The secret


Title: Secret

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Somayeh Movahedifar

Publisher: Melina

Topic: Secrets of life, relationships

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 192

Language: Farsi



The secret is in the name of the book by Randa Berne, and you’ve probably heard of it. A book that will guide you through the law of attraction and achieving your aspirations and goals.

The book became the best-selling book of the summer and fall of 2006 and had a large audience. The book is in fact taken from a documentary of the same name, and throughout this documentary the importance of the law of attraction is pointed out.

The power that helps people achieve their dreams and is in the discussion of man’s free will to determine his own destiny.
In the content of the book, the mystery of each line and the sentence of the author’s effort, Randa Byrne, it has been to speak on the subject of the destiny of the perfect human being and to critique the life of an individual.

Randa Byrne has opened new doors of thought and mind power to her readers in The Secret, a way that makes this seemingly simple book very readable and engaging, and you will not realize it until the end of The Secret.

In Randa Byrne’s book, with a logical course and masterful use of sentences and phrases, she tries to point out the power of people’s minds and provides teachings to her readers that are the key to success in life.

The book has been translated into several different languages ​​in the world, and in our country, the story of the secret has been translated into simple language by the efforts of “Nafiseh Motakaf” and has been made available to the audience.

Fulfilling your desires is easy.
All the effort and creativity used in documenting and writing the story of the secrets of the book are all in sending and inducing a message, the fulfillment of your desires with the book of the secret is simple.

In The Secret, Randa Byrne states that a conscious person, with the help of concentration and mental power, as well as the ability to control the subconscious mind, can achieve all his desires without any limits.

The author states in stories that every human being can achieve all his desires only by using the power of his conscious mind.

In fact, he describes this process in such a way that when a person with a conscious mind makes a request to the universe, after choosing his wish or goal, he should turn to its illustration.

At this time, the conscious mind tries to create a sense of accomplishment by creating real imagery in the mind. In such a way that even a person believes that he has achieved his dream.
By creating such feelings and imagery, one can use the energy of the universe to achieve one’s goals and fulfill one’s desires.

At the beginning of The Secret, you will find that Randa Byrne goes on to describe her life and the problems she has had, countless problems that have sometimes pushed her to the brink of despair and destruction.

In the book, Randa Byrne states:
“A year ago, my life fell apart, I worked to the death. Suddenly, my father died and my relationship with my co-workers was strained. “At that time, it did not even occur to me that I would receive a divine gift in complete despair.”

This is how the whole book of the secret goes, and the author’s eloquent and engaging pen will be with you until the end of the journey. Fortunately, the translation of The Secret Book itself is a very interesting work.

Nafiseh Motakaf has performed well in translating the stories of the secret and the book of the secret, and has provided the best possible translation to Persian-speaking readers without compromising or changing the structure of the book of the secret.
If we take a closer look at The Secret Book, we can see that it was a huge success in 2006. The book “Secret” has exactly a very clever name, and in the whole space of the book, a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere has been created well.

Another feature of Secret Book is that the storytelling and storytelling is done using storytelling and even real memories, all of which increase the appeal of Secret Book to the reader.

In another part of the book, Randa Byrne states, “I took a brief look at the secret of life as a unique secret, the secret of life, which was in fact a hundred-year-old book that my daughter Haley gave me.
I started tracking mystery stories throughout history. It was unbelievable to me that most people knew about it, even the greatest people in history such as: Plato, Shakespeare, Hugo, Beethoven, Edison. ” Most people continue to read books.

The whole book is divided into 36 different thematic sections, which are: the powerful process of gratitude, the secret of money, the secret of easy, the focus on happiness, the only mind of the world, the secret of life, be aware of thoughts, the secret of communication and find yourself the foundation They have formed the secret book.

The Book of Secrets is in fact taken from a documentary of the same name, and both have the same thematic focus. Throughout the film, the mystery speaks of a perpetual and spiritual law that is immaterial, but has always existed in the universe and has only been exploited by conscious human beings.

This is called the law of attraction, according to which every human being can attract something when he wants it.

The Book of Secrets is exactly taken from the dialogues of the film The Secret and, like the book, was very well received and well received. In examining the law of attraction, it seems that the law of attraction is not the only law of successful individuals.

Rather, the book and film reveal the secret that this law applies to all human beings, and even those who have had difficult lives are more in line with the law of attraction.

In fact, the documentary and the book are both the same, and in the discussion of the law of attraction, they have provided interesting and pleasant content for the audience.
A ray of “great mystery” shone in my heart, and I gained a brief understanding of it. The secret of life, this ray shone on my heart from a book that was one hundred years old. This book was given to me by my daughter Haley.

I picked up the clue to the secret and walked down the aisle of history, following it into the distant past.

I could not believe that so many people knew the secret; I wondered, “Why do not all people know this secret?” Susan’s eagerness to share this secret with everyone was on fire.

