Jane Eyre


Title: Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte

Translator: Zahra Yaghoubian

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 529

Language: Farsi



Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte, along with her sisters Emily and Anne, are well-known nineteenth-century writers. Charlotte and her sisters grew up in poor religious families, and many critics believe that the living environment, upbringing, and marital status of the Bronte sisters greatly influenced their writings.

As the title of the book shows, the main character of the story is a girl named Jane, whose story is narrated in a personal way and includes 38 chapters from childhood to adulthood.

Jane spends her childhood and adolescence in an orphanage. At this point in his life, we become more familiar with how children were educated and cared for and the impact of Christianity during that time. As a young woman, Jane faces the most challenging stage of her life, and the reader witnesses her decisions in the moments of her life.

A prominent feature of the book is its strong characterization. Among the various characters we see in Jane Eyre’s novel is Mr. Rochester’s love and charming character, and of course the religious figure in the story, Mr. Saint John in the form of a priest. One of the interesting points of Jane’s character is morality, will, awareness and attention to the values ​​that the author tries to show superior, and this is contrary to what the aristocratic society at that time liked for women. On the other hand, this point somehow shows Charlotte Bronte’s different attitude towards the women’s society of that time.

Synopsis of Jane Eyre
Jane loses her parents as a child. As a child, she spends time with relatives, but is harassed by her aunt and cousin, and Jane is eventually sent to an orphanage called Loud. “Load” is a sad atmosphere in which children are not cared for in the slightest. Many of the girls in the orphanage die of typhus or other infectious diseases. Jane is having a hard time there. After living in this sad environment for 8 years, Jane decides to leave. He is received in the aristocratic mansion of Thornfield Hall. Jane goes to Thornfield Hall to be the teacher of a little girl named Adele. Mr. Rochester is the owner of this house and Jane gets involved in new feelings and events when she enters this house.

Is this book for you?
Jane Eyre has everything a compelling novel needs; Such as the tension and charm of the subject of the story, suspension, love, separation, carpentry, failure, patience and of course things to learn. If you are interested in classical literature, we suggest reading Jane Eyre as an interesting and, of course, different work. Also, if you are looking for an informative and influential novel for teens, Jane Eyre can be a good choice and gift.

Excerpts from the book

“Can you hear me?” Asked Saint John. “Do you see anything?” I had not seen anything, but a voice shouted somewhere. Jane… Jane… Jane… and nothing else. I probably said where did this sound come from? Because this sound was not from the room, not from the house, not from the garden, not from the sky. It was not from the basement, not from above me. But I had heard that voice. However, it is never possible for me to know where that sound came from. But that voice belonged to a human being. The person I knew and loved. A voice that was familiar to me. It was the voice of Edward Fairfox Rochester. A voice that was terribly frightening and calling me for help.
If the whole world hates you and considers you a bad person, you will not be left without a friend as long as your conscience confirms you and does not consider you a sinner.
Charlotte Brontë (April 21, 1816 – March 31, 1855) was an English writer and poet. She and her two sisters are named after Emily and those famous English writers who are also known for their short lives. One of his most famous books is the novel “Jane Eyre”, which I love …

Effects :
Jane Eyre: (1847)

Shirley: (1849)

Wilt: (1853)

Professor: (1857) This novel was published two years after the death of Charlotte Bronte, while she had written this novel before Jane Eyre, which at the same time with her sisters, the novels Windy Heights (Emily Bronte) and Agnes Gray (Anne Bronte) Published.

Emma: (1860) An unfinished novel of which he was able to write only twenty pages, which was published by the publishing house five years after his death.
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Jane Eyre is a famous novel by Charlotte Bronte (1855-1816), an English woman writer. This book tells the story of love and ups and downs.

Charlotte Bronte Shirley herself says of Jane Eyre: “The reader of this book, I married her. We had a quiet wedding. The only people present at the wedding were me, him, the priest, and the assistant priest. I went to the kitchen when we got home from church. Mary was preparing lunch and cleaning the cutlery. I said, “Mary, I married Mr. Rochester this morning.”

About the Author: Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816 in northern England. Charlotte Bronte was the older sister of Emily Bronte and Ann Bronte, who are now considered one of the world’s greatest classical writers. Charlotte’s first novel, The Professor, was published in 1857 after her death. Charlotte worked on Jane Eyre from August 1846 to August 1847, which was published in October 1847 under the pseudonym Kerr Bell. Shirley was published in 1849 and Wilt was published in 1853. Charlotte died in 1855.

In a part of Jane Eyre’s novel, we read:
I felt, or at least thought so, when I read the Beavik book on my wife. I was not afraid of anything but the incidents of depriving me of this happiness, and of course this happened very quickly: it opened in the room and I heard the voice of John Reed shouting: ‌Oh, the girl of the subconscious! And he was apparently shocked that he saw the room empty, because he paused for a moment and then said: Where is this devil? Lizzie! George! (She calls her sisters) Jane is not here, tell her mother she ran away from home in the rain, vermin!

I thought to myself, it’s better to draw the curtain, and at the same time I wished with all my might that he could not discover my hiding place, of course he could not do it himself; He did not have sharp eyes and mind; And it was Eliza who, as soon as she entered the room, immediately said, “Make sure she is sitting on the window sill, you idiot.”
And I immediately came out of hiding because I was shaking at the thought of being pulled out by this idiot boy. I asked with excitement that clearly revealed my fear, what do you want?

Classical literature is full of female heroes. Attractive, charming and seductive women. Women with outstanding features who are noticed and shine in the course of the stories, but the Jane Eyre heroine is of a different gender. She is the only girl who fights for her life empty-handed. This character trait of this girl in the context of a love story has turned Jane Eyre into a novel that all lovers of literature can enjoy.

Jane Eyre, one of the classic romances
Jane Eyre’s romance novel was published in England in 1847. Jane Eyre writer Charlotte Bronte, like many women writers of her day, used a male nickname for her writing. He nicknamed himself “Korr Bell”. Bronte’s other two sisters, Emily, used the names “Alice Bell” and “Acton Bell” to publish their work.

Charlotte Bronte dedicated her novel to the great English writer William Mikpis Tuckery. Jane Eyre attracted the attention of critics and readers after its release, and many were curious to know who Kerr Bell was. Even the publisher of the book did not want Jane Eyre to be a woman until a year later.

Jane Eyre is written in 3 parts and 38 chapters and tells the life story of a girl of the same name from childhood to adulthood. The story is written in the language of the main character, Jane Eyre. She is a poor and orphaned girl who has a very brave personality and stands against many of the constraints of the society of her time.

Some critics believe that Charlotte Bronte has incorporated the hardships of her and her sisters’ childhood lives into Jane’s character. Jane Eyre’s novel deals with the moral themes of the Christian religion and addresses many social issues such as class differences and sexuality in her story. Some critics believe that Charlotte Bronte’s novel was also successful in introducing feminism.

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