Religious Intellectualism


Title: Innovation and Intellectuals in Iran

Author: Baqer Momeni

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Intellectual

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 300 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Religious Intellectualism
Modernism and Intellectuals in Iran is a work written by Baqer Momeni.

Religious Intellectualism is a special branch of thought in the general sense whose focus is on religious enlightenment. The thinker belongs to this school of thought called the religious intellectual. There is a conflict between the meaning of the religious intellectual and the religious intellectual and their status and dignity. The intellectual background in Iran dates back to the constitutional movement and to this day, he has acted in various political and social arenas.

Today’s real intellectual is very secular and in favor of establishing a civil system. At the same time, he is a patriot and a patriot of false and extremist nationalism, a nationalism that may grow in opposition to religion.
Today’s intellectual is anti-imperialist and anti-monarchy because he has tasted the bitter taste of the two. The real intellectual is Iranian while being global and using the progressive cultural achievements of the world, but without any commitment and mental dependence on all kinds of intellectual powers, he tries to raise the level of thought and culture among the people. The current progressive intellectual, from any faction, is highly democratic and believes in dialogue.

Because after all the experiences, it is well understood that thought can grow only in a free and democratic space, along with the criticism and dialogue of intellectual and ideological opponents, and it is natural that observing the principles of democracy also means that the intellectual, In addition to tolerating dissenting opinions, he is always critical of the ruling political and intellectual power, even if it is desirable and elected.
Democratic, progressive, and populist intellectuals do not waste their energy in the face of reaction and imperialism in the midst of stubbornness and stubbornness. The real intellectual is fully aware and believes that no intellectual judgment can be made without the influence of an ideology, and therefore, while accepting the principle of dialectical change and relative relativity, not only is ideology not anti-ideological, but in Guides ideological exchanges and intellectual encounters.

Most importantly, the intellectual in every line tries to eliminate the historical rupture of the intellectual community by analyzing the recent and distant past history of Iran, regardless of any kind of political and scholastic prejudice, and using the past experiences to the future and Take higher steps. One can be sure that if such intellectuals organize their war against the ruling religious fascism, no doubt light will finally prevail in our country over darkness and wisdom over ignorance. Innovation and intellectualism in Iran Baqer Momeni

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