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Title: Think better, live better

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Samaneh Ahadi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Attitude (Psychology) – Religious Aspects / Thought and Thought – Religious Aspects – Christianity

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 120

Language: Farsi



The book “think better- live better: A victorious life begins in your mind” was originally published in 2016 in the United States with the original title “Think better- live better: A victorious life begins in your mind”. In this book, Joel Austin invites his audience to reprogram the mind and believes that the human mind is the most powerful force in the world.

Introducing the book Think Better; Live Better by Joel Austin
A successful life is the dream of every human being. We all always think about how to make a better life and move towards our goals. There are many obstacles in this path and sometimes nothing fits. American pastor and motivational educator Joel Austin believes that if we really want to achieve our desires, we must focus our minds and believe in our desires. He has a lot to say in the book Think Better Live Better, words about caring for our minds that are very audible.

Think better of the book; Live Better By Joel Austin
Think of yourself as a painting canvas. Joel Austin believes that if you darken this canvas with dirty and negative thoughts, happiness will move away from you. You have to think well and wish for victory and success with all your being, use all your possibilities and try to overcome the limitations, then success will come to you.

In this book, Joel Austin collects the solutions he knows for better thinking and therefore living better and provides them to his audience. Think better audiobook; Live Better has many fans around the world and has been translated into many different languages.

Think better overview of book chapters; Live better
Think better audiobook; Live Better is written in ten chapters. The titles of the chapters of this book are as follows:

Chapter One: Reprogram Your Mind
Chapter 2: Make negative labels
Chapter 3: Release your maximum power
Chapter 4: Think of victory to win
Chapter Five: Pregnancy Features
Chapter Six: The Promise of God in You
Chapter 7: Have a Big Request
Chapter 8: You have everything you need
Chapter 9: Keep Your Crown
Chapter Ten: Remember
Think better of Joel Austin, author of the book; Live better
Joel Scott Austen, full name “Joel Scott Oten”, is an American priest and author. Born in 1963 in Texas, he is known as the “Funny Priest” and is considered the most famous priest in the world. After graduating from high school, Joel Austin moved to Oklahoma to study communications at Tulsa University. He did not complete his education and returned to Texas.

Austin’s father was the founder of Lake Wood Church and delivered various sermons. Joel worked with his father, making television programs based on his sermons. After his father died, he took over his job and delivered a sermon himself.

Joel Austin is a great speaker and believes that life should be lived with positive thinking and infinite love. He believes that all the tools of life today should be used to live better and wait for the promise of the gospel. In his sermons he tries to lead people to the teachings of Christianity. His sermons are very popular and are sometimes seen more than twenty million times a month.

In addition to lecturing and lecturing, Joel Austin is a great author and his books are very popular all over the world. Among the author’s books that have been translated in Iran, we can mention the books “Freedom from Restrictive Thoughts”, “Overcoming Fatigue”, “Pleasant Life”, “God’s Grace in Difficulties”, “Salvation in the Dark” and “The Power of the Word”.
Think better of translating the book; Live better in Persian
Motivational books are very popular all over the world today. Various institutions such as Royal Mind also recommend reading some of these books to the audience. Think better books; Live Better is one of the most popular books in the world. Shaden Pajhwok Publishing Think Better Book; Has presented “Live Better” translated by Farzan Hassani and made it available to those who are interested.

Why you should think of a better book; Read better live?
The book Think Better, Live Better is a guidebook. A book that touches on the superior power of man over other creatures and simply asks human beings to use the power of thought to live better. Joel Austin believes that human thoughts are very effective in making his life. If you keep your mind free of negative thoughts and plan properly, you will achieve happiness and success, otherwise your mind will constantly see the limitations and will be deprived of what it can achieve. Listen better and think about the audiobook Better Think, Live Better. There may be a way to live a better life, he said.

Think better books; think better- live better: A victorious life begins in your mind is in the category of psychology books.
Think better books; Live better is suitable for adults.

Think better books; Live Better has a small volume and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on psychology.

Introduce a better book; Live better
Joel Austin Think Better in the Book; Live better, with amazing strategies, teaches you how to reprogram your mind and achieve higher levels of success by applying these strategies. A successful life begins in your mind.

You are created to be able to achieve whatever you want and live a prosperous, victorious, and faith-filled life, but if your mind is poorly planned, you will see only limitations instead of opportunities.

From the beginning, God has planned for you to be victorious, healthy, strong, and creative; The book Think Better Live Better teaches you how you can eliminate limited and destructive thoughts and create extraordinary lives for yourself and your family by controlling your thoughts.
When you learn to let go of limiting thoughts and focus on your values, you can achieve the wonderful life that God has in store for you. When you think better; Your life will be better.

The author of this book, Joel Osteen, is one of the greatest motivational psychologists and the senior pastor of the largest church in the world, called Likwood. The content of this person’s speech is more like a psychological counseling session than a religious sermon.

Think better of a part of the book; Live better we read:
We have to take care of our minds. You have control over the front door of what enters your mind. You can get caught up in every negative thought and every disturbing sentence, or you can clear it up and focus on what God is saying about you. If I had allowed these negative thoughts to recur in my mind over and over again, it would have tarnished my self-confidence, my willpower, and my future.

Why not start pushing the Clear button?
Stop focusing on any negative thoughts that come to your mind. This is the enemy that is trying to infect your software, if the enemy can take control of your thinking, he can take control of your whole life. If that thought is negative and frustrating and takes your power, do not focus on it, erase it.

Always be careful what you think, if you constantly think that you are not talented, you will never achieve the will to achieve your destiny, if you think that you are not beautiful, you will never meet the people you were supposed to meet. You will not meet, if you think you can not get rid of that addiction, you will not be released, if you think you can no longer, then you will not be able to, it is not because you are no longer strong but because you are yourself Convince yourself that you can no longer.

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