Becoming supernatural


Title: Supernatural

Author: Joe Dispensa

Translator: Pouya Pour Ahmad

Publisher: Shirmohammadi

Subject: Energy therapy, personal health care, body and soul

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 448

Language: Farsi

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Becoming supernatural is the work of Joe Dispensa, an American author who specializes in the role and function of the human brain. He found that ordinary people do very unusual things to achieve the best in their lives.

The book “Beyond Naturalization” helps to make people’s lives more mystical. This book teaches its readers the knowledge of the supernatural and its proper use, and brings people to the realization that they are truly wonderful and can, through meditation on the subject, gain a new understanding that leads to They get a lot of creativity.

Joe Dispensa, with the many exercises he presents in his book, believes that by meditating and focusing on them, people can enjoy more conscious currents and energy flows. This regular and conscious energy enables us to consciously control our minds and begin transcendental mystical experiences.

Joe Dispensa also believes that with enough practice, go to these techniques, we can develop the skill of creating a healthy, efficient, balanced body and a very unlimited mind that is able to understand mystical subjects.

Topics include:
Restructure the body’s 7 energy centers and how you can balance them for healing.

How to achieve a mind free from the past by rehabilitating our body.

How can you generously create reality by changing your energy in the present moment?

The difference between creating a third dimension and creating a fifth dimension.

The secret science of the pineal gland and its role in achieving the mystical realms of reality.

Distinguish between space-time versus time-space realities.

Excerpts from the book Supernatural
When a person is in a state of constant stress, the cohesion of his heart center is lost and his ability to create is impaired. In response to the disturbed rhythm of the heart, the brain disintegrates and loses its cohesion, and this incoherence is reflected in the two branches of the autonomic nervous system. The message that is sent to the body is as follows: your foot is on the brake, but you are gasping the car! You do not need to be a car expert to understand the destructive effects of these opposing forces. The car brakes fail, pressure is applied to the gearbox, and the resulting resistance wastes energy and reduces fuel efficiency.

Continuation of this stress causes the body to degenerate and destroys the ability to repair and maintain health, and deprives it of flexibility and freshness. If we say that flexibility is based on optimal energy management, due to chronic stress, the force is completely depleted and you may get sick. The more we become addicted to this state of anxiety, the less likely we are to open our hearts, contemplate, and voluntarily create heart cohesion.

The book Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispensa briefly explains how ordinary people can do unusual things. Dr. Dispensa is a physician and mystic who, in his book, demonstrates the breadth of institutional power in human beings and the ability of everyone to perform metaphysical and mystical practices by combining scientific teachings such as quantum physics, epigenetics, and molecular biology with the mystical experiences of such greats as Millarpa. Teaches in order to achieve metaphysical abilities.
There is a reality beyond our current public temporal and spatial experiences. Phenomena have occurred and are occurring that are inconsistent with our common beliefs and are intangible to us and difficult for us to comprehend.

Creative visualization and attraction, mysticism, moving objects with focus, mental telepathy and many other powers that, according to Joe Dispensa, are institutionalized in all human beings and are waiting for us to take a step towards their flourishing.

The content of the book Supernatural is based on teachings and exercises that prepare people to step into the valley of mysticism and supernatural. Despite all the criticism and calling Dr. Dispensa’s books “pseudo-scientific,” he stopped convincing the scientific community and focused more on the supernatural.
The prose of the book is supernatural, smooth and understandable and has well drawn the bridge between the two worlds of science and mysticism. Spinoza wrote this book with the aim of helping human beings to fulfill their desires and to manifest their existential abilities.

Dr. Joe Dispensa, author of The Supernatural, challenges our understanding of the world and, most importantly, our beliefs about what the human body is capable of achieving. Through a combination of scientific research and spiritual insight, he exposes the audience to the fact that there are dimensions beyond perception. This dimension is called quantum. A place that contains infinite information and potential.

Dr. Dispensa believes that most of the world is empty, in other words, it has no matter. When we look at an atom we can see it. However, that space is not empty but full of energy and potential. At the quantum level, due to the speed of the particles, there is more energy than matter, and at the speed of light, matter is converted into energy. At high frequencies, the whole nature of everything is energy, information and consciousness. We gain access to this reality by becoming nobody and nothing at any time.
The slower the brain waves and the more we get out of our analytical mind and material reality, the more active the autonomic nervous system becomes. We become the energy of pure consciousness and connect with the quantum world. This raises our frequency, which we can use to communicate new information and features beyond time. As the frequency level rises, we can reach the realm of integration.

Here, all matter has been transformed into information-containing energy, and time has collapsed all space in the present moment. There is no future and no past. In this place, we communicate with the whole consciousness. Therefore, we become from nothing to everything, everyone, everywhere and all the time. This is the place of unlimited possibilities. If we can achieve the realm of unity, then we can be in anything, anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Part of the book is becoming supernatural
Anna’s body was in a state of constant stress and emotional crisis as long as she was a woman who had lost her husband. The result was a physical fracture that caused him more stress and emotional turmoil and his exhaustion. When he was on a meditation path, he began to free himself from that emotional state and enter a new life. This new life is possible.

Because there is a reality beyond our temporal and spatial experiences. Through meditation, we can enter into what the author calls the present moment immortal. In this dimension, there is no past, present, or future, but everything exists and happens at the same time. Thus, Anna was able to predict her future life, which changed her chemical and emotional responses, and ultimately her health. Physically led.

Anna’s body as the subconscious mind can not distinguish between real and imagined events. His body responds to his mental outlook, not to his current situation.

In general, the author’s goal is to help us understand the reality of infinity, in which there is the possibility of boundless life.

Beyond naturalization / Numerous questions and human inability to understand them
During the years that mankind has lived on the planet, he has been constantly involved in issues for which there is no scientific justification and he has failed to understand it.

These problems are called paranormal or supernatural. With the advancement of human science, many of these issues have become natural issues, but there are still many unanswered questions that remain on the paranormal list.

The supernatural is called the unseen world in Islamic texts. The unseen world is also the world that is hidden from our senses, and we can find signs of it with the intellect and obtain its details using revelation.

Of course, we should not consider paranormal as synonymous with metaphysics; Because the metaphysical debate is called the philosophical debate, and the philosophical debate is not limited to the unseen and the abstract. For example, one of the main topics in philosophy is the discussion of cause and effect, which also includes the material world.

It has often happened that throughout human history, ordinary people have had experiences that have pushed them beyond what we think is possible.
From the hundred-year-old Lee Ching Yun, a warrior who married 14 women and had more than 200 children during his 256 years from 1677 to 1933, to the spontaneous healing of many ailments, of which the Institute of Neutral Sciences has more than 3,500 references and more than Has compiled 800 journals in 20 different languages.
This clear evidence shows us that we are not what we have been told in the past and even beyond what we imagined.

Now that the expanded potential of mankind is becoming less and less widely accepted, the main question is, what is possible in our lives? How to do it? And how do we awaken the extraordinary potential of our daily lives? Has changed. The answer to this question forms the basis of this book: The Supernatural: How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things.

Dr. Joe Dispensa is a physician, scientist, and mystic today. He is also a compiler of information and has an aspiration that goes beyond the framework of a single discipline.

Using a variety of scientific fields such as epigenetics, molecular biology, neurocardiography, and quantum physics, Joe Dispensa transcends the traditional boundaries that distinguish between scientific thought and human experience, and opens the door to a new paradigm of spontaneous power.

There is a way to think and live based on what we feel in our lives and also on what we accept as scientific reality.

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