Many masters, many lives


Title: Many masters, many lives

Author: Brian L. Ways

Translator: Zohreh Zahedi

Publisher: Sobh Sadegh

Subject: Therapeutic reincarnation, reincarnation

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 231 p

Language Farsi



Many Professors, Many Lives Dr. Brian Alois is a book on parapsychology that explores topics such as artificial sleep and prenatal and post-mortem experiences. In this work, Dr. L. Weiss has gathered the results of 4 years of research and experience with one of his patients, Katherine, to share them with other specialists and enthusiasts. Catherine was one of Dr. Elvis’s patients who, after undergoing various courses of psychotherapy and their ineffectiveness, was cured by artificial sleep and past therapy, and all of her disorders disappeared within two months: “It took four years to write what happened.

Four years to muster the courage to risk my career and expose this unfamiliar information … The lessons I learned were given to share with others, not to keep to myself. This knowledge came through Catherine, and now it must come through me. “I knew I would face any consequences, it could not be more devastating than not sharing with anyone the knowledge I had gained about immortality and the true meaning of life.” Dr. Brian Elvites is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale School of Medicine. He is currently the Chief Psychiatrist and Head of the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

This book is one of a series of books on the subject of parapsychology. In this book, the author talks about prenatal and post-mortem experiences. According to the author of the book Many Masters, many lives are nothing but the truth of life, the author of the book based on the hypnosis of one of his patients named Catherine. Dr. Weiss addresses the principle of reincarnation from a psychological perspective in his audiobook Many Masters, Many Lives. Dr. Weiss believes that a large part of the fear of death stems from not having enough information about it. In fact, many people do not know exactly what awaits them after death.

As a traditional psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss was puzzled and suspicious when one of his patients recalled psychological traumas from past lives that were the key to his recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. But when he conveyed messages from the “space between life”, messages containing significant revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and dead son, his skepticism disappeared. Using past therapy, Dr. Weiss was able to heal the patient and enter a new and more meaningful phase of his career.
In part of the text of this book you read: “I know that there is a reason for everything. At the moment of an event, we may not have the method and insight to understand the cause, but with the help of time and patience, it will become clear to us. So it was with Catherine. I first met him in 1980, when he was twenty-seven years old. He came to my office to help him overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and fear. Although these symptoms have plagued her since childhood, they have recently become much more severe. He felt more and more emotionally incapacitated and less energized to do his work. “He was scared and understandably depressed …”

Part of the book Many Masters, Many Lives:
“I know there is a reason for everything. “We may not have the clarity and insight to understand the cause at the moment of an event, but with the passage of time and patience it will become clear to us.”
“Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that helps the patient recall forgotten events in the distant past. It has no secrets. “Just being in a state of intense concentration.”

“According to most researchers, spirits tend to repeatedly return to the body and act on their destiny over a period of several group lives, to pay their debts to others and to themselves, and to learn the lesson.”
“The therapist should be a whiteboard. An unwritten board on which the patient can reflect his feelings, thoughts and behaviors. “The therapist can then analyze these and expand the patient’s field of mind.”
“Those who follow religious precepts are closer to all of us, because they have made a covenant of chastity and obedience. They have set aside many things without expectation. The rest of us want rewards and rewards for our behavior … while there is no reward, not the reward we want. “The reward is to do it, but to do it unexpectedly, to do it without selfishness.”

“I remembered the casual conversations that took place during surgery, when the patient was unconscious. I remembered the surgeons’ jokes, vulgar words, arguments, and immorality. What did the patients hear on their subconscious level? How many of those conversations were recorded and after waking up affected the patient’s thoughts and feelings, fears and anxieties. “To what extent did what was said during the surgery have a positive or negative effect on the patient’s postoperative stage in the recovery room?”

Content of the book of many masters, many lives:
The main topic that is mentioned in the audio book of many masters, many lives, is to address the issue of the continuation of human life after death, in other words, to address the true meaning of life. In this audio book, the author expresses the belief that in fact, human life does not end with death, but death; It is another birth, and with death, eternal life begins.

About Brian Weiss:
Brian Weiss; The American author and psychiatrist was born on November 6, 1944 in New York State. Brian began his education at Columbia University and eventually graduated from Yale University and the School of Medicine in 1970. Dr. Weiss has treated many of his patients through hypnosis and believes that many of a person’s illnesses are related to their past. He has treated about 4,000 people with hypnosis so far.

The interesting thing about Dr. Weiss is that in 1980 he used hypnosis to treat one of his patients, Catherine, who was suffering from recurring nightmares. During treatment, Katherine recounted her past life.
Prior to the patient’s visit, Dr. Weiss did not believe in past lives, but after Catherine’s statements about past lives and the confirmation of what she had said, she believed in the survival of the soul after death. It is also noteworthy that this author has published 8 books on the subject of past lives, among which the most famous and best-selling can be only true love, there is no other way but love: discover the healing power of future lives through healing the past, there is a miracle And … pointed out.

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