Title: Illusion

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 85

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Illusion

Illusion is a collection of four short stories under the titles: Illusion – Devil – Swamp – Zoo.

The first story in this series, from which the book’s name is derived, is called Illusion. From its name, it is clear that the protagonist, or rather the anti-protagonist, says things about the two villages of Ghaldaran and Zurabad. The gods of these two villages are closely related to each other. The narrator is from the village of Zurabad.

In Qaldaran village, internal conflicts and disputes occur and they need help. Kadkhodai Zurabad, while the locals are in great need, sends his village crops and assets to Qaldaran village, but this property is looted before reaching its destination. And does not reach the people of the bully village.

For this reason, the village of Zourabad also suffers from famine and economic problems. The economic situation of the village is severely deteriorating. He argues or you are so confused that you can not match the current situation with what Kadkhoda says.
Do you think to yourself that if the situation in the village is such that God’s code says why I do not see and do not understand. He wants all his actions to be approved by the people. Usually this stupidity is accompanied by coercion and intimidation. People do not complain about the deterioration of the situation, but the scope of the deterioration is so wide that the code of God can not pass by it easily and as always, so he should raise the issue in public and seek the guilt with a speech that is always one-sided. Someone else throws it. On this basis, one day he gathers the locals in the square and asks:

What is the cause of this situation?
The story’s anti-hero, who is also the narrator, explains:
I, who, as always, blossoms in critical moments of my stupidity, got into the same situation that day and said without any introduction and without permission:
The main cause of this crisis is the sending of our food to the village of the bully.
Although I realized my stupidity at that moment, the work was over and Kadkhoda became very angry. Whatever I apologized for was useless. I was arrested for abusing freedom of expression and sentenced to the most severe punishment, which is death. It is one thing and its use or abuse is another. Page 22

At the very beginning, it turns out that he is sentenced to death for a person who understands the problems of the society and its related issues well and does not need much thought to find out the cause of the crisis and responds quickly and tells the truth It is very easy for him.
The difference between him and his other locals is that, unlike him, others either do not understand or if they do, they do not dare to express it and misunderstand themselves because they are tried and sentenced to death with the label of abuse of freedom of expression. In such a society, where suffocation is the main axis of the government, they influence the minds of the people to facilitate the work in such a way that they consider oppression as justice and injustice as unjust. The dictatorial apparatus specializes in brainwashing the masses.

The story begins with the execution ceremony. The death row inmate explains that:
When it came to my execution, everything was ready, except for the cleric who had to guide me to lighten my guilt. Unfortunately, despite the large number of executions, the number of clerics who specialize in this work is very small. Only the clergy are experts in execution. For the welfare of the people, both the convicts and the spectators, they have increased the number of execution platforms to four and placed each platform in a corner of the village so that no one can protest and everyone can see the ceremony in peace. Enjoy your opinion. Page 7 Illusion

Here the narrator’s opinion (sentenced to death) can be understood in the sentences he utters. Secondly, an expert is needed to execute it.
(Let no one object and let everyone watch and enjoy the execution ceremony in complete peace.) It means that the desired peace is the peace that prevails in the cemetery and people have no reason to rejoice except to see the execution scenes and all the actions taken are just To keep people calm by fooling them.

However, due to the large number of executions, Rouhani (execution expert) arrives late to the other corner of the village where the narrator is executed due to lack of time.

In any case, Rouhani also came slowly.
There are two notable points in these expressions: first, the narrator has used the word city instead of village. Yes, such scenes are very common.

The second point is that the execution expert enjoys the execution of innocent people and expands his mind like a slaughterer who enjoys killing sheep.

In such an atmosphere, foolish people consider every oppression as justice and every poverty as prosperity, and in this way the foundations of government are constantly strengthened and the scope of public freedoms is constantly narrowed. The narrator is considered a fool and he himself He also acknowledges this, recognizes the difference between the form and image of the clergy in practice and the source of their beliefs, and knows that these are hypocrites. Consider another part of the story:

The long black robe and iron cross on his chest resembled the figure of Jesus, but unlike the images published of Jesus, this clergyman is very fat and his face is red and white. None of Christ’s sufferings seem to appear. Have experienced.
Anyway, for a long time, I thought that execution was a window to a better life with a different nature, but to be honest, the excitement caused by it did not allow me to focus on a new life, and I constantly stopped my activity so that it would not be part of Lose the excitement of execution. You know better how exciting it is to travel from one land to another, let alone travel from one world to another. Page 8

