Golden Future


Title: The Golden Future

Author: Osho

Translator: Marjan Faraji

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: The future

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 152 p

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The Golden Future by Ashu
This book first describes the deplorable personal, family, social, political and cultural conditions of different societies in the 21st century. The author then gives instructions on how to deal with these problems and how to solve them. “Gaining power”, “Science in the service of creativity”, “New education for the new man” and “The ruling law of love and ruling.”

A work by Ashu, translated by Marjan Faraji and published by Ferdows Publications, has been written to have a bright future. A future that is threatened by the chosen path of human beings today.

Wars, conflicts, hostility and vain enemies destroy our beautiful days. Ashu is a great intellectual who has been angered by prominent clerics and politicians and all those who do not want the world to move towards a golden future. In a land where we are our only heritage and our only place to live, we must avoid any path without superstition, prejudice and honesty. Let’s try to draw a unique day. You will find valuable material in this book.

Excerpts from the book
As far as life is concerned, there is every possibility that there is no future. We are reaching a dead end. On the one hand, it is unfortunate and sad for us to realize this fact, and on the other hand, it is good, because it is not possible to take another path. As we are moving forward today, the logical consequence is a global suicide.

And most worrying of all is that the world’s intellectuals, scientists and philosophers are ignoring all these facts.

Every intelligent person must not, with his iron will, allow any interest group to destroy the planet.

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