extremely loud & incredibly close


Title: Infinitely tall and extremely close

Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Translator: Leila Nasiri

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 445

Language: Farsi



Infinitely extremely loud & incredibly close novel by Jonathan Safranfower. This is Fourier’s second novel on the family. Stories that focus on the loss of a family member and dealing with this loss.

About the book extremely loud & incredibly close
A boy named Oscar Shell loses his father during an attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, and now he is in New York looking for the riddle his father left him; A key that the boy does not know which lock to open.

He finds the key in an envelope at home. A small envelope the size of a credit card embedded in one. The key has a strange shape and Shell tries to find the lock of this key and open it anyway.
In an attempt to find the lock, Shell embarks on strange adventures, from seeing strangers to different parts of New York City. He embarks on a journey that may be aimed at anything, finding peace of mind or distress.

About Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer was born on February 21, 1977 in Washington. His father was a lawyer and his mother was Polish and a businessman and the son of one of the survivors of the Nazi army. Fower is the middle child of his family. One of his brothers is the editor of the political-cultural magazine New Republic and the other brother is a freelance journalist.

Foer had an adventurous and sensitive childhood. He went to Georgetown School and at the age of eight was injured in an accident in a chemistry class, and this incident affected him so much that he dropped out of school for three years.
Fowler later went to Princeton University in New Jersey to study philosophy. It was at this university and in his early years that he took an introductory course in writing under the tutelage of novelist Joyce Kroll Oates. From the beginning, Oates recognized Fower’s talent, became interested in his writing, encouraged him to write, and said, “Fower has the most important characteristic of becoming a writer: energy.” Fouer says Oates’s diagnosis changed his life forever. Foer went to Montessay Medical University, but realized that medicine was not made for a man like him. So he left this university and very seriously decided to take the path of writing.

Fouere’s first task was to organize his award-winning dissertation and turn it into a novel. This work eventually became the novel “Everything Shines”. The book was published by Houghton Mifflin Publishing in 2002 and won him several prestigious awards, including the Guardian Prize for First Writers. In 2005, American actor Leo Schreiber wrote a screenplay for the book and turned it into a film.

That same year, he wrote his second novel, Infinitely Long and Very Close. Fower’s postmodern techniques in this novel (various typographies and numerous narratives) were both admired and criticized by critics. However, the novel became a bestseller, and ten years later Steven Daldry made a film based on it starring Tom Hanks.
In 2008, Fouer began teaching creative writing for the first time at Yale University. He remained silent from 2006 to 2009 and returned to literature in late 2009 with his first non-fiction book. A scathing book on the meat and carnivorous industry called “Eating Animals,” which is the vegetarian author’s personal account of the meat-eating category.

In 2016, after a decade, Fouer published another novel, “I’m Here,” which critics say contains many biographical elements.

Foer now teaches creative literature at New York University and lives with his wife, Nicole Krauss, and their two children.

Part of the book extremely loud & incredibly close
What kettle? What if his pipe, which was opening, opened, the steam coming out of it turned into a mouth, and he could play beautiful melodies, sing Shakespeare, or even laugh together? I could invent a kettle that would read a book to me in Dad’s voice, then I could sleep, maybe a few kettles on the yellow submarine chorus, which is one of the Beatles songs, and I like to sing together; Because entomology is one of my raisons d’etre, and it’s one of those French terms I know.

What about small microphones? What if everyone swallowed one of these microphones, and these microphones also played the sound of our hearts through tiny speakers that we could put in our pockets? At night when you were skating on the street, you could hear everyone’s heartbeat and others could hear your heartbeat, just like voice trackers.
The weird thing I think about it is what would happen if everyone’s hearts started beating at the same time, like women living together and having periods all at the same time, of course, as I know about it, and of course I do not want to know at all. . The story was very strange, only that somewhere in the hospitals where the children were born, the sound of crystal chandeliers was heard in the boat houses; Because the children had not yet had time to unite their heartbeats. And at the finish line of the New York City Marathon, the city was shouting war.

And by the way, there are many times when people need to run away quickly, but people do not have wings of their own, or do not have them yet. So what do you think of the bird feeder shirt?

Excerpts from the book are extremely long and very close

Sometimes I hear the sound of my bones struggling under lives I do not experience.
Why didn’t I learn to treat everything as if it was the last time? My biggest regret was my strong belief in the future.
Unfortunately, the cost of learning life is life itself

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