murder after hour


Title: Murder on vacation

Author: Agatha Christie

Translator: Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad

Publisher: Hermes, Informed Books

Subject: English detective stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 314

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book murder after hour by Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot is the most famous detective in history, more famous than Magra, Sherlock Holmes or Mrs. Marple. The English writer Agatha Christie inspired this character from a short Belgian refugee she had seen in England, making him one of the most important characters in her stories. An intelligent man with an extraordinary mind that sees the most details and excites the audience with his abilities. Christie sent Poirot around the world for years to uncover the secret of the various murders. This time, too, in Poirot’s Holiday Murder, he goes to another enigmatic struggle.

Agatha Christie’s Holiday Murder book
“The Hollow” is one of Christie’s most mysterious and fascinating stories, first published in 1946 in the United States and a few months later in the United Kingdom. The author later changed the title of this book to “murder after hours” and in Iran we know it as “murder on vacation”. The holiday murder story also takes place in the presence of Detective Poirot, but according to Ms. Christie, Poirot’s presence in the story was wrong and actually ruined it. Agatha Christie has repeatedly spoken out about not being interested in Poirot since the late 1930s and sometimes forcing him to use her in her stories.

The story of the murder book on vacation is the story of a man named John who intends to go on vacation with his wife with his friends. Before the holidays, he asks his 5-year-old daughter to cast a fortune for him, and the girl pulls out a death card. Although no one pays attention to this, John faces death during this holiday. A death that finally opens Poirot to the story.

The story of the hole is also the story of one of the episodes of Poirot series, and you can watch this episode for an hour and a half and enjoy Christie’s fascinating narrative.

آAbout Agatha Christie, author of murder after hour
Agatha Miller, better known as Agatha Christie, is the most famous writer of the twentieth century and the best-selling crime writer in history. Christie was born in 1890 and began writing short stories in the early decades of the twentieth century. The atmosphere in which he began writing stories was in the years after World War I, and he greatly benefited from the experiences and knowledge he had learned during the war years in pharmacies and medical centers.

Agatha Christie started writing crime novels because of a bet with her sister Margaret that she thought she could never write a crime novel, but she never gave up. Christie’s first detective novel was rejected six times by publishers.

Agatha Christie has been married twice in her 85 years. His first wife was Archibald Christie, a member of the British Royal Army, and his second wife was Max Malvan, an archaeologist. Christie traveled around the world with Max Malvan and wrote many of her stories in her husband’s workplaces, often in the East and Middle East. During his travels with his wife, he also pursued another important interest, photography.

Agatha Christie also has the play “Mouse Trap” among her works, which has set another record in her name. The theater has had more than 20,000 performances so far and has not stopped showing since the middle of the twentieth century.

Among the best Agatha Christie stories still sold around the world are “Then None Remained,” “4 and 50 Minutes from Paddington,” “Death on the Nile,” “Murder in Mesopotamia,” and “The Death of Mrs. Magneti.” And “dead stupidity of the dead.” According to Christie’s granddaughter, more than one billion copies of her books have been sold in the UK and as many outside the UK.

Translation of the book Murder on Holidays into Persian
Christie’s books have many fans in the Iranian book market. In every bookstore you visit, you can see a number of Christie’s works with special illustrations and special cuts that distinguish them from other books. Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad, the translator of our country’s familiar letter, has translated more than 20 volumes of Christie’s books into Persian. Holiday Murder is also one of Christie’s books translated into Persian by Abdullah Nejad. Hermes Publications published this translation in 2011 in the Detective Book Collection.

Why read the book Murder on Holidays?
The story of the murder on vacation is a long police story with a print version of 314 pages. Agatha Christie has written this story in thirty chapters and has slowly put together the pieces of her story and created a mysterious story that takes the audience’s mind with it. From the very beginning of the story, he sensitizes the audience to the signs and instills in them a panic that causes the audience to follow the fate of the characters in the story and find themselves in the space of the book’s adventures. This book is a good story for the end of the night. You can read each chapter at night before going to bed and get away from your daytime atmosphere. This is a long story of a book that can also be used to make teenagers interested in reading books.

‌ In a part of the book, we read about murder after hour
Then very suddenly he opened the study room and guided Poirot into the room. He shouted happily:

This is Mr. Poirot.

Poirot turned around and went to close the room. Captain Grange and Gaugen were sitting at a table. A young man in

He was sitting in another corner of the room, taking notes. Gauguin politely stood up with Poirot’s arrival.

Poirot immediately began to apologize.

– no thanks. I’m going out now. I did not know at all that Ms. Ankatel …

-No no. Stay.

Grange’s mustache was hanging wet today. Poirot was impressed by the image that Ms. Ancatel painted of him. with himself

He said: Maybe his wife has cleaned a lot or bought a new brass table and the house has become more crowded, so that Mr.

The captain in the house can not move.

Then he angrily removed the thoughts from his head. The clean but busy house of Captain Grange, his wife, his children, their habit of playing with bricks … All these were illusions of Mrs. Ancatel’s busy mind.

But it seemed so alive and real that it was interesting to him. It really took a lot of skill to present such an image.

– Please sit down, Mr. Poirot. There are things I want to ask you; And my work is over here.

He turned to Gajen, who was politely but protestingly back in his seat, looking at his conversation with awkward faces. said:

– Do not you remember anything else?

-Not. Sir. Everything was perfectly normal. There was nothing unusual or unpleasant about it.

– In the pavilion by the pool was a fur cape. Who owns this cape?

– Do you mean that silver fur cape? Yesterday I took the tray and glass to the pavilion; I saw it. But it does not belong to any of the people in this house. Sir.

– So who owns it?

It’s probably Mrs. Kerry. Mrs. Veronica Kerry, film actress. Because he was wearing a cloak like this.


– He came here last night.

– You did not say that he also had an invitation.

– He had no invitation. Sir. Mrs. Kerry lives in Dhaka. This villa is down the street. He came here after dinner to borrow matches.

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