I started a search to find people who were alive and knew the secret.
They were discovered one by one. I became a magnet. As soon as I started searching, the great masters of the world were drawn to me one after another.

The thought of presenting the secret to the world in a film came to my mind, and two months later the secret television production team was ready to work. It was necessary for each member of the group to be fully aware of the nature of the secret, because without this knowledge, our attempt to convey the secret would be in vain.

We did not even have a teacher to be sure of his presence in the film. Nevertheless, we had complete confidence in the secret.
We attracted everything or anyone we needed. Eight months later, the movie Secret was released. The film gradually spread around the world and told the story of various miracles in a flood: we received thousands of reports that many people had used secrets and achieved great wealth, health and happiness.

Many returned checks were received unexpectedly.
I made the secret to bring joy and happiness to billions of people around the world. The film crew receives millions of letters of satisfaction and appreciation from all over the world every day. They are of different nationalities and have different religions and rituals. Yes, knowing this secret, nothing is impossible anymore. No matter where you are or in what situation you are, the secret can get you all you want.

About the author: Randa Byrne
Randa Byrne is an Australian writer and producer who made a name for herself by writing the book The Secret in the Language of the People of the World. Randa Byrne has produced many works so far, but only thanks to the creation of the book The Secret was able to achieve her fame today.

In 2007, just one year after the introduction of The Secret Book and its unprecedented popularity, Time magazine named Randa Byrne one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Other works by Randa Berne include Power, Magic, and Heroism.

“This book is a response to what has existed so far, everything that is now and everything that will be in the future.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

You need to fill your life with what you love.
Now is the time to believe in your glory.

We live in the heart of the age of human glory. By letting go of our limited blocked thoughts, we will experience the true glory of man in every aspect of his existence.

Do whatever you like. If you do not know what makes you happy, ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” And then commit to doing it. By doing this, you will bring a sea of ​​joy to yourself and radiate happiness from you.

A year ago, my life changed completely. I worked so hard that I had no strength left. My father died suddenly and my relationship with the people I loved, from family to friends and acquaintances, became chaotic.
I did not know that I would receive the greatest and best gift of my life in the moment when I was completely hopeful about life.
I had a corner of a great secret – the secret of life. This secret was briefly mentioned in the 100-year-old book my daughter Haley gave me. I went back in history to find the traces of this mystery.

I could not believe who knew this secret. They were the greatest human beings in history. Plato, Shakespeare, Emerson, Edison, Einstein, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven and Lincoln.

I asked myself in disbelief, “Why do not everyone in the world know this secret?” At that moment, I wholeheartedly wanted to share this secret with the whole world.
I started looking for people who are alive today and aware of this secret. I managed to meet them one after another.
It was as if I were a magnet, and they were attracted to pieces of iron, one by one.
As you read the book and learn the secret, you will realize that you can achieve everything you desire.

Whatever you want can be done. You will reach self-knowledge and you can clearly see the true greatness that awaits you.

Randa Byrne’s book is the first book published in the world after the release of her film, and it deals with the issue of achieving goals through the use of the law of attraction.

Proving the law of attraction and the method introduced by Randa Byrne is the unparalleled success of the film Secret and the Book of Secrets in the World, which made its author rich and famous in the world.

What is the “secret” that Randa Byrne is talking about, and what does it do? Why should everyone know that? And why is not everyone aware of it?
Randa Berne tries to unveil this secret. The secret that is the secret of life and realizing it brings peace, joy and success.

Part of the text of the book
Have you ever wondered what this secret is? I’m telling you now how I got it. We all work with an unlimited force.

We all follow exactly the same set of rules. The natural laws of the universe are so precise that we do not have the slightest problem in building spaceships.

Using these current laws in the universe, we can send humans to the moon and determine the exact time of their landing in a fraction of a second.

Wherever you are, India, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, London, Toronto, Montreal or New York, we all work with one force, with only one law and that law of attraction. Yes, the secret is the law of attraction.

Whatever enters your life, you absorb it into your life, and this absorption is done through the images that you keep in your mind. (The same thing you think about.) Whatever happens in your mind, you draw it to yourself.

Each of your thoughts is a real event, a force.

Book Summary: Randa Berne, translated by Ismail Hosseini, Rashin Publications, 2007
Everything at the top, the same at the bottom. Everything inside, the same outside. (Emerald Tablet, about 3000 BC)

The law of attraction is the great secret of life.

The law of attraction says that everything attracts things like itself. So when you think about something, you are attracted to similar thoughts.

Thoughts have magnetic properties and frequency. When you think about it, you send your thoughts out into the world, and they magnetically absorb all the things that are similar in frequency. Every thought that comes out of the mind goes back to its source and this source is you.
– You are like a tower transmitting TV waves and you broadcast a frequency with your thoughts. If you want to change something in your life. You have to change the frequency by changing your thoughts.

– The thought you have in your head now makes your future life. You make your life with your thoughts. The thing you think about the most or focus on the most will appear in the form of your life.

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