To escape from such oppression, learning is one of the least dangerous ways to migrate. Of course, few do so, but in places where the suffocation is very severe, no one is discouraged from their land and it is difficult to adhere to such a land. The deep and effective propaganda of the government over a long period of time has become a law and a sacred subject. Note this part of the story:

Unfortunately, something went wrong during the ceremony. Both of my legs were firmly attached to the ground, and the executioner and the clergyman could not lift me off the ground and put me on the execution chair. The sun had risen halfway up the sky but had not yet reached the middle of the sky. .
The summer had left its mark on all of us. Sweat was pouring down from the head and face of the priest and the executioner. Both of them were completely wet and upset. Many call fear excitement because fear has no place in our people and culture in our culture. People who came from all over the village to see the ceremony. They were retelling the stories of previous executions in tongues, and they also laughed mockingly at the wetness of my pants from the intensity of the excitement.

In such a society, all structures, especially the family structure, are empty and devoid of elements that ensure the durability and survival of the structure. For example, in the family, there is no love and affection, which are the main pillars of long and sacred bonds, and one of the causes of the anomalies of societies is the family situation. Please note:

My poor wife was in a hurry because she was slowly losing her hairdressing time due to the delay in the execution of the sentence. Telephone or supermarket employee. All executions were carried out within an hour, but unfortunately my wife stuck my feet on the ground, delaying the work by two hours.
Two months ago, when my death sentence was finalized, my wife bought a black dress and wore it wherever she went. Late one night when I was on leave, he brought her home with him and said at the dinner table that they had decided to marry after me. I also wished them luck out of stupidity. You know that I am known for my stupidity! / 11 hallucinations

Another important issue discussed in this story is that the authoritarian ruler always chooses and implements the stupidest solutions to solve the problems of the society, and as a result of the problem that is not solved at all, newer problems arise. Of course, you know that dictatorship and tyranny are the stupidest way of governing, and nothing can be expected from a tyrant other than stupid decisions!


The priest had no choice but to ask the gravedigger for help. So he sent someone to the cemetery to bring the gravedigger. It took an hour for the man to return. But he was alone. The hangman dropped the bag and opened it.
Suddenly, a large black animal came out of the bag and began to smell the ground very skillfully. People began to scream. No one goes to the cemetery after the execution. As soon as the execution ceremony is over, all the people, including the relatives of the deceased, start their daily work. Maybe it is because life in this village is no different from death. Pages 11/12

You will notice that the agents of the dictator’s order work as stupidly as he does, and the result of such a mechanism is that there is no difference between life and death in such a society. In this society, people are accustomed to expecting human life from the world. Do not have other processes and do not make such requests from the authorities. Thus, they consider poverty and suffocation as a natural thing and one of the characteristics of the world and divine destiny, and they expect to have a good, comfortable and prosperous life in the world after death.

Father! Is my new life better than the one I have endured for 45 years?
Yes, my child! New life is fundamentally different from current life.
I asked:
Are there opportunities for sorrow, poverty and injustice?
Not my child! Everyone is happy and the basis of life is happiness, well-being and comfort. There is no difference between people. Women, men, believers, infidels, the learned and the ignorant are equal and equal. True justice is applicable there.
I thought for a while and said:
We are used to these things. If they are not, we will get bored in the new world! Page 13 Illusion
The clergyman, like most clerics of other religions, does not believe in what he says and preaches, and is terrified of death and the world after it. .pay attention:
Father, it is good for you to come with me so that I am not alone and you get rid of this boring and difficult life …
The priest became very angry. In a fraction of a second, with a burning face, he became so angry that he fell to the ground from the execution chair. That the rope and the chair are a stupid punishment like me. Finally, he overcame me and said:

Child! Do you not see how many people are sentenced to death in this village are waiting for their sentence to be carried out? If they enter a new life without reforming their souls, they will be rejected and discredited. Everyone knows that this difficult task has been entrusted to me.

When the problem is not solved, the officials do not leave the work to experts, because usually such people are not obedient and praiseworthy, and therefore have no place in the circle of supporters of the rulers. Therefore, they leave the work to another of their colleagues. .
Muqni entered with his shovel and pickaxe and the audience cheered in his honor. He made a big hole around my feet. Due to my unstoppable excitement, the ground was wet and loose and the hole was made quickly. I could have sunk deeper into the ground. Delusion

Now the pit dug around my legs was filled with a yellow liquid with a deadly odor.


