them had without any wall. Behind this house are the high walls of the apartments, whose windows are slightly open. But not much, because the night is past midnight.

Like this house is abundant in Brooklyn, Cleveland or Detroit. Years ago, New York City, according to its residents, was limited to something like a battlefield. Of course, there were no Indians around New York at the time.
But there were rocky cliffs in the Bronx, and in some places in Brooklyn there were dense forests. Those walking down the street at 42nd Street at night could hear the sound of squirrel-hunting rifles, the roar of horses in the pastures, and the scent of bunches of grapes, and could see the shape of their homes from afar.

In the basement of those houses, the closets were full of jam and canned food and tomato paste. They cultivate tomatoes in the surrounding fields that did not belong to them.

Introducing the book Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman is the most important and famous work of American playwright Ator Miller, which critics say is one of the best plays and literary honors of the twentieth century.

The play tells the story of the last years of the life of a middle-aged man named Willie, who is retired and finds his work and family situation disorganized and failed.

The death of the salesman is critical of the pro-capitalist system and reflects the consequences of this type of government for the middle and poor in America, and depicts concepts such as the American dream, betrayal, and truth.

About the Dealer Death Book:

Willie is retiring and dissatisfied with the living conditions of himself and his family. He also suffers from dementia and mixes the present and the past.

When Willie was away from his family in another city, he betrayed his wife and tried to talk her out of it. By comparing his life and that of his children with those around him, Willie concludes that they are failed people.
Willie’s family tries ways to get rich, but they still fail. Willie makes an unusual and difficult decision in order to manage his family’s financial situation and be able to make up for the past.

Salesman Death Book Honors:

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1949
Winner of the New York Critics Association Award for Play in 1949
Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play in 1949

Deaths of the seller’s book:

– One of the best plays in the history of American theater (The New York Times)
– Amazing masterpiece by Arthur Miller (Penguin)

Theatrical and cinematic adaptations of the book Death of a Salesman:

The play was first staged at the Broadway Theater in 1949 and lasted for 742 nights, earning many accolades. Death of a Salesman has won the Tony Award three times and has been translated and performed in many languages ​​around the world.

In addition to the theater, several film versions have been made based on the play Death of a Salesman. The first successful film of the same name, directed by Lasso Bandak, was released in 1951. The film received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and a Venice Film Festival Award, and was nominated for five Academy Awards.
A TV movie based on the play was made in 1985, starring Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman as Willie. The film was nominated for awards in several categories at festivals such as the Emmy and the Golden Globes.

In Iranian cinema, Asghar Farhadi has made references to the play Death of a Salesman in scenes from the successful film The Salesman and has performed parts of it. The best-selling film won the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award.

Who is recommended to read the book Death of a Salesman?

Reading this book will be interesting for lovers of theater and dramatic literature. Those interested in twisted and suspenseful stories and other works by Arthur Miller will also enjoy reading The Salesman Death.

Learn more about Arthur Miller:

Arthur Asher Miller (1915) was a prominent American playwright, essayist, and theorist. During his sixty years in the field of literature, he wrote many plays and is considered one of the greatest playwrights in America. Arthur Miller has won numerous awards and honors, the most notable of which are the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Storia Prize and the St. Louis Literary Prize.

In a part of the book Death of a Salesman, we read:
Willie: Beef! What do you do in closing?
Beef: Why didn’t you answer? I’ve been knocking on the door for five minutes, I called you too
Willie: I heard now. I was in the bathroom, it was closed. What happened to the house?
Beef: I took Abrut father.
Willie: What do you mean?
Beef: Father …
Willie: Beefy, what do you mean by that? (He puts his hand on the beef shoulder.) Let’s go downstairs and have a glass of milk to eat.
Beef: Dad, I dropped out of math.
Willie: Didn’t you miss the semester?
Beef: I missed the whole semester. I did not get enough grades to get a degree.
Willie: You mean Bernard refused to give you the answers?
Beef: Why, Rasvand, tried, but I did not get more than six.
Willie: Did you miss his four points?
Beef: Burnbam rejected it altogether. I begged him, Papa, but he did not give me a grade. You should talk to him before the school closes. Because when he sees for himself what kind of man you are, you talk to him in your own way, I’m sure he will fall short of me. The classes were right for my exercises, I could not go to class enough. Are you talking to him? You will definitely like it, Papa. You know how to speak.
Willie: You’re right. We were riding right now.
Beef: Oh, Dad, what a good job! I’m sure he will fix it for you!
About the author
Arthur Asher Miller was an American writer, playwright, and essayist. Miller’s name shone on the list of literary and dramatic celebrities for 61 years; There are many brilliant plays by Miller, like All My Sons, The Vision of the Bridge, The Price, and The Death of the Salesman, which are still widely performed.

Willy Luhmann has been a salesman for 34 years. He is now 60 years old and no longer works as well as before. Willie now has no future to hope for and has no choice but to face his past;

A past that is a source of regret and despair that shatters Willie. In the end, Willie takes a bold step, but the question is, is Willie really a hero or a fool who only deceives himself?
This story is not happy. The story is about a family drowning in problems; It is about getting old and about years of hard work and ultimately not achieving anything and being left out. The death of the salesman is the story of great dreams that never come true;

The story of betrayal and the story of a cold relationship between father and son. The death of a salesman is the story of a father. What is this father doing? He is restless because he has lost his job, lost his connection to everything, even his children, and is caught up in his fantasies.

As the story progresses, the real tragedy shows itself bit by bit. This book is one of those works that must be read more than once to be properly understood.
The death of the salesman deeply affects the reader, while his study is not very pleasant. This work was written in the form of a play and it is clear that many actors have staged it; But it was not until July 28, 1949, that the salesman’s death was first reported on the London headline.

Linda (Willie’s voice is heard from outside the room, she vibrates a little): Willie!
Willie: Everything is in order. I came back.
Linda: Why? what has happened? (Pause) What happened to Willie?
Willie: No. nothing has happened.
Linda: You did not have a car accident, did you?
Willie (with a little anger): I said nothing happened. Can’t you hear me?
Linda: How are you?
Willie: I’m tired to death. (The music gets louder and louder. Willie lies down next to Linda, numb and numb.) I couldn’t. I could not Linda… 123
Willie Luhmann stays right We all want to succeed. Although at first it seems that Willie is a complete failure, but it must be said that as we progress in the story, we will realize that this failure is not due to malice and negligence, but due to negligence. Willie believes that success in life is to have wealth and the way to achieve wealth is popularity.

Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. There’s a salesman in Willie who keeps saying, “Your value is in what you sell,” and that’s the problem. Willie can not sell anything. He is worthless.

It is said that negligence is a blessing, and this play is all about Willie; Willie strives with all his might, even to the point of insanity, to keep himself from facing reality; The fact that Willie lies, cheats, has no friends and is of no use.
What makes this play so brilliant is that each of the characters in the play embodies one of Willie’s character dimensions.

Willie’s wife treats him the way Willie wishes society would treat him, his two sons want to be just like him, and when Willie realizes this, his hopes and aspirations are dashed, and his neighbor’s son does whatever Willy and He has two sons who are looking for it.

So it’s very interesting to see how Willie treats these people. Another positive point of this play is its very good dialogues.

When I was 17, I walked into the forest and when I was 21, I came out; And I swear to God that my money was going up the oar.

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