The Overstory


Title: Green Umbrella

Author: Richard Powers

Translator: Arash Houshangifar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 780

Language: Farsi



 The Overstory by Richard Powers, this ambitious novel rises from the forest of English literature and transforms the landscape of environmental novels forever.

The current state of nature is very bad and I believe there are people who like to read a story that connects man to nature once again.

A detailed description of each character is influential in shaping the story.

Powers blows another breath in the spirit of nature and takes the audience to the green of the trees so that he can feel the pleasant spring morning breeze in his hair.

About the Green Umbrella Book
The novel The Green Umbrella (original title: The Overstory) by Richard Powers and Arash Houshangifar has translated it.

Part of the text of the book
“Nick” goes left and right like a rolling weight on the tallest inverted pendulum in the world.

His muscles are stretched from his jaw to his toes, and he clings to his life with all the strength he has left.

It is enough to let go of the earth to solve all its problems.

He hears a scream through the hail. It’s Olivia. “Do not … do not fight! Do not fight!”

The words, like a slap in the face, wake him up and he can think again. He is right;

If his muscles are completely contracted, he can not last even three minutes.

“Calm down … ride his waves!”

Nick sees his eyes; Green enamel glass.

After a few more beats, he realizes that this is the case. This is nothing for a giant tree.

Thousands of such storms have struck the crown of this tree, perhaps tens of thousands of times … and all that Mimas had to do was surrender himself to fate.

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