The rabbi took his sandal and astrolabe out of his pocket. Then he called Verdi and told me, the gallows and the priest, to die. He moved his upper torso like a pendulum of a clock. And I had put it in his pocket, but I noticed that it was a little after 3 pm. Page 19 Illusion

The inefficiency of the authorities has a negative impact on management more than any other shortcoming. Legitimate governments eventually lead to a general uprising.
Finally, the rabbi finished his work without the slightest result. When the people realized that the rabbi was also helpless, they lost their temper. They lost control. One of the crowd shouted:

Kill these. These are crooks, liars and incompetents.

In an instant, a wave of violence and anger erupted that engulfed me and the other people standing on the execution platform. Within 10 minutes, we were all killed by the people.

The second story in this series (Illusion) is called the Devil. It is about a woman who has been harassed and beaten by her husband during her marriage. He is.

Eventually, with the help of friends, she divorces her husband and manages to get a divorce through the courts. In order to block any return to her former life, she intends to stay abroad. He is waiting for the flight at Imam Khomeini Airport, but the thought of his past married life and the possibility of returning to it does not leave him, like a terrible nightmare.
He had no peace. He had nothing left to lose. It took a long time, but in fact, these events made him a human being and made him a will. As a result, he did not wake up in a new sadness because his heart had no other place for sadness. Page 26 Illusions

An educated and elegant woman should not have been a violent, unfeeling, selfish, uncivilized and jealous husband. Look at this life:

The constant grief of living with such a creature was so great and unbearable that there was no room for new grief in his heart to bother him, but now he was very worried in the airport lounge. For the first time in years, anxiety and He felt apprehension in the depths of his soul and dragged him to the borders of despair and helplessness. A new sadness had seized him. Sadness goes back to the past! Page 27 Illusion
However, the woman does not give up and does not stop trying. Everything has gone hand in hand to disappoint the woman, but she is still a fighter and despite her passion for what is in a long and unequal battle. Defended with the devil.


Now I have something very precious to lose. My freedom! Woe to me if something happens in these last moments and this divine gift, take away this precious and precious freedom from me and I will regress again. Page 29 Illusion

He found a different feeling and a kind of constant fluctuation and restlessness in his depths and depths. He held his head between his hands. He closed his eyes so that he could not see anyone or anywhere. Close to different times and people. Daleshoreh, like a herd of wild horses, would invade the plains of his chest and beat his nerves and brain. He said to himself:
I’m afraid! I am afraid of this unbridled savage devil. He enchants everyone to achieve his sinister goals. Lest everything be ruined again. Lest that ruthless and unscrupulous devil appear in the airport hall and with an officer who has repeatedly fulfilled his wishes. He was able to bring me back to my first place. I am not able to repeat that hellish time again, but how much opportunity do I have and how long is my life? M. No …. I can not do it anymore and I can not. Page 31
The woman felt on the edge of hell. A small slip was enough to lose the victory in a long and unequal battle. If so, are there still friends who rush to her aid?

He remembered:

Ha …. What happened? Azami again! Where is my lady in such a hurry?
I have an exam. I have to go to the exam session. This is the last exam …
You did not tell me!
You did not ask ….
Well now you do not have to go! I have a guest this afternoon … My co-worker, everything has to be in order here.
It was then that the conflict began. First he tore his book and then his clothes … then he hurried out of the house and locked the exit door. The wall jumped into the alley and reached the test site. This was just a small scene of sludge called his life. Page 32 Illusions
For liberation, one should try and not be disappointed and pay the price. Finally, the way to freedom will be opened!

Unlike all women who hate their husband’s new wife, how much I love Vida; she finally became my angel of salvation. Her medium height and rustic accent misled people. It is new. As soon as he arrived, he started inspecting the rooms and furniture. He looked at the children’s bedroom, my study, and in short, everywhere and everything. I asked a little reluctantly:

Who are the ladies?
He smiled and turned to the devil and said:

Please explain yourself
The devil said:

See Viola …. You and I have reached the end of the line without compliments. I thought that with changes in life, the routine can be changed. Vida is going to marry me. I am working in the city. It will be and you will do the same with the children.
He looked at both of them contemptuously and said after a short silence:

You can not afford the current living expenses. How do you add another person